The GOP has declared war on American Muslims - updated 12/8/2015

The GOP has declared war on American Muslims

by Sheila Musaji

If you type GOP or Republican into the search engine of The American Muslim site, you will come up with a lot of articles about the GOP and most involve Islamophobia.  In our TAM collection of anti-Muslim statements made by elected representatives and government officials, a great majority have been made by Republicans.  This lengthy collection of statements has just been updated on 1/29/2015.

Here are just a few of the incidents over the past few years:

There was State Senator Greg Ball (R-NY, chairman of the Veterans, Homeland Security & Military Affairs Committee) who held a hearing titled “Reviewing our Preparedness: An Examination of New York’s Public Protection Ten Years After September 11”, and invited known Islamophobes to testify.

There was the Southwest Broward Republican Organization in Florida that sent out an anti-mosque protest email.

There was the June GOP Presidential Candidates’ Debate in New Hampshire during which Herman Cain once again discussed a test that will show which American Muslims are loyal to the United States and the Constitution, and Newt Gingrich suggested that all Muslims should be suspect until they prove their loyalty and they deserve higher scrutiny, like Communists or Nazis. 

There was Rep. Sue Myrick’s hearing on the Muslim Brotherhood and her support for the hate group ACT for America.

There were the statements made by four conservative Republicans — Reps. John Shadegg (Ariz.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Trent Franks (Ariz.) and Sue Myrick (N.C.) in the halls of the lawmakers of this country about Muslim interns on Capitol Hill.

There was Rep. Adam Hasner (the head of Florida’s House Republicans) who co-sponsored a so-called “Free Speech Summit” in Delray Beach, Florida along with Pamela Geller of SIOA (designated a hate group by the SPLC).  One of the speakers at this event was Geert Wilders who said Islam should not be recognized as a legitimate faith and Muslims should not have religious freedom.  Hasner also sponsored a showing of the hate film “Obsession” for Florida State Legislators.

There was Rep. Virgil Goode’s hateful rhetoric about the the use of a Qur’an for the ceremonial swearing-in of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress. 

There is a long list of GOP elected officials who have called on known Islamophobes to provide “expert” testimony on Islam and Muslims.  For example: — Rep. Carl Gatto (R-AK), Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), Ralph Hall (R-TX) and State Rep. Jerry Madden (R-TX)  who called on Pamela Geller, and Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) who defended Geller, — Rep. Michelle Bachmann who has sought advice from Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller, — Rep. Allen West, (R-FL) who met with Brigitte Gabriel head of anti-Muslim group ACT! for America, — Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) who invited David Yerushalmi of SANE to testify at a hearing on Capitol Hill.?

Last nights GOP debate must be added as another reprehensible incident.  Rick Santorum is giving the green light to the racial profiling of Muslims at airports.  He said “Obviously, Muslims would be someone you’d look at, absolutely,”  Herman Cain agreed with Santorum, and only Ron Paul stood up for the Constitution and the civil rights of American Muslim citizens.  11/23

There is a long list of GOP representatives actively pushing anti-Sharia legislation in at least 23 states now.

There is a long list of GOP representatives making statements about the proposed Cordoba House/Park 51 project in New York that go well beyond any sort of civil disagreement.  And, the National Republican Trust PAC even ran an anti-Muslim ad against the proposal.

There is a long list of hateful anti-Muslim statements that have been made by elected representatives of the United States, and most of these are GOP officials, who have forgotten that Muslims are part of “we the people”.  We have published a summary of such statements divided into categories ranging from “thoughtless ignorance” to “bigotry” to “expressions of outright hatred” that have been made by members of the GOP.

There was the event sponsored by Rep. Allen West (R-FL) in the Rayburn House Office Building titled “Homegrown Jihad in the USA: Culmination of the Muslim Brotherhood’s 50-year History of Infiltrating America,” presented by Peter Leitner of Citizens for National Security (CFNS), located in Boca Raton, Florida.  During this presentation CFNS announced that it would be releasing the names of 6,000 active members of the Muslim Brotherhood. But when the big day came, the group stated that the names would actually be kept under wraps and only released to select “responsible parties.” In a response to a query from Wired’s Spencer Ackerman, Leitner conceded that the people on his list had not necessarily been charged with any crimes. Instead, they were just people who are involved with organizations he had connected to the Muslim Brotherhood—like the Muslim Students Association.

