Muslims & Arabs in the U.S. Military - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

updated 3/22/2008

Maj. James Ahearn, Muslim soldier killed in Iraq 7/10/07

Air Force Muslim Chaplains Badge

Air Force Chaplain, Capt. Hamza al-Mubarak  - Air Force Chaplain defines true meaning of ‘jihad’

Army Spc. Omar M. Albrak killed in Iraq May, 2009

Noel, Lt. Monje Malak Abd al-Muta Ali First U.S. Navy Muslim Chaplain

Almontaser, Adil

American Muslim Military Participation in the War Clarified by American Muslim Scholars

Arab-American Soldiers Stress Loyalty, Patriotism

Muslim Funeral to Be Held at Arlington Cemetery

Arab American Soldiers Stress Loyalty and Patriotism

Baadani, Jamal S. Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps

Babani, Sona, Marine Lance Corporal

Benouis, Kemal Ian

Beliefnet Discussion on Whether Muslims Should Serve in the U.S. Military

Crescents Among The Crosses At Arlington Cemetery, Shahed Amanullah

Demiray, Capt. Suleyman first Muslim Chaplain in Canadian military

Col. Douglas Burpee Highest Ranking Muslim in the Marine Corps

Fatwa on American Muslims Serving in U.S. Military

Fear of Bias Keeps Muslims Out of the Military

The fighting Imams

First Muslim Chaplain for Canadian Armed Forces Appointed

Hosein, Sherida - US Army Reservist Hopes To Serve As Female Muslim Chaplain and Soldier of Faith

I Wonder how Americans view Wassef Ali Hassoun, Ray Hanania

Interview with 3 of the 9 Muslim cadets at West Point

Islam, Hesham, Navy Commander, Ret. Senior Advisor to Deputy Secretary Focuses on Relationship Building

Islam Growing in America and U.S. Military

Chaplain Yee recalls Guantanamo ordeal

Marine Corps’ First Islamic Prayer Center Dedicated

Military Academies Help Muslims Face Mecca

Army, Maj. Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad the first Muslim chaplain to serve in the U.S. Army.  -  Muslim and Soldier

More Muslims in U.S. Military

Mosque Opens at West Point

Maj. Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad, Chaplain’s long journey to Ramadan in Iraq

Muhammad, Chaplain Abdul-Rasheed - first Muslim Chaplain in U.S. military history

Muslim American Veterans Honor Comrades in Wreath Laying Ceremony

Muslim Chaplain, Captain Abdullah Hulwe,  Slams Heavy-Handed US Tactics in Iraq  - Abdullah Hulwe, Soldier of God, First Muslim chaplain in Hawaii

Muslim Chaplains Support U.S. Troops

Muslims in the Military

Muslims in Military Highlight Nation’s Diversity

Muslims in the American Military

Muslims in the U.S. military are as loyal as any, chaplain says

Muslims in the Military Walk a Fine Line

Muslim Woman Soldier Proud of Her Service

Navy’s Muslim Chaplain, Lt. Muhiyyaldin prays with sailors

The need to stand up for our place in America as Americans, not as second class citizens

One Muslim’s Decision to Join the U.S. Military

- American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Council
- Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in Military
- Muslim American Veterans Association
- Muslim Military Members

Practicing Islam can be difficult at armed forces installations 9/07

Ramadan begins for Muslim soldiers in the Army

Ramstein center is Air Force’s first designated Jewish-Muslim prayer space

Ranks of West Point Muslims Grow

Reflections of an American Muslim Soldier

Abuhena M. Saifulislam, second Navy chaplain commissioned  and [2] Muslim Face of the U.S. Marines

Scholars Clarify Fatwa on Muslims Fighting in U.S. Military

Serving God and Country, Sonia Azad

Shabbaz, Capt. Khalid, Muslim chaplain serving in Iraq

Lt. Hussain Muhammad Shaikh, one of Navy’s three Muslim Chaplains

Should American Muslims join the Armed Forces?, Kamran Memon

Suspicion Runs Both Ways for U.S. Muslims and the Military

Ayman Taha, U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq , and Serving Was Soldier’s Mission

Uncle Sam Wants U.S. Muslims to Serve

U.S. Air Force Captain: a Muslim-American

The U.S. Military’s Fighting Imams

U.S. Muslims in the Military Gather at Pentagon Iftar

U.S. Airforce Captain Muhammad: a Muslim American

The U.S. Army’s Men in Black Turbans

U.S. Military Chaplains Support More Than 100 Faiths

Uqdah, Qaseem Ali - first Muslim American Air Force Chaplain

War Chaplains

West Point Dedicates Space to Muslim Worship

White House Iftar 2006

Zakaria Dafaallah, Muslim West Point Cadet


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