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“How To” Manual of Dubious Dialogue, Sheila Musaji,

A New International Division of Labor, M. Shahed Alam,

A New Generation of Muslim Comics,

ACLU Takes Over Terror Investigation, Will Focus Attention on no One in Particular

Airport Screeners Failing to Catch Anything

Al Hurra, U.S. Launches Arab Satellite News Channel With an Unfortunate Name

Alabama, A Preview of the Glories of a Christian America

America Launches Arabic Satellite TV Channel With an Unfortunate Choice of Name

American People Rules Unfit to Govern 

Angered by Snubbing, Libya, China and Syria form Axis of ‘Just as Evil’

Arab and Muslim Male Registration,

Arabs Slyly Building a Wall Around Israel

Archaeological Dig Uncovers Ancient Race of Skeleton People

Ashcroft Announces New Hospitality Measures for Arabaic Visitors and Tourists

Ashcroft’s Future Plans (Satire),

Attention Transnational CEO’s

Axis of Just as Evil

Azhar Usman, Muslim Comedian,

Baghdad Falls: President Bush Extends A Heartfeld Radio Olive Branch to Iraq’s Proud Population of Newly-Liberated, Soon-To-Be Christian, Petroleum-Pumpin’ Eunuchs

Bendib Cartoons,

Bendib’s Pen Tackles Controversial Issues

Bill of Rights Pared Down to a Manageable Six, The Onion,

Brief History of Uncle Tom and All Hijab’s

Bryan “Preacher” Moss new comedian

Bush Administration Announces Results of Iraq WMD Intel probe

Bush Appoints Pat Robertson as Director of Afghan Children’s Fund

Bush Asks Congress for $30 Million to Help Fight War on Criticism

Bush Orders Preemptive Strike Against Yorkshire, Malcolm Drury

Bush Rejects Climate Agreement

Bush Seeks U.N. Support for ‘U.S. Does Whatever It Wants Plan’

Bush Wholeheartedly Endorses Ariel Sharon’s Latest Diplomatic Stragegy for the Global Enragement of Muslamian Vermin

Bush Holds Press Conference to Rekindle America’s Fast-Declining Faith in Conspicuous Ineptitude and Planetary Chaos

Bush’s Obligatory Apology to World’s Uptight Muslamiac Prudes Still Overreacting and Whining Abou a Little Harmless Fraternity Hazing

Bush’s Biggest Fan

Cartoon History of Islam Concerns, Amuses Muslims,


Cartoons page on IViews

Cheney unveils noble, honorable and completely non-greed inspired twelve-step recovery plan for the future former nation of Iraqaeda

Christian Right Lobbys to Overturn Second Law of Thermodynamics

Clarifying Ongoing Developments of Bush’s Israel Policy

Declassified Ads


Don’t Make Me Laugh, Kamal al-Marayati,

Dr. Mushtaqs ғGrowing a Beard: A New Masterwork of Islamic Studies,

Ethnic Laugh Lines,

FAA Considering Passenger Ban

FBI Accused of Passing Secrets to U.S.

FBI House Calls Bring Thanks, Yaser Alamoodi

France Invades U.S. , Jerry Ghinelli

Fundamentally Insane

Further White House Charges Against Clarke

God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule

God Names Next Chosen People: It’s Jews Again

God Re-Floods Middle East (satire),

Grinch Revisited

Growing a Beard: New Masterwork of Islamic Studies

Homeland Security Self-Examination

How Does our Christian Nation Benefit From Defending Hell-Bound Jews? An Important Patriotic Sermon

Illusion or Reality? John Brand

Indo-Pakistani Tensions Mount at Local Amoco

Iraq is Free, M. Shahid Alam,

Is That Mullah Umar Having a Double Latte?

Israel Kills Key Hamas Figure, Peace Now Assured, Jonathan Williams

Jewish-Muslim Comedy Duet,

Khutbas for Dummies, Shabana Mir,

Late Night Thoughts

Law of Symbiotic Vice and Virtue, Karima Omar, 

Leadership Secrets of George W. Bush

Left Behind

Mr. President, Please Attack Appalachia

Mixed Reaction to New Civil Contingincies Bill, Terrence Howard

Muslims Form New Bloc Vote Organization: ‘Get Backstabbed 2004’

Muslims in U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families (satire),

Muslims Start New Jewish Organization, Moderate Jews Invited

Nasruddin Stories - 
- Fishy Morality

New Fox Reality Show to Determine Leader of Iraq

Nike Unveils New Logo (Satire),

North Dakota Found to Be Harboring Nuclear Missiles

North Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

Palestinians Assume New Ethnic Label (Satire),

PNAC Kids and the Parent Teacher Conference

Point Counterpoint: The War in Iraq

Poll Aborted, Martial Law Declared (Satire), 

Preacher Moss, Muslim Comic

Presenting the Occupied Iraq Bill of Rights: President Bush Ushers in Blissful Era of Submissive Arabiac Democracy and Eternal Martial Law

Presidential Library Terrorist Connection, Robert Jensen

President’s Statement Reminding Uppity Iraqasaurs to Lose the Inferior Arabiac Pride, Smile Pretty for the Cameras, and Open Wide the Doors to Christian JDAMS of Freedom

Public Announcement Clarifying Ongoing Development of the President’s Israel Policy

Putting the Riot Back in the Pat-riot Act (satire), 

Republicanism Shown to Be Genetic In Origin

Republicans Announce Convention Event Schedule

Robertson Steps Down to Enjoy Private Life of Intolerance

Saddam Proud He Still Killed More Iraqi Civilians than the U.S. (satire),

Shazia Mirza, Muslim commedienne,

Silly Questions (Satire), 

Taskforce Defines ‘Moderate’ Muslims

There’s Something About Daniel (Pipes),

Tisi Hami, Countries First Muslim Female Standup Comedienne

U.S. Vows to Defeat Whoever It Is We’re At War With, The Onion,

UNILATERAL CULTURAL DISARMAMENTS: Reflecting on the Ways of our Ancestors
By Karima Omar,

U.S. To Require Urine Samples From Visitors, Malcolm Drury

Useful Phrases When Traveling in Muslim Areas

Vice President Cheney Unveils Noble, Honorable and Completely Non-Greed-Inspired Twelve-Step Recovery Plan for the Future Former Nation of Iraqaeda

What I Have to Say About George W. Bush, Blood-thirsty Christians,Homophobes & People Who Don’t Use Their Blinkers, by Thom Rutledge 

White House 2002 Iftar Dinner

White House Releases 2004 Electronic Press Kit


Abu Abed Official Jokes Site (Arabic and English)

Ahmed and Mohammed’s Jokes

Bendib Cartoons

Hadith Humor Page

Islamica News,

Mullah Nasruddin - Hodja Stories,

Mullah Nasruddin - Nasrudin Hodja, 

Muslim Youth Humor and Jokes

Naseeb Vibes Humor Page

Muslim Peace Fellowship Humor Page

The Onion,,