There have been political campaigns like those of Lynn Torgerson vs Keith Ellison, Marvin Scott vs Andre Carson,  or Rene Ellmers and Bob Turner and Rae Hart Anderson, Dan Fanelli, Rick Torres, and Jill Holzman Vogel that were based on religious hatred. Ellmers and Turner even ran an anti-Muslim ad.

There was the incident in Orange County earlier this year.  Congressmen Ed Royce and Gary Miller, and Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly attended and spoke at a protest rally at a Muslim charitable fund raiser.  Some of those who attended the rally began shouting hateful statements at the families entering the event.  Deborah Pauly made a statement during her talk that “What’s going on over there right now, make no bones about it, that is pure unadulterated evil ...  I know quite a few Marines who would be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in Paradise.”  After the event, Congressmen Ed Royce (R-Calif.)  who chairs the international terrorism subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee defended Pauly’s statement and the event. 

There were the Republican members of Congress Trent Franks (AZ), Michele Bachmann (MN), and Pete Hoekstra (MI) who praised Frank Gaffneys bigoted Sharia report.

There was the incident when Councilman Don Redman of Jacksonville, FL asked the newly elected Muslim council member, Parvez Ahmed to “say a prayer to your God” at a Council meeting.  This followed a particularly Islamophobic campaign against Dr. Ahmed’s appointment to the Council’s Human Rights Commission.

There was the incident in which the Republican Jewish Coalition was responsible for mailing the virulently anti-Muslim film “Obsession” to Rabbi’s across the country ahead of the last Presidential election. 

There is Rep. Peter King’s ongoing series of hearings about which TAM has an article The American Muslim Community and Rep. Peter King’s “Islamic” Radicalization Hearings which has a great deal of background on Peter King and these hearings, and an extensive article collection.  We also have a series of articles breaking down various aspects of the hearings:

Peter King’s Hearing: What Was the Point? discussing the content of the hearings, with a collection of articles written after the hearing ended. 
Peter King’s Civics Lesson for American Muslims which has a collection of anti-Muslim statements by elected representatives and government officials made during and before the hearings. 
Existing reports and studies on radicalization in the American Muslim Community and Polls, Surveys, and Statistics Relating to Islam and Muslims  with actual hard evidence so lacking in the hearing. 
Response of Civic Organizations and Interfaith Community to “Muslim Radicalization” Hearings  
Elected Representatives & Government Officials Who HAVE Questioned Islamophobia with quotes from elected representives and government officials attempting to counter the bias of this hearing both during and before the hearing. 
- Peter King’s hearing: witness testimonies - allegations but no facts
- Zuhdi Jasser and AIFD - Identified by Rep. King as the Ideal American Muslim Leadership
- Does Rep. King’s IRA/Terrorist Connection Matter?
Answers to Peter King’s Claims About the American Muslim Community which lays out all of his claims and allegations and provides detailed answers to each.  (e.g. Do Muslims cooperate with law enforcement?  Do Muslims speak out against terrorism and extremism?  Are most Muslims terrorists?  Are 80 to 85% of mosques run by radicals?  Have American Muslim organizations responded to the issue of radicalization?  Are mosques the source of radicalization?  etc.)
- The scope of Rep. Kings Hearings Creates Homeland “in"Security

If a Muslim runs for political office, whether he is a Republican or a Democrat, outrageous charges of “stealth jihadist”, “Muslim Brotherhood plant”, etc. are made by Islamophobes.  Congressman Keith Ellison faced such abuse.  A Muslim GOP candidate in a Virginia House of Delegates race, David Ramadan faced the same sort of abuse.  When Republican Gov. Chris Christie nominated Sohail Mohammed as a judge on the state Superior Court he faced a firestorm of controversy, prompting him to finally say in exasperation “The guy’s an American citizen who has been an admitted lawyer to practice in the state of New Jersey, swearing an oath to uphold the laws of New Jersey, the constitution of the state of New Jersey, and the Constitution of the United States of America . . . .This Sharia law business is crap. It’s just crazy. And I’m tired of dealing with the crazies.”

You don’t even have to be a Muslim to come under attack by the Islamophobes.  Gov. Rick Perry was attacked by Islamophobes simply for his friendship with the Aga Khan and not being anti-Muslim enough. 

