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Al Ghazali on Tolerance, Asma Barlas, 

American Muslim Perspective (Abdus Sattar Ghazali)

American Muslims Have A Special Obligation, Ingrid Mattson,

An African View of Progressive American Islam

Anwar Ibrahim and Moderate Islam

Are Secularism and Islam Incompatible, Yasser Hamdani 

Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario

Be Muslim, But Only in Moderation, Yasmin Mogahed

- Center on Islamic Pluralism 
- Islamic Progress Institute
- Neocons Seek Islamic Reformation, Jim Lobe
- Pipes Forming Islamic Institute 

Crisis in Islam, Fred Hutchinson

Culture Wars: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim, Zaynab Ali

Daniel Pipes, the New Voice of Moderate Islam?, Sheila Musaji

Dawn of an Islamic revolution, Reza Aslan

Defining Islamic Traditionalism, Ismail al Faruqi 

Demonizing Moderate Muslims, Hassan Zillur Rahim

Differentiating Islam from Militant Islamists, Mateen Siddiqui,

Do You Believe in Modernity, Daniel Pipes

Exporting Critical Islam? The Transnational Influence Of Muslim Intellectuals In The West, Dr. Peter Mandaville

Faith in the Future: Islam After the Enlightenment, Abdal Hakim Murad,

Fixing Islam, Daniel Pipes

For U.S. Muslims, A Push From the Progressive Wing, Rachel Zoll

Free Muslims Against Terrorism (Kamal Nawash)

From Nation Building to Religion Building, Jim Lobe


Fundamentals and Fundamentalism: A Parting of the Ways in Islam, Sh. Ahmed Abdur Rashid,

Fundamentalism, R. Scott Appleby, Martin Marty,

Growth of Progressive Islam

How the Use of Adjectives Can Be Burdensome and Tedius, Motazz Soliman

Identifying Muslim Moderates, Daniel Pipes

Identifying Christian Moderates, (Muqtedar Khan)

Important Distinction: The Many Faces of Islam

Inside Wahhabi Islam

International Coalition Against Political Islam

Islam and the Theology of Power, Khaled Abou El Fadl,

Islam Demands a Secular State

Islam, Islamists and Democracy, Ali Abootalebi

Islamic Awakening: Between Rejection and Extremism, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, 


Islamic Supreme Council of America (Sh. Hisham Kabbani)


Islamism and the new world war

Islamist Discourse vsv. PostmodernityPostmodernism: A Symptom of the Crisis of Modernism, Parvez Manzoor

Islamists in Post-Modern times, Ziauddin Sardar

Islamization of Knowledge

Islamo-Fascism’s Battle Against Moderate Muslims, Farish A. Noor

Islam’s Crisis, Islamic Leadership, Akbar S. Ahmed, 

IslamԒs Encounter with American Culture: Making Sense of the Progressive Muslim Agenda, By Louay Safi

Islams New Voices See Faith With a Critical Eye, Don Lattin

Liberal Isam, Radical Islam and American Foreign Policy by Muqtedar Khan, 

Liberal Islam: Prospects and Challenges, Charles Kurzman, 

Liberal Islam Website (Zeeshan Hasan)

Liberal Islam Websites (collected by Charles Kurzman)

Liberal Movements Within Islam

Listening for Islam’s Silent Majority by Peter Ford at

Manufacturing the Modern and Traditional, Nancy Emara


Misplaced Calls for Reforming Islam, Abid Ullah Jan

Mission Reforming Islam, Abid Ullah Jan

Moderate Extremism, Abid Ullah Jan

Moderate Islam Making Gains

Moderate Muslims, Syed Mansoor Hussain

Moderate Muslims Celebrate Public Rebuke of bin Laden

Moderate Muslims Push Counter Jihad 

Moderate Muslims: The new Target, Muqtedar Khan

Moderate Muslims Work to Reclaim Their Faith

Moderation of American Muslims, Daniel Pipes

Modern Islam 

Modern and Moderate Islam, Zainab Anwar

Modernity and Islam, Tariq Ali

Modernizing Islam in a Modern World

MPAC’s Speech on Moderation at State Department

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Intelligentsia and Liberalism, Asghar Ali Engineer

