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Obama’s Nakba: Pulling the Coals Out of the Fire

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Open Letter to Barack Obama

Jello Biafra

Pat Buchanan and Ray McGovern Answer Helen Thomas’ “Why” Question - updated 5/7/12

Sheila Musaji

President Obama’s “Subversive” School Speech

Sheila Musaji

Racism is Certainly One Component of Disrespect Towards President Obama

Sheila Musaji

Reality Check

Pablo Ouziel

Religious Extremism and Democracy

Asghar Ali Engineer

Sharing the core of our beliefs

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Silence and Complicity

Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh

Sistaining Democracy

Ibrahim Mansour

Stumbling About In the Graveyard of Empires

David Michael Green

Tears and hard truths in Cairo

S. Abdallah Schleifer

The Chickens Come Home to Roost - Losing our Civil Rights - updated 5/24/10

Sheila Musaji

The Goldstone Report, Reconciliation, and Peace - updated 1/10/10

Sheila Musaji

The Guantanamo “Suicides” Need to Be Investigated - updated 4/16/10

Sheila Musaji

The Middle East: Inertia More Likely than Change

Michael Lüders

The Rising Populist Tide

John Kelley

The State of the Nation: “I am afraid”

John W. Whitehead

The Tender Touch of the Seattle Police

Jeff Siddiqui

The Tragic Costs of War

John W. Whitehead

Tunisia Shows the Way

Hasan Zillur Rahim

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Terrorism Law that Criminalizes Peaceful, Nonviolent Speech
Veterans’ group to members:  multiply resistance by any peaceful means available

Mike Ferner

Waiting For The Health Reform We Really Need

Arnold S. Relman, M.D.

We Need Real Change Not Promises

Sheila Musaji

What About The Uighurs?

Khalilah Sabra

What’s happening in Sheikh Jarrah is not fair

Rabbi Barry Leff

Why Americans Gotta Read the “War Crimes Times!”

Kim Carlyle

Why are Iranians dreaming again?

Ali Alizadeh

Why Religion and Politics Don’t Mix

Firas Ahmad

Yes He Can! Insha’Aallah, Yes He Will!

S. Abdallah Schleifer

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In the name of God,The Compassionate, The Merciful

Oh mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (Not that you may despise each other). 49;13