RELIGIOUS EXTREMISM - RELIGIOUS RIGHT - article collection - updated 3/11/2010

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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compiled by Sheila Musaji - updated 3/11/2010

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There have been many voices in the Christian and Jewish communities who have spoken out strongly against extremism that exists in the Muslim community, and against terrorism committed by Muslims, and that would be laudable if they also spoke out as strongly against the extremism and terrorism committed by their own co-religionists.  American Muslims have been very reticent to speak up for fear of widening the growing division between the Abrahamic communities.  However, the situation has now reached a stage that we need to speak up and say enough!

In an article Muslims must condemn religious extremists I said:

  I am reading and hearing in the media a barrage of articles and editorials demanding that Muslims take a stand against those who condone or commit acts of violence.  I would like to go on record as condemning all religious extremism, bigotry, violence, hatred, and terrorism by both Muslims and non-Muslims.  I see no difference between any of these.  These merchants of hate no matter what their supposed religious affiliation have more in common with each other than they do with the majority of individuals in their respective religious faiths.

Our society is whirling down a spiral of violence of which terrorism is the face, that is currently at the front of our minds. 

There is a growing exploitation by religious extremists, political extremists, nationalist extremists, etc.  All of these share a “religious” element in that they are all convinced that they are God’s agents to bring about and enforce their “right” belief on everyone else, and that they, and they alone - know the “right” way.  This “religious” element is particularly dangerous because it is devoid of spirituality.

More innocent lives are in danger today than in any previous period of history.  The entire world is in danger.  We are at the beginning of a new century and a new millenium, and it is possible that we will not complete either without destroying ourselves. 

We are in the midst of wars between the different families of Abraham - Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  Some of the family members actually define these wars as religiously required.  Even worse, there are groups within the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities that are trying to incite and create an all-out war between Islam and “the West.” Such a war would bring misery upon the peoples of all nations.  Some of these people believe that the Apocalypse is not a teaching story (about what could happen if we don’t take the heart of our religious teachings seriously) but, a goal to be achieved. 

We need to attempt to do something about this tidal wave of violence.  We can only do this together.  What we need right now is for all Americans to work together to try to understand what we can about what are the red flags that might indicate when individuals holding extremist views about religion, politics, or anything else might be ready to go from expressing those views to acting on them with violence, so that we might find a way to stop them before they act.

Instead of a violent World War III, I would hope to see a Spiritual battle, a battle for hearts and minds.  This would be the greatest jihad.  In this counter vision of war, the goals would be to see: compassion win the war over anger; forgiveness win the war over revenge; intelligence win the war over passive acceptance; truth win the war over lies; love win the war over hatred; creativity win the war over continuing on a well worn and tired path of endless violence.  The only way this can happen is if there is a real coming together of our spiritual brothers and sisters across the globe from heart to heart and spirit to spirit and mind to mind to end the madness of fighting and create a better world.

It is in that spirit that these collections of articles documenting extremism and terrorism on the part of non-Muslims needs to be made available.  The Muslim extremists get the most press, but they are not alone.


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