Muslim Reformists Reject Western Views of Change

Muslim Refusenik (Irshad Manji)

Muslim Wakeup (Ahmed Nassef)

Muslim Women’s Freedom Tour (Asra Nomani)

Muslims and the War Between the Two Americas, Abid Ullah Jan

Muslims Goals: Be Active, Be Moderate

New Voices of Islam, Dr. Farish Noor,

Our Islamic Fine-Tuning Project, Omid Safi, (Progressives) 

Patriotic, Peaceful Muslims, Robert Spencer

Progressive American Muslims Push for Reinterpretation of Islam

Progressive Islam, Omid Safi

Progressive Islam Archives, Asra Nomani

Progressive Islam in America 

Progressive Islam is Not Socialized

Progressive Muslim Debate Blog

Progressive Muslim Declaration

Progressive Muslim Union - PMU ( Sarah Eltantawi, Hussein Ibish, Ahmed Nassef, and Omid Safi) 
- A South African View of the PMU 
- Agenda of the PMU
- PMU Born in Controversy, Shahed Amanullah
- PMU Launched in New York
- PMU Takes Heat From the Left 

Quest to create ‘progressive Islam’

Rand Study: Civil, Democratic Islam
- RAND Corporations Ungracious Strategy For a ғCivil Democratic Islam: Muslims Searching For Partners, Javeed Akhter
- Rand Report on Islam Revisited

Reading the Mind of American Progressive Muslims

Reason, Authority and the Text, Louay Safi,

Reconstruction of Islamic Thought, Asghar Ali Engineer

Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam, Muhammad Iqbal,  AND full text at


Rethinking Islam, Ziauddin Sardar

Road to a New Islam,5744,12792477%255E28737,00.html 


Salafi Islam 

Salafi: Who or What Is a Salafi? Nuh Ha Meem Keller


Search for Moderate Islam

Searching for Islamic Democracy and Developing Progressive Voices in Islam: A Conversation with Qamar-ul Huda,programID.36/pub_detail.asp

Sellouts or Saviors: Saving ԓProgressive Muslims from Themselves, Altaf Bhimji 

Something Major Is Happening, Deborah Caldwell

Stop Calling Islam the Enemy, William Pfaff


Survey Finds Muslims are Moderates

Sweeping Our Own Back Yark, Abdelwahab Meddeb (Fundamentalists),

The Silenced Majority, Radwan Masmoudi, 

Taskforce Defines Moderate Muslims

Toward a New Islamic Discourse,  Dr. Abdel-Wahab M. Elmessiri

Towards a Progressive Islam on Our Own Terms, Farish Noor 

Transforming Islam into acceptable forms for the west is the main neoconservative project, Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Understanding Islam: Perils and Prospects, Robert Dickson Crane,

U.S. From Nation Building to Religion Building, Jim Lobe 

Wahhabi and


Wahhabi Lobby

Wahhabi Movement

Wahhabi Threat to Islam

Wahhabism and Wahhabi Muslims
- Reflections on the Wahhabiya
- Wahhabism
- Menace of Wahhabism
- Wahhabism
- Wahhabi Theology

Waking Up to Progressive Muslims, Nazim Baksh

Wanted, Honest Muslim Intellectuals, Abid Ullah Jan

What Defines Moderate Islam, Stephen Schwartz

What Does It Mean to Be a Muslim Today?, Riffat Hissan

What Future for Muslim Identity, Munawar Anees

What is an Islamist?,

What is an Islamist?, Nayyer Ali

Who Are the Muslim Moderates,, Yamin Zakaria

Who or What is a Salafi?

What is Political Islam,

What Is Progressive Islam?

What is Progressive Islam?

What Is Progressive Islam?

What Is Progressive Islam Anyway?

Where Are the Moderate Muslims, Michael Anbar

Who Are the moderate Muslims by Muqtedar Khan at 

Who Are We, Who Defines Us?, Aslam Abdullah

Why Do Some Young Muslims Turn to Militancy

Why Radical Muslims Aren’t Taking Over Governments, Emmanuel Sivan