Freedom of Thought, IJTIHAD, Interpretation, IJMA, Islamization of Knowledge - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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Freedom of Thought, IJTIHAD, Interpretation, IJMA, Islamization of Knowledge - article collection

updated 4/1/07

A Call to Conscience and a Reminder to the Muslims, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

A Forward-looking Ijtihad in the Modern Era, Farzana Hassan-Shahid

Affirmation of Freedom of Expression and Belief in the Quran, Haris Aziz

Apostasy - Jamal Badawi 

Apostasy - Tariq Ramadan

Apostasy - Sh. Tantawi of Al Azhar

Apostasy and Religious Freedom, Louay Safi 

Apostasy, Freedom and Da’wah: Full Disclosure in a Business-like Manner, Mohammad Omar Farooq 

Are Sharia Laws and Human Rights Compatible?, Emran Qureshi and Heba Raouf Ezzat

Are The Scholars The Same As God Himself?, Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

BOOK REVIEW:  Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam (Abdolkarim Soroush) - Reforming Religious Knowledge, Asma Barlas

The Concept of Freedom in Islam, Mohamed Shahrour

Concept of Ijtihad in Islam, Asghar Ali Engineer,

Confronting the Evangelical Imperialists, Vijay Prashad

Congress threatens to cut off funding to collegiate Mideast Studies departments that refuse to toe the neocon line, Anders Strindberg

Development of Ijtihad

The Development of Ijtihad and Islamic Reform, Knut Vikor,

The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam, Taha Jabir al `Alwani

Fatwa: Freedom of Belief & Minority Rights in Muslim Countries, Jamal Badawi and Shaikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah

Free Speech in an Age of Terror, Harvey Silverglate

Freedom, Tolerance, and the Qur’an Sadullah Khan

Freedom as Ideology and Counterfeit Coinage: Why We Must Attend to the Meaning of Words, Jeremy henzell-Thomas

Freedom of Religion in Christian, Buddhist, Sunni, and Shi’a Jurisprudence: The Role of ‘Ilm al ‘Adl, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Freedom of Thought, Religion or Belief, Laila al-Marayati,

Freedom to Change One’s Religion, Dr. Irfan Ahmed Khan

Freedoms of Expression and Belief, Istiaq Ahmed

Ijma: Using Reason, Michael mumisa

Ijtihad, Dr. Ibrahim Syed,

Ijtihad, Wikipedia Encyclopedia,

Importance of Disentangling Culture From Religion, Imad ad Deen Ahmad

Islam and Freedom of Thought by Akbar Ahmed and lawrence Rosen,

Islam and Punishment for Apostasy, Asghar Ali Engineer

Islam and Religious Freedom, Asghar Ali Engineer

Islam supports freedom of belief

Islamization of Knowledge

Leaving Islam Is Not a Capital Crime, M. Cherif Bassiouni

Legacy of the Prophet: The Role of Human Rights in Islamic Law, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Liberals and Takfr, Marc Lynch

No Earthly Penalty for Converts, Imam Farooq Abo-Elzahab.


On the Validity of Ijtihad, Mohamed Fadel,

Permissibility of Taqleed, Sawa al Sawi, 

The Politics and Morality of Apostasy, Louay Safi

Principle of Ijtihad

Reforming Religious Knowledge, Asma Barlas,


Rethinking Islam, Ahmed Sultan

Rethinking Islam, Ziaudin Sardar

The Right to Religious Conversion: Between Apostasy and Proselytization, A. Rashid Omar

Schisms and Heterodoxy Among Muslims: An Etiological Analysis and Lessons from the Past, Dr. Javeed Akhter,

Scholarship, Policy, Debate and Conflict:  Why We Study the Middle East and Why It Matters, Lisa Anderson

Sharia and Fiqh: Understanding Ijtihad, Abu Munir Winkel

Taqlid: Blind Adherence or Rational Acceptance, Abdul Aziz Sachedina,

Taqlid: Meaning and Reality

Two theories of ijtihad, M.S. Muqtedar Khan

Unity and Diversity: Islamic Perspective, Dr Muzzamil Siddiqi

Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights

War on Academic Freedom, Christine McNeil

Who Decides Right or Wrong?, Tariq Ramadan

Who Will Guard the ‘Guardians of the Faith’, Dr. Farish Noor, 


There is a new web site Apostasy and Islam at  3/31/07

RESOURCES (collections of articles and references)

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- Spirituality - Spiritual Worldview - Philosophy - Sufism
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