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divided 6-28-04, last updated 2/6/08

A Forgotten Covenant, Charter of Privileges to St. Catherine’s Monastery

A Small Step Toward Interfaith Dialogue, Akbar S. Ahmed,

Khaled Abdelwahab - Wiesenthal Center honors one of Shoah’s righteous Arabs - Tunisian Muslim who saved Jews during WWII

Against Hutu vs. Tutsi Ignorance,

Alexandria Process, Peace Conference in Cairo,
An American Jew to ISNA, Jacob Bender

American Muslims Collecting Funds to Help Repair Damaged Churches in Palestine

Arab Righteous of the Maghreb

Askari, Hassan - Jewish teenager saves Jewish students from attackers on NY subway

Badshah Khan in Afghanistan

Badshah Khan, Nonviolent Warrior of Islam

Badshah Khan, A Pacifist Uncovered

Amy Biehl Foundation -  In Summer, 1993 Stanford University graduate Amy Biehl was stoned to death by enraged young South African Blacks. 
    They did not realize she was there as a relentless fighter for human rights.
    In response, her parents began devoting their lives to establish programs to train and help South African Blacks, including the same young men who killed their daughter.
    The year after Amy’s murder, Apartheid ended in South African, and there was a new birth of freedom in the land.
    Read about the Amy Biehl Foundation and her life at .

Bulgarian Christians & Muslims Protected Jews from Nazis,

Canadian Muslim Teacher Becomes a Hero in France

Catholic and Muslim Communities work to create awareness

Children of Abraham

Christian Monks Save Many Kosovars,

Christian, Muslim and Jewish Groups Unite for a Blood Drive in Plano, Texas

Christians Rebuild Mosque in Afghanistan

Communiqué by Muslim Scholars from the Naples Encounter “For a World Without Violence”

Coalition of Women for Peace

Daniel Barenboim Critizes Occupation During Acceptance Speech

Daniel Barenboim: Conducting for Peace and Love 

Edhi, Abdul Sattar, Humanitarian to a Nation

Khaled Abou El Fadl, A Brave Muslim Speaks

Faith Groups in South Carolina Learning About Islam to help Somali Refugees

Global Heroes

Hamas Members Mark Christmas in Santa Outfit,

Hindu Rescues Muslim Family

Hug a Jew Campaign of Muslim Wakeup,

ICO Summit, Defending Islam, Denouncing Muslim Extremists 

Imam and Rabbi send message of tolerance in Texas

In Yemen, A Benevolent Alternative to Osama bin Laden

Interfaith Delegation for Peace in the Middle East

Interfaith Peace-Builders March 2007 Delegation to Israel/Palestine

Iraqi Hero Gets Asylum

Islamic Voices for Human Rights: Shireen Ebadi,

Israel’s Refusenik Pilots, Heroes of a Different Kind, Samah Jabr,

Jewish Heritage Museum Promotes Dialogue With Muslim Students

Jewish Award for Muslim Student

Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk in Arizona

Jews and Muslims Walk for Peace in Pennsylvania

Judea Pearl and Akbar Ahmed — Two years ago American journalist Daniel Pearl was murdered in Pakistan.  His father, Judea, chose to encourage Muslims and Jews all over the world to reach out to one another to build relationships.  He models his idea by travelling and speaking with Muslim Akbar Ahmed, another university educator, as a living example of redeeming violent death by treating a root cause—ignorance of one another, not listening, not feeling heard and understood.  Judea’s newly established Daniel Pearl Foundation is described at .

Leff, Rabbi Baruch, “…a land of olive oil, and honey”

Making Peace in the Living Room, Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Group,

Mayor Rob Drake and Rabbi David Rosenberg skip the Washington County Mayors’ Prayor Breakfast after a Muslim leader was disinvited

Moroccan Jews Mourn Death of King, 

Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace - “A Common Word” 10/07 - update 1/08

Muhamad Yassin Fatah - A Muslims Mission to Save Hindu Heritage in India

Muslim American Hero of September 11 Remembered

Muslim-Christian Peace Primer developed by Muslim and Baptist groups,

Muslim Drug Manufacturer, Yusuf Hamed, Offers AIDS Drugs at Prices the Poor Can Afford,

Muslim organizes rally against terrorism in Phoenix, Arizona

Muslims and Jews Unite for Community Service

Muslims Defend Jewish Community in Iraq,,4057,6277837%5E1702,00.html

Muslims Mission to Save Hindu Heritage,

Muslims Unite With Jews to Defend Animal Slaughter Rites

My Fellow Muslims, We Must Fight Anti-Semitism, Joseph Algazy

Laila Najjar and Adi Frish of Neve Shalom

Nepali Hindus and Muslims Break Religion Wall

Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salaam  and Neve Shalom - Wahat Al-Saam:  From a vision, a clarion call to all humankind

NYC Visitor Finds Safety in Muslims Taxi,,0,6385636.column?coll=chi-homepagenews2-utl 

Pakistani Doctors helping uninsured patients in D.C.

Palestine Regiment, Robert Fisk

The Parents Circle - Families Forum -  In the Middle East, 500 Israeli and Palestinian bereaved households, all of whom have lost an immediate family member in the on-going conflict, choose to reject violence.  Instead of seeking revenge, they grieve and build new relationships together.  Palestinian Dr. Adel Misk, is the Chairperson of the Palestinian branch.  Israeli Boaz Kitain, the Educational Activities Director, has replaced Orthodox Jewish Israeli Yitzhak Frankenthal as General Manager.  The inspiring story of this new breed of Semite is at .

The Paris mosque saved Jews during WWII - Their children are our children

Priest and Rabbi Refuse to Attend Prayer Breakfast after Muslim Disinvited

Rabbis Protect What Jewish Settlers Attack

Rachel Corrie

Refusing to Be Enemies

Remembering Albania’s Protection of the Jews During the Holocaust,

Rwanda - Hutu and Tutsi Muslims stood against the genocide, saved many lives  and Secret of Nyamirambo

With Israel Shahak’s Death, A Prophetic Voice is Stilled

What We Can Learn From Rwanda’s Muslims, Mona Eltahawy

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance


American Muslims Intent on Learning & Activism, (AMILA)

Asma Society, 



Faith and Values,

Fellowship of Reconciliation,

Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism,

Interfaith Calendar,

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice,

Pluralism Project at Harvzard,

Religions for Peace

Religious Tolerance Organization,

Shalom Center

Soul Graffitti

Center for Economic & Social Justice, 

Coalition of Women For Peace,

End the Occupation Coalition, 

IGC, Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Groups,

International Movement for a Just World,

Islam and Social Justice,

Jewish Voices for Peace,

Muslim Peace Fellowship, (MPF-USA)

Muslims Against Terrorism, (MAT) 

Students for International Peace and Justice,

Tikkun Community,

Walk the Road to Peace (Organization in U.S.) a national multi-faith campaign organized to support more active and determined US leadership in the effort to find peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and to amplify the courageous voices of Arabs and Jews who are working together to build a different future.  Initiated by American Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders united to support peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians, the “Walk” is an unprecedented inter-religious effort to rally religious leaders and their constituents to support the peace process and counter the forces of violence and fundamentalism.

World Conference of Religions for Peace


AMERICAN MUSLIM RESOURCES (numerous collections of articles and references) on many topics compiled by Sheila Musaji