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A call to protect religious freedom in China

Zahed Amanullah

Abuse of Language Threatens American Freedoms

James Zogby

Advisory: U.S. Muslim Travelers Warned of ‘Forced Exile’


American Muslims must defend the Constitution of the United States

Sheila Musaji

An Iranian Intifada

Amal Amireh

Are Israeli Policies Entrenching Anti-Semitism Worldwide?

Dr. Tony Klug

Are You Brainwashed? Seven Principles for Free Government

John W. Whitehead

Baluchistan: An 800-Pound-Guerrilla in Central Asia?

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Barack Obama did it again!

David Michael Green

Beyond the line of control

Hassan Abbas

Congressman Keith Ellison and the Qur’an

Sheila Musaji

Cordoba House:  Hope From the Ashes of Tragedy - updated 9/12/10

Sheila Musaji

Cordoba Initiative Unveils New Push in Sudan
CSID Statement Against Bigotry and Ignorance
Democracy & Political Order - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

Democracy in action

Dr. Abdelwahab El-Affendi

Detained for being “Muzlem”!

Jeff Siddiqui

Enforcing the Shariah: Some Critical Considerations

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Free or Fraud: What if President Ahmadi Nejad Was Resoundingly Reelected!

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Hate rhetoric is escalating into violence - updated 1/12/2011

Sheila Musaji

Hey, Conan Obama:  How About Now?  Can You Hear Us Now?

David Michael Green

I know why the caged bird bites…

Imran Musaji

Illinois congressional candidate uses racism against Palestinians to get votes

Ray Hanania

Interpreter Can’t Get Tax-Funded Job Because He’s The ‘Wrong’ Religion

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Interview with Olivier Roy; “Full Equality before the Law for All Religions”

Eren Güvercin

Iran:  Loss of Legitimacy - Part 2

Dr. Bahar Bastani

Iran: “There’s No Going Back!”

Alessandro Topa

Iran: Loss of Legitimacy

Dr. Bahar Bastani

Is Obama a Peacemaker or a Warmonger?

John W. Whitehead

Islam and Islamism: Global Caliphate or Prelude to Democracy?

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Islam and the Theology of Power

Khaled Abou El Fadl

Islam in Democracy

Asghar Ali Engineer

Jihad Incorporated: An Assessment

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Left-wing/Right-wing Scorpions in a Bottle:  Where’s the Beef?

Robert D. Crane

Malaysia, The Netherlands, and The Fear of Holy Books

Farish A. Noor

Marvin Scott vs Andre Carson:  Another Political Campaign Based on Religious Hatred

Sheila Musaji

Maulana Azad and Partition

Asghar Ali Engineer

Muslim Women’s NGO Submits Goldstone Report to International Criminal Court
Neda’s martyrdom is fueled by Western media for all the wrong reasons

Sabria Jawhar

North American Muslims Determined to Counter Violence and Terrorism

Sheila Musaji

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In the name of God,The Compassionate, The Merciful

Oh mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (Not that you may despise each other). 49;13