The problem is that this sort of Islamophobic rhetoric is coming not just from the professional Islamophobes, but is also coming from GOP elected representatives.

And now we have the case of a Republican Muslim who is facing discrimination by the Republican party itself.  Nezar Hamze who as Zaid Jilani reports

Nezar Hamze is both a Muslim American who is the executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a self-identified Republican. As a way to further his activism in the Republican Party, Hamze campaigned for a position on his local Republican party’s executive committee in Broward County, Florida.

During a “raucous meeting” of the party on Monday night, Hamze’s bid for committee membership was rejected by a vote of 11-158, as he was attacked with offensive questions about his faith and even compared to a terrorist by Islamophobic attendees.

Before the vote even took place, the local party changed its rules to require that each new applicant to the executive committee answer questions for five minutes, a rule change Hamze jokingly told a reporter could be called the “Hamze rule.” And as audience members stepped up to interrogate Hamze, he was told that his organization CAIR was identified as a terrorist organization and asked if he supported terrorism. Following the lead of GOP audiences who have booed gays and condemned the uninsured, one attendee yelled out “terrorist!” as Hamze was trying to speak.

And, through all of this, even those in the GOP who are not actively participating in Islamophobia have been silent.  The list of elected representatives who have questioned Islamophobia includes almost no one from the GOP.  Gov. Christie and Susan Collins, (R-Maine) are notable exceptions.

It is becoming more and more difficult for American Muslims who are Republican to remain loyal to the Republican Party 

As Dr. Hesham Hassaballa said in an article The last of the Muslim Republicans I truly do not want to abandon the Republican party, but unless things change, I cannot keep from asking if the party has already abandoned me.

Kamran Pasha also wrote an article about why he left the Republican Party in which he said And then something started to change within the party. An ugly cancer of anti-Muslim bigotry began to reveal itself during the first Iraq War. I was an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, where the student body was perhaps the most conservative of the Ivy League schools. At meetings of the College Republicans, I began to hear distressing venom against Muslims. American Muslims were being openly talked of as a fifth column in the country, and my fellow students applauded rumors that internment camps were being set up in the Midwest for Muslim subversives. I was shocked to see my friends suddenly speak of my faith as the enemy.

Brian Beutler reports that “an influential Muslim GOP donor is at the end of her tether, and tells TPM she may eventually have to leave the Republican party over its opposition to the Cordoba House project and other anti-Muslim positions.    “I don’t know if I’ll be a Republican a year from now,” says Seeme Hasan, who chairs the Hasan Family Foundation in Colorado, and has close ties to the Republican party leadership. Hasan’s frustration with the GOP was evident, and not just over their public opposition to the construction of a Muslim cultural center in lower Manhattan. “Every time a Muslim person becomes famous, they are viciously attacked,” Hasan said.    “The past few years in the Republican party has been constant humiliation for Muslims,” Hasan told TPM in an interview yesterday evening.”

And it has been reported that Muhammad Ali Hasan, the founder of ‘Muslims for Bush’ and the biggest Republican organizer among American Muslims has had enough after this past election cycle’s openly anti-Muslim bigotry, and has changed parties after meeting with Nancy Pelosi.

There is at least one encouraging sign this week.  Scott Keyes of Think Progress reports that Three weeks ago, Frank Gaffney released a new pledge asking presidential candidates to swear they will fight the non-existent threat of Sharia if elected president. Yet, as of publication time, none of the 10 major Republican presidential candidates have signed Gaffney’s anti-Sharia pledge. (Gaffney’s spokesman told us they are “still in touch with the campaigns.”)

This is encouraging and hopeful, as it still remains possible that the GOP will turn a corner and treat American Muslims as fellow citizens, or perhaps they are beginning to at least realize that Muslim bashing doesn’t win elections


GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain said “The role of Muslims in American society is for them to be allowed to practice their religion freely, which is part of our First Amendment. The role of Muslims in America is not to convert the rest of us to the Muslim religion. That I resent. Because we are a Judeo-Christian nation, from the fact that 85 percent of us are self-described Christians, or evangelicals, or practicing the Jewish faith. Eighty-five percent. One percent of the practicing religious believers in this country are Muslim.  And so I push back and reject them trying to convert the rest of us. And based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them. Now, I know that there are some peaceful Muslims who don’t go around preaching or practicing that. Well, unfortunately, we can’t sit back and tolerate the radical ones simply because we know that there are some of them who don’t believe in that aspect of the Muslim religion. So their role is to be allowed to practice their religion freely, just like we should be allowed to practice our religion freely, and not try to convert the rest of us.” 
— Cain also said that Muslims have no place in the U.S. government.  3/11
— Cain has now upped the ante, not only defending his comments.  Cain was asked if he believes a Muslim can be loyal to the constitution.  “They could be,” Cain said. “But I haven’t done any surveys to find out how many Muslims are loyal to the constitution. But I don’t know any Muslims who will subvert sharia law for our laws. That’s the problem I have. And I don’t have time to do the research to find out. I’d have a country to run.”  He said “Many of the Muslims, they are not totally dedicated to this country, they are not totally dedicated to our Constitution. Many of them are trying to force Sharia law on this country.”  4/11 and in the New Hampshire GOP debate on 6/13 he repeated this idea of a loyalty test for American Muslims.
— Herman Cain accused Rep. Keith Ellison of putting Sharia law over American law.  Cain said “If you take an oath on the Qur’an, that means you support Sharia law. I support American law. Our laws were derived from principles that are biblically based. Maybe not said in the same words that are in the Bible, but our laws are derived from principles based upon the Bible. This is why I’m not going to back down or pander to anyone who wants to call me xenophobic or a bigot simply because I said no. I don’t want anybody in my administration that I’m going to have to be looking over my shoulder to figure out if they are going to try to do something against the principles that I believe in which are also the principles that the majority, the overwhelming majority of the American people believe.” 
— Cain said on the Laura Ingraham program that he has “never met a Muslim who didn’t fit his definition of a radical—and in the same interview, alleged that Rep. Keith Ellison (D–Minn.), who’s Muslim, has pledged his loyalty to Allah, not the Constitution.
—Cain now wants Muslim government appointees to take a special loyalty oath in spite of the fact that any religious test for public office is forbidden by the American Constitution. 5/11
— Herman Cain speculated that Barack Obama ‘jeopardized’ Osama bin Laden mission
— Cain said that an effort by local Muslims to build a large mosque here is an attempt to “sneak” Shariah law into the fabric of the U.S. legal system.  “I think it is an infringement and abuse of our freedom of religion, and I don’t agree with what’s happening here because this isn’t an innocent mosque,” Cain told reporters after speaking to a crowd of hundreds on the Murfreesboro Public Square.  “This is another way to sneak Shariah law into our laws, and I absolutely object to that.”  7/14/11
— Herman Cain said that communities should be able to prevent the construction of mosques in their neighborhoods.  “Our Constitution guarantees separation of church and state. Islam combines church and state,” Cain said on “Fox News Sunday.” “They are using the church part of our First Amendment to infuse their mosque in that community and the people in the community do not like it, they disagree with it.”  When asked by host Chris Wallace if any town could “then say we don’t want a mosque in our community?” Cain responded “they could say that.  7/17/11
— Cain apologized at one point, but then seems to be going back to his old ways. 
— Cain said that “a majority of Muslims share the extremist views”  His campaign spokesman later “clarified” that he didn’t mean “Americans” as in Americans. Not at all. What he really meant, his campaign spokesman has clarified, was Muslims from some other country.  Hard to believe since during the interview in question he was asked directly Alan Richman: Are you talking about the Muslim community in America? Or the world?  Herman Cain: America. America. 11/15/11
— Cain said that he was glad a doctor who was part of the team treating him for cancer turned out to be a Christian Arab and not a Muslim.  He was worried when he saw the doctors name, but when he found out he wasn’t a Muslim, Cain said “Hallelujah!  Thank God!”

