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updated 7/26/07

There is a seeming double standard in identifying one act as particular to a religion, and not another caused me to do a little searching on the web, and I found many articles that did not include the religious dimension of many terrorist activities:  Irish Terror,
The Troubles , Bosnia:// Report On Massacre At Srebrenica Condemns Dutch Military ‘Errors’, Don Hill, King David Hotel Bombing(1946) , Basque Terrorism in Spain, Wikipedia has an entry on the Qibya Massacre by Israeli troops - and the Kafr Qasim Massacre by the Israel border police -  why no mention of their religion? And the Sabra and Shatila massacres which refer to the perpetrators as Maronite Christian Militias and to possible Israeli culpability.  And also an article on the Lavon Affair including the Operation Susannah bombings in Egypt by the Israeli’s.

Why Irish and not Christian Terror - although both parties are Christian (Catholic and Protestant)  - why Basque Terrorism when the Basques are solidly Catholic?  Why Israeli and not Jewish, although Israel is a Jewish State?  Why are the Tamil Tiger suicide bombers not referred to as Hindu suicide bombers?  The Tamil Tigers lead the world in the number of suicide bombings, and yet the mantra is repeated over and over that all terrorists are Muslims.  Why do Israel, the U.S., Britain, France, China, India, and Russia have nuclear bombs, but Pakistan has an “Islamic bomb”?


The 1991 Gulf Massacre: The Historical & Strategic Context of Western Terrorism in The Gulf

A President Beyond the Law, Anthony Lewis

A Strategy of Lies

A Temporary Coup, Mark Follman

A Terrorist Is Arrested In Florida, And Nobody Cares

A World Plundered by Greed and Double Standards

Abramoff’s charity a front for terrorism

Abramoff and al-Arian: Lobbyist’s “Charity” a Front for Terrorism

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

According to Indictment, AIPAC Has Been Under Investigation Since Early 1999

According to U.S. Own Standards, there are 7 Reasons To Nuke The USA

- Roosevelt University
- Roosevelt University 2

Administration Begins to Rewrite Decades Old Spying Restrictions, David Johnston

AFGHANISTAN - America’s Jihad

- Spycraft, Free Speech and the AIPAC case,

- America’s Double Standard on Terrorism

American Engineer Who Admitted Giving Classified Information to Israel Is Back at Work, Shwn Twing

American Tax Shelter for Israeli War Criminal

AMERICANS SERVING IN FOREIGN ARMIES, U.S. Citizens serving in Foreign Armies

American Teens Volunteer in Israeli Army” - Volunteering to Help Israeli Army

Advice on Possible Loss of U.S. Citizenship for Serving in Foreign Armies

An unimaginable loss of life?

Another unjust accusation of anti-Semitism

AP hides documentary evidence of Israel’s war crimes

ANTI-SEMITISM - Using a Jewish star alongside symbols of violence is anti-Semitic, Joe Kaufman


Based on U.S. logic, should Cuba bomb the U.S.?

- Cartoonist faces Greek Jail for Blasphemy

BOLIVIA - Death of Che Guevara

Bookie of Virtue, Joshua Green

Bought and Paid For

Brandeis University pulls artwork by Palestinian youths

- British Muslim Politican denounced for saying homosexuality is Immoral
- Robert Cottage, British BNP member, found guilty of possessing explosives 2/07 has pleaded guilty of stockpiling explosive chemicals for an anticipated civil war in Britain.
- Ex-British National Party member faces explosives charge
- British MP calls for sanctions against Israel for killing civilians

Bush and Lay, the History Between Enron and the President

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operatives Name

Bush’s Plan to “Democratize” the World, Ivan Eland

Bush won’t tolerate a Nuclear Iran

Can Conservatives Who Trashed Clinton Really Defend Bush With a Straight Face?

