Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism
Posted Jun 1, 2007

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism

Question:  Where are the Muslim voices?
Answer:  They are listed here!

We began this section in 2001 and it has expanded to become a relatively comprehensive resource.  This is all completed by volunteer effort, and if you would like to help with the research needed to make this even more comrehensive and useful, please contact the editor.

This resource of The American Muslim has received positive mention in the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University’s recently released report on internet-facilitated radicalization entitled:  ”NETworked Radicalization: A Counter-Strategy”.   It is also listed as a resource on many other sites, and the new logo has already been picked up by 15 sites.  We hope that many more will do this, and that all the organizations working on related projects will be able to connect and work cooperatively.

One hand clapping cannot make enough noise to drown out the extremists, but all of us together can make enough noise to be heard around the world.

AMERICAN MUSLIM RESOURCES (collections of articles and references which are updated regularly)



Simply click on the logo on the homepage to go to a lengthy collection of Muslim denunciations of terrorism, extremism, and violence.

A Spiritual Jihad Against Terrorism (5 parts), Sheila Musaji
Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace - “A Common Word”, Sheila Musaji
Muslim Violence, Christian Non-Violence:  People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Words, Sheila Musaji  
Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism
list of article collections and resources
- Part I & II Fatwas & Statements by Muslim Scholars & Organizations against extremism and terrorism
- Part III Statements & Articles by Individuals
- Part IV A few Quotes A-K, and L-Z
- Part V Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions 
- Part VI Qur’an & Hadith Against Extremism and Terrorism
- Part VII Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism 
- Part VIII Religious terrorism is an oxymoron, Sheila Musaji
- Part IX Throwing Stones at the Qur’an From a Biblical Glass House, Sheila Musaji
- Part X Claim that all terrorists are Muslims ignores history
- Part XI Hirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades article collection and resources from TAM and Loonwatch
- updated 7/6/12




- Alarming statements by elected officials, government representatives, and political organizations
- Alarming statements by Jewish Leaders and Rabbis
- Alarming statements by Christian clergy and leaders


- Prejudice, Racist, or Violent Incidents at MOSQUES   -Incidents, hate crimes



NOTE:  We have as part of our Muslim Voices against Terrorism and Extremism resources a section on responses to Islamophobia.  The entries are alphabetical, and divided into two sections:  A to L, and M to Z.  In addition, we have some collections relating to paricular issues:


- All-American Muslim reality series incident
- American Muslims Cooperation With Law Enforcement
- Answers to Peter King’s Claims About the American Muslim Community
- anti-Muslim Emails
- anti-Sharia movement
- Apostasy and Freedom of Faith in Islam
- Center for Security Policy Sharia Report
- Claim That All or MostTerrorists are Muslims (sections on Christian extremism and terrorism and Jewish extremism and terrorism)
Cordoba House/Park51 Controversy
- Danish cartoons
- Double Standards, Corruption, and Secrecy
- False Claims, Lies, and Distortions About Islam and Muslims
- Fort Hood Incident
- Freedom of Speech 
- Freedom of Thought, IJTIHAD, Interpretation, IJMA, Islamization of Knowledge
- Gaza flotilla incident
- GOP war on Muslims
- Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week incident
- Islamo-Fascism?
- Islamophobia: Real or imagined
Khalil Gibran Academy incident
- Rep. Peter King’s “Islamic” Radicalization Hearings
- MEDIA, Propaganda & Perception
- Military training on Islam & Muslims
- NYPD spying
- Misinterpretations, Mistranslations, or False Claims Made About the Qur’an
Misrepresentation or Misunderstanding of Arabic and Islamic TermsHirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades  (article collection on these specific terms)
- Muslim Brotherhood Document (explanatory memorandum)
- Obsession film incident
- Polls on attitudes towards violence towards civilians
- Religion Building
- Report on “Sharia and violence in American mosques”
- Report on “Sharia a threat to America”
- Tariq Ramadan incident
- Unindicted co-conspirator Designation 
- What everyone “knows” about Islam and Muslims
- Where is the U.S. Government Getting It’s Information on Islam and Muslims? (law enforcement and military training)
- Why do they hate us?


- Existing reports and studies on Islam, Muslims, and radicalization in the American Muslim Community
- Polls, statistics, and surveys relating to Islam and Muslims
- A Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry (list with backgrounders on individuals and organizations)
- Islamophobia and anti-Semitism


The American Muslim
EDL News (UK)
Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism FAIR (UK)
Islamophobia Today
Islamophobia Watch
Media Matters
Right Wing Watch
Spencer Watch
SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center
What If They Were Muslim


AAI Arab American Institute
ADC American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee
ADL Anti-Defamation League: Fighting Anti-Semitism
CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations
Muslim Advocates
MPAC Muslim Public Affairs Council

- American Muslim Community - Authority, Leadership, Community building
- America’s Image - How Others See Us
- Answers to Some Questions non-Muslims Ask
- Art, Architecture, Muslic, Calligraphy, Poetry
- Civil Rights and the Patriot Act
- Clash/Dialogue of Civilizations - Orientalism
- Democracy and Political Order
- Debates
- Domestic Violence and abuse in the Muslim community
- Educating About Islam 
- Environment and Ecology in Islam
- Evangelizing Muslims and Jews, the New Crusade
- Extremist Christian statements
- Extremist Jewish statements 
- Gaza: Inaction is a Choice
- Globalization
- Gender Issues
- Greater Middle East Initiative
- Humor and Satire
- In Memorium
- Iraq War
- Islam in America
- Interfaith Dialogue Issues
- Israeli Lobby
- Justice (Social & Economic) and Human Rights
- LABELS -Moderate-Liberal-Secular-Progressive-Fundamentalist-Militant-Reconstructionist-Wahabi-Salafi
- Muslims and Arabs in the Military
- Minorities, Multiculturalism, Pluralism, Diversity, MUSLIM MINORITY COMMUNITIES
- Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military
- Muslim majority communities
- Neo-Cons, Right Wing
- Oil and Politics
- Palestine and Israel (see also power point presentations)
- Qur’an and Hadith
- Refugees
- Religious Extremism, Religious Right
- Religious Heroism, the Real Jihad
- Resources for New Muslims
- Rumors, Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, Hoaxes
- Separation of Church and State
- Secularism - Modernity - Nationalism
- Shariah, Fiqh, Islamic Law
- Spirituality - Spiritual Worldview - Philosophy - Sufism
- Sunni Shia Unity Resource - collection of articles
- Torture
- War on Terror

We are working to complete additional categories and will get them online as part of this series as soon as possible.  We will update these regularly, and would appreciate information about any items that are missing.  The next time someone says “where are the Muslim voices?”, or “why don’t the Muslims speak up?” refer them to this resource.