Newt Gingrich stepped into the Islamophobic attack on Cordoba House.  He said “There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.”  “The time for double standards that allow Islamists to behave aggressively toward us while they demand our weakness and submission is over.” “America is experiencing an Islamist cultural-political offensive designed to undermine and destroy our civilization.”  He also said “It’s not about religion, and is clearly an aggressive act that is offensive.”  Right, let’s just throw out the Constitution.  Ibrahim Hooper got right to the heart of this fuzzy thinking when he commented “as if the constitutionally-protected religious rights of Americans depend on the actions of a foreign government.”  Gingrich compared the backers of the Cordoba House to Nazis.  Gingrich claimed that the Islamic center project in NYC ‘would be like putting a Nazi sign next to the Holocaust Museum.’  Gingrich parroted the right-wing fringe in declaring the Muslims behind the center are “radical Islamists who want to triumphally prove that they can build a mosque right next to a place where 3,000 Americans were killed by radical Islamists.” 
— He has also produced through his Gingrich Productions an anti-Muslim film called “America at Risk”.  — He also said at the Values Voter Summit VVS that it’s time to take federal action to prevent Shariah Law from infiltrating courtrooms in the US. and he called for the removal of Supreme Court Justices if they disagree.  Gingrich also said “I have two grandchildren ... I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they’re my age they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American.”  It’s hard to understand how the Muslims will dominate the country and force everyone to live under Sharia law while at the same time turning the country secular and atheist. 
— Gingrich blasted blasted the Obama administration for what he labels a refusal to confront radical Islam:  “Until you replace this president and until you have the Congress and the new president replace large parts of our bureaucracies, we’re going to continue to be dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite, which is seeking to impose on us rules that make zero sense,” 
— Gingrich praised the anti-Muslim, David Barton of the American Family Association.
— He said “America is experiencing an Islamist cultural-political offensive designed to undermine and destroy our civilization.”
— During the New Hampshire GOP debate Newt Gingrich suggested that all Muslims should be suspect until they prove their loyalty and they deserve higher scrutiny, like Communists or Nazis.  He seemed to agree with Herman Cain’s call for a loyalty test.

Gov. Rick Perry hosted a mass Christian prayer rally in his home state of Texas. The principal sponsor of the rally, the American Family Association, has a truly vile record on immigration issues. The Association’s principal spokesperson on policy issues, Bryan Fischer, says that Muslims should be barred from becoming naturalized citizens, that Muslims already here should be deported, that Muslim immigrants are not protected by the First Amendment. Fisher says there should be “no more mosques, period” because “each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government.”  Perry’s event also includes Rev. John Hagee, James Dobson, David Barton, Jim Garlow, Lou Engle, and Tony Perkins.  (See here for more on some of these folks.)

Mitt Romney said: “Based on the numbers of American Muslims [as a percentage] in our population, I cannot see that a cabinet position would be justified. But of course, I would imagine that Muslims could serve at lower levels of my administration.”  Absolutely amazing that a Mormon has such a short memory about where such prejudice leads.  Mitt Romney, has also expressed opposition to the Cordoba House project in NYC.
—Romney announced his foreign policy advisors and they include Walid Phares Tied To Christian Militia That Committed Atrocities In Lebanon’s Civil War.  10/11

Rick Santorum has called Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf “a jihadist”. 
— Santorum gave a lecture on Islam in which he said “A democracy could not exist because Mohammed already made the perfect law.  The Quran is perfect just the way it is, that’s why it is only written in Islamic (sic).”  defended Franklin Graham’s anti-Muslim comments. 
— He said “Jihadism is evil and we need to say what it is ...  “We need to define it and say what it is. And it is evil. Sharia law is incompatible with American jurisprudence and our Constitution.  “Sharia law is not just a religious code. It is also a governmental code. It happens to be both religious in nature an origin, but it is a civil code. And it is incompatible with the civil code of the United States.” **  Interesting double standard here, since in January he said regarding the law on abortion “Abortion doesn’t conform to the natural law. Why? Because we don’t—all life should be respected. And so this agitation of having secular laws inconsistent with the natural law is something that we’ve dealt with in America from its very founding. But we have to recognize that there is a place for the articulation of the sacred law, or the natural law, or the universal law, and that they need to be in the public square and they need to be involved in the political discourse because there are moral components to every single law we pass.”  3/11 He also called Sharia “evil” 
— Santorum pointed out what he thought were the main differences between Christians and Muslims. Santorum said Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ, never governed or conquered anyone, but Mohammed was a warrior and killed people.  Santorum has defended the Crusades.  He said “The American Left hates Christendom.  They hate Western civilization.” And, “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is absolutely anti-historical.” 
— He told a New Hampshire political dinner audience that Muslim immigrants in the U.S. left their home countries “because of sharia law,” adding that “sharia law is incompatible with American jurisprudence and our Constitution.”

