Qur’an & Hadith - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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last updated 3-20-2007


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see also the topic “ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS NON-MUSLIMS ASK” for information on specific topics.

RESOURCES (collections of articles and references)

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism
- Part I Fatwas
- Part II Statements by Organizations
- Part III Statements and Articles by Individuals
- Part IV A Few Quotes
- Part V The Muslim Majority Who Don’t Get Publicity
- Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism
- Sunni Shia Resource - collection of articles

- Polls, statistics, and surveys relating to Islam and Muslims
- Resources for Responses to Islamophobia and Allegations Against Islam and Muslims
- Claim That All Terrorists are Muslims Ignores History
- Alarming Statements 1 - 2000 and before
- Alarming Statements 2 - 2001-2005
- Alarming Statements 3 - 2006-2007
- Prejudice, Racist, or Violent Incidents at MOSQUES
- Incidents, hate crimes
- MEDIA, Propoganda & Perception
- Cleared, falsely accused, not guilty, innocent

- American Muslim Community - Authority, Leadership, Community building
- America’s Image (How Others See Us)
- Art, Architecture, Muslic, Calligraphy, Poetry
- Civil Rights and the Patriot Act
- Clash/Dialogue of Civilizations - Orientalism
- Democracy and Political Order
- Debates
- Double Standards, Corruption, and Secrecy
- Educating About Islam 
- Environment and Ecology in Islam
- Evangelizing Muslims and Jews, the New Crusade
- Freedom of Thought, IJTIHAD, Interpretation, IJMA, Islamization of Knowledge
- Globalization
- Gender Issues
- Greater Middle East Initiative
- Hirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades
- Humor and Satire
- In Memorium
- Iraq War
- Islam in America
- Interfaith Dialogue Issues
- Justice (Social & Economic) and Human Rights
- LABELS -Moderate-Liberal-Secular-Progressive-Fundamentalist-Militant-Reconstructionist-Wahabi-Salafi
- Minorities, Multiculturalism, Pluralism, Diversity, MUSLIM MINORITY COMMUNITIES
- Neo-Cons, Right Wing
- Oil and Politics
- Palestine and Israel
- Qur’an and Hadith
- Rumors, Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, Hoaxes
- Religion Building 
- Religious Extremism, Religious Right
- Refugees
- Religious Heroism, the Real Jihad
- Separation of Church and State
- Secularism - Modernity - Nationalism
- Shariah, Fiqh, Islamic Law
- Spirituality - Spiritual Worldview - Philosophy - Sufism
- War on Terror