CEO Crimewave, Ralph Nader

Censoring of Rachel Corie

- Charitable foundation funds diverted
- Abramoff’s charity a front for terrorism
- U.S. Crackdown on Muslim charities hampers aid flow

- Curbs on Muslim Charities Seen as Double Standard

- CHARITABLE DONATIONS TO OVERSEAS GROUPS WITH POLITICAL WINGS - whether Hamas or the IRA or JDL.  As late as 2002 JDL had not been placed on the governments official list of terrorist organizations and its assets had not been frozen  And the Moskowitz Foundation can take American donations to finance illegal settlements in the West Bank 
Some charities like the American and Israeli Research and Friendship Foundation have been accused of using donations for political purposes and not for what they were intended    There was a unique U.S. law that grants U.S. tax exemption to donations from the United States to any Israeli institution that is exempt from Israeli taxes, the total of tax-exempt U.S. donations to Israel now approaches $1 billion annually.  Friends of Israel Defense Forces even won a case to allow for charitable tax exempt status  Gerry Adams, President of Sein Fein visits the U.S. to collect money and meet with U.S. government leaders  Although in 1996 Clinton granted him a 3 month visa to visit the U.S. with the provision that he would not raise money or visit the White House

CHILE - Military Coup
- Pinochet File

Chinese company operates port terminal on West Coast

COLOMBIA - Another Front in Broader U.S. War

Committee to Re-Elect the President

Congressional Corruption

Corporate Fraud - Bush’s Role

Corporate Takeover Of Our Democracy

Corrie, Rachel, The Censoring of:

Ann Coulter - newspapers begin dropping her column over use of term “faggot” although numerous Islamophobic statements including “invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity” met with little concern and those Muslims who did show concern were considered to be attempting to limit free speech.

Criticizing the War

Criticizing Zionism: It’s Forbidden to Say Such Things, Kurt Nimmo

Crocker, Demetrius

‘Cruel, Callous, Inhumane and Unacceptable’ - treatment of 15 British sailors by Iran

- Based on U.S. Logic, should Cuba bomb the U.S.?

Dad, What’s a Terrorist?

Dancing With Dictators, John Brown

Days of Infamy: Events You Won’t Find in the History Books

Democracy and Double Standards: The Palestinian “Exception”

Dissent, Disloyalty and Double Standards, Steve Rendall

Double Standards, Walter E. Williams

Double Standards on Iraq

Double Standards on Palestine, Edward Said

Double Standards U.N. Style, Ian Williams 

Down Goes Tenet

DynCorp Disgrace

- A Textbook of Dirty Tricks

- U.S. Double Standard on Egypt

Emergency Response Fund - Show Us the Money

Energy Scam Fraud Traced to Whitehouse

Enron and the System

Essence of Duplicity: Reactions to Mahathir’s Comments on Jews, Ahmed Nassef

EU, US won’t recognize a government that includes Hamas

Evangelical Lutherans Create Associationfor European-Americans

Execs Pay to Play With GOP

Exiled By Large Luminous Eyes, Anwar Iqbal 

Faith Based Initiative: Has God Chosen Sides?

- French Double Standards on Racsim Under Fire

- Double standards on freedom of speech
- Holocaust Denial Case highlights Free Speech issues
- Danish Cartoons, Double Standards and Daniel Pipes
- Tolerance is Preached, But Not Practiced
- Free Speech in Europe, Mixed Rules
- Danish Paper had Rejected Cartoons of Jesus
- Spanish police carry out raids over “offensive” cartoons of royal family,,2131457,00.html
- Muslims Say Entry of Islamophobe To Canada Raises ‘Double Standard’ on Free Speech
- Jewish Groups Offended by anti-Jewish B.C. Easter Comic Strip

GOP Hypocrisy

GUATEMALA - CIA and Guatamela

- Doublespeak on Guns, Julian Epstein
-Guns R Us, David Montero
- How U.S. Dealers Arm the World

HAITI - Double Standards on Haiti
- Who Cares About Haiti Anyway, Bennet Hoffman
- The Illegal Coup in Haiti, Marjorie Cohn
- Marines Re-Take Haiti: U.S. Backed Coup Continues
- Regime Change in Haiti, Mike Whitney
-How Involved Was the U.S. in the Removal of Aristede?
-Haiti’s Experiment With Democracy Subverted Once Again

- Halliburton and Cheney
- Patriots and Profits
- Cheney’s Back Door to Halliburton
- Cheney’s Conflict With the Truth