UPDATE 2/10/2012

See CPAC and White Nationalism for details on CPAC panels.  Conservative views are expected, but at this CPAC gathering there are at least two panels that go way beyond conservative into the realm of fringe hate.  The first was a panel yesterday on the failure of multiculturalism, and the second will be held later today “Islamic Law in America: How Obama’s Department of Justice is Selling us Out.” The Islamic law panel has been sponsored by the AFDI/SIOA and organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. 

UPDATE 8/15/2012

See Why Is a mosque not like a church? for information on a recent series of attacks on places of worship, and of attacks on individuals in a short two month period.  There have a total of seventeen bigoted incidents or attacks against houses of worship or facilities connected with different minority religious groups in the past two months.  This should be a concern to every American.

This week Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) said at a Town Hall meeting that Muslims are “trying to kill Americans every week.  Islam is a threat in America, It’s a real threat…and it’s a threat that is much more at home now than it was right after 9/11.  It’s here, in the suburbs of Chicago.“It’s in Elk Grove, it’s in Addison, it’s in Elgin. It’s here.”   A couple of attacks on Illinois mosques happened very soon after he made this statement.

Elected representatives and military and government officials who seem to have forgotten that they represent “WE the people” have openly called for acts like: purging Muslims from the military or requiring Muslim soldiers to be openly identified as Muslims, considering excluding Muslims from the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution, requiring a special “loyalty test” for Muslims to serve in government, excluding Muslims from entering some States of the U.S., declaring war on the religion of Islam? Can you imagine making such statements involving any other minority?

Rep. Walsh is only the most recent of our elected representatives to jump on the anti-Muslim bandwagon.  The GOP particularly seems to have declared war on American Muslims.  There has been a series of worrisome examples.  Rep. Peter King’s radicalization hearings focusing only on the Muslim community and ignoring any other threats to our security despite clear documentation that other threats were greater.  Rep. Michele Bachmann’s witch hunt against American Muslims serving in government.  Rep. Sue Myrick’s hearing on the Muslim Brotherhood, and witch hunt against Muslim interns on Capital Hill.  State Senator Greg Ball’s hearing calling on known Islamophobes as witnesses.  See The GOP has declared war on American Muslims for many more examples.

The following are those Elected Representatives who have so consistently engaged in anti-Muslim rhetoric that they have their own backgrounder pages in our Who’s Who of Islamophobes:  
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) **
Herman Cain, Presidential candidate ** 
Newt Gingrich (R-GA)   **
Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) **
Rep. Peter King **
Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) **
Rick Santorum Former R-PA Senator, Presidential Candidate **
Rep. Allen West, (R-FL)  **

For the most part other Elected Representatives and Government Officials, even those who are not actively participating in Islamophobia have been silent.  The list of elected representatives who have questioned Islamophobia includes almost no one from the GOP.  Gov. Christie and Susan Collins, (R-Maine), and now Sen. John McCain are notable exceptions.

As I wrote in an article on Michele Bachmann’s recent letters

When individuals are elected to public office, they take an oath:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

It would seem that some of our elected representatives had their fingers crossed when taking this oath.

All of these folks really need to study the Constitution of the United States to remember that the Congress represents “we the people”, all of us, not just some particular segments of the population. 

American Muslims are a part of “we the people”.  We are Americans.  We are not going anywhere.  And, I believe that it is well past time that other Americans begin standing up against this demonization of Islam and Muslims.  It would be nice to know that this sort of bigotry is not shared by most of our fellow Americans. 

As the MPAC statement on this incident said: The congressional leaders making these accusations along with Bachmann have breached the trust of the public they serve. These members must be held responsible by the media and their constituents. If there was any offense that would warrant a resignation from a member of Congress, it seems that we have reached that point.

It is well past time for all of our Elected Representatives and Government Officials to STOP demonizing American Muslims and fanning the flames of hatred, and to actively counter such bigotry.  It is time to actually represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE of the U.S., not just SOME OF THE PEOPLE.  Those who don’t step up to counter this rampant bigotry are not simply avoiding getting involved, they are clearly telling the American people that they do not consider Muslims to be equal citizens.

UPDATE 7/20/2012

Is Congressional Christian Brotherhood Group Behind GOP Islamophobia? has details on Capitol Ministries and its’ members, and their anti-Muslim positions.  It is interesting how many of those in Congress who have an Islamophobia problem are members of the same group CAPITOL MINISTRIES which hosