Power Point Presentations on Islam and Muslims

Sheila Musaji

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The American Muslim has for many years collected and organized resources on many topics.  We are now adding to those resources a collection of PowerPoint presentations that we hope will be a useful addition to those resources.

Many of us regularly give presentations about Islam and/or Muslims and it is important that we have access to good materials, and don’t need to spend time beginning each presentation from scratch. 

We have a number of other power points that are being developed, and we hope to collect more from others.  It is our hope that these presentations will serve as a data base of useful information that can easily be downloaded and personalized by individuals needing to make a presentation on a particular topic. 

Islamophobia power point, compiled by Gulten Ilhan and Sheila Musaji. (.ppt file, 7,787 kB)

Ordinary Muslims… power point, a collection highlighting some of the organizations and indviduals who are thinking outside the box, making a difference, winning hearts and minds, standing up for the actual teachings of Islam and countering the false image of islam sometimes projected by extremists.  compiled by Sheila Musaji (.ppt file, 32,695 kB)

Qur’an and Hadith Against Extremism power point, compiled by Sheila Musaji. (.ppt file, 166 kB)

Where Are the Muslim Voices? power point, a collection of quotations against extremism compiled by Sheila Musaji. (.ppt file, 258 kB)

Half a Democracy, power point presentation on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the prospects for peace and reconciliation based on a Two-State solution.  Compiled by the Palestine Israel Resources group

See also our online collection of resources where references for all of these materials can be found:

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism

Question:  Where are the Muslim voices?
Answer:  They are listed here!

- Qur’an & Hadith against extremism 

- Part I Fatwas

- Part II Statements by Organizations

- Part III Statements and Articles by Individuals

- Part IV A Few Quotes

- Part V The Muslim Majority Who Don’t Get Publicity

- Muslims and Arabs in the U.S. Military

- Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism

- Sunni Shia Unity Resources - collection of articles

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