Hollinger International - Smell Something Fishy?, Molly Ivans

Holocaust denial case highlights free speech issues

Honesty Is the Best Policy, Kemal Benouis

HONOR KILLINGS, - Daryoush Ebrahimi killed 3 women family members in Chicago in 2007, reports did not mention his religion (Christian)

House GOP Leader Offered a Bribe

How We Denied Democracy to the Middle East, Robert Fisk

- Bush praises Azerbaijan’s President in Spite of Human Rights Record

Hypocricy, Double Standards and Lies, John E. Sugg

IDF - NY dinner raises $18 million for Israeli Defense Forces  4/07

Imagine, for a momentwhat would have happened if a Muslim extremist with an apparent hatred of the American government had been apprehended in, say, Tennessee, and charged with plotting to blow up Congress with a briefcase bomb.

Inside the First Amendment: U.S. Muslims face a double threat, Charles C. Haynes

- Redrawing International Law to Suit the West

- Rumsfled’s handshake deal with Saddam
- Fallujah and the Warsaw Ghetto, Greg Weiher
- Iraqi’s Set to Vote But U.S. Wielded a Veto
- Iraq Reconstruction
- War Profiteers Flourish
- Mr. President, You’re No Moses
- Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine, Noam Chomsky
- Marvelling at the Hypocrisy, Molly Ivins

-IRA’s Rich Friends in New York, Jonathan Duffy
- Irish America and the Ulster Conflict
- Irish Americans Provide Money to the IRA
- Label of Catholic Terror was Never used against the IRA,3604,1525714,00.html#article_continue

Islamic Fascists or Freedom Fascists?

- Israel PM Admits That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons.
- Bush and Israel’s Nuclear Weapons
- Israeli Organized Crime, Juliana Fredman
- Israeli Justice Minister May Be Anti-Semitic
- Israel’s right to be racist, joseph Mossad
- Israeli Espionage Against the US
- - Israeli lobby’s crushing of dissent
- VIDEO: Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons
- Israel’s Nuclear Weapons
- Israel denies entry to Muslim wife of Jewish Iranian immigrant
- Israeli Chief Rabbinate Nixes Christian-Jewish Conference
- Language as an Instrument of Crime: A Primer on Israeli Doublespeak
- Israeli Democracy, For Jews Only?
- Israel’s modesty buses for Orthodox women
- Rabbi’s protest construction over Jewish cemetary in Poland - although Israel goes ahead with Museum of Tolerance built on a Muslim cemetary

Prof. Raphael Israeli and Sheikh Hilaly - same sort of prejudiced comments, different response

Latin America and the CIA

LEBANON - Israeli contribution to conflict forgotten by media
- Two Issues you don’t hear in the news

Let’s Be Consistent, Muslims Should Protest Saudi and Iranian Hijab Policies Too, Tarek Fatah

Lie Factory, Robert Dreyfuss

LOBBYISTS - March of the Banana Republicans
- AIPAC under Investigation

London mayor suspended for remark considered anti-Semitic

London Review of Books accused of anti-Semitism for publishing Israeli lobby study,,1744960,00.html

Making the World Safe for Christianity

- Media Double Standards: Isn’t Killing Arabs a Massacre
- If Hutus and Tutsis were Muslim, the Media would say So
-The Forgotten Story of Iman Muhanna Mohammad
- Media double standards: What about massacring Arabs?
- The thought-provoking Palestinian film “Divine Intervention,” which won an award at Cannes, won’t be considered for an Oscar because it doesn’t come from a real country.

Medicair, the Smell of a Real Scandal

Murder Inc., Charlie Reese

O’DONNELL, ROSIE, Comments draw fire


On the Edge of Lunacy, George Monbiot 

Palestine: Promises and Betrayals: Britain and the Struggle for the Holy Land VIDEO

- Jewish Fifth Column
- Israeli Spy Scandal
- New Pentagon Manual Excludes Geneva Torture Ban
- Pentagon Freezes Iraqi Funds Amid Corruption Probes

Politics of Language, Escalation or “Retaliation

PORTS, Most U.S. Port Terminals Are Foreign-Run

Prosecuting the Cabal, Justin Raimondo

Radical Jewish Groups Raise Funds in U.S.

Rep. Salazar says he stands by Muslim staffer.U.S. Rep. John Salazar on Tuesday said he stands behind his Muslim staffer who has been lambasted by his Republican opponent for using a personal e-mail to criticize comments about Islam made by Rep. Tom Tancredo.

ROBERTSON, PAT to receive $500,000 White House Initiative grant

Rogue State America

Redrawing international law to suit the West

Rice says all options open against Iran

Rogue State? US Spurns Treaty After Treaty

Rumsfeld and Saddam

Rumsfeld’s Handshake Deal with Saddam

Rumsfeld’s Intelligence Takeover

Saudi Arabia to Implement Fingerprinting for All Visitorsǧion=0&article=29557&d=30&m=7&y=2003&pix=kingdom.jpg&category=kingdom

Sami Al-Arian: The Terror Verdict TV Networks Ignored

Scalia’s Blind Eye

- No Muslim Holidays on school calendar_- School district allows Jewish holidays but not Muslim holidays [url=]

- A Controversial Choice for Archivist of the U.S.
- Bill Moyers Interview with John Dean
- Cheney’s Cover Up, Nixon Redux
- Clinton Formula, Michael Tomasky
- Dismantling U.S. Democracy
- Expanding Secrecy, Dana Milbank̬Found=true
- Government Openness at Issue
- I Have My Reasons in a Sealed Envelope
- Need to Know, Stephen Pizzo
- Operation Info Scrub
- Secrecy, Lies and Credibility, Walter Cronkite
- Spies Attack White House Secrecy,1367,60836,00.html
- Top Secret
- Unofficial Official Secrets Act, John Dean
- White House Web Scrubbing, Dana Millbank̬Found=true
- Secret papers confirm UK helping Israel to develop nuclear arms

Sein Fein Leader Visits Connecticut

Sein Fein and the Embarrassing Three

Self Defense is Not Exclusive to Israel: Open Letter to President Bush

Selling of the Government, Guy Reel

Spoils of War


Tenet Leaves CIA’s Reputation in Tatters

The Forgotten Story Of Iman Muhanna Mohammad

The Black Commentator

The Power and the Glory-Myths of American exceptionalism

- The other kind of terror, David Neiwert

TORTURE - Arabs Accuse U.S. of Double Standards

Toxic Cover Up

Turks haven’t learned the British way of denying past atrocities

U.N. General Asembly Condemns Use of Mercenaries

Universality of Human Rights

U.S. Accused of Double Standards at U.N., Owen Bocott

U.S. cuts diplomatic ties with Hamas government,,1742371,00.html

U.S. Double Standards, Stephanie Zunes

U.S. Embargo on Bosnia During Ethnic Cleansing

US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran

USS Liberty - Cover Up of the Attack, Sarah Weir
- A Fair Probe Would Attack Liberty Misinformation
- Time for the truth about the Liberty

U.S. Opposes U.N.’s Planned Rights Panel

U.S. profits from arms sales in Iraqi market

- Who Sponsors TerrorismAlex Jones
- media double standard towards Islam (Jamal Badawi)

- Secret History of the War on Drugs

War Profiteering - Will Congress Investigate?

- Pentagon Delays Chemical Weapons Disposal
- Brazil Unveils Uranium Enrichment Center
- Brazil follows Iran’s Nuclear Path but without the Fuss
- Untold stories of Israel’s bomb

Where Was the Anger When Imus Insulted Arabs, Muslims?, Ray Hanania

Why Do We Condemn Anti-Semitism But Not Anti-Islam?, Mohammed ElMasry

- Cyanide, Arsenal Stir Domestic Terrorism Fear
- Krar Sentenced to 11 Years
- Terror Threat at Home Often Overlooked
- Who Is William Krar?
- Noonday in the Shade

Without Muslims, Foiled Domestic Terror Plot Gets No Respect

Wolfowitz’s Extortion

Wrong to Life


AMERICAN MUSLIM RESOURCES (collections of articles and references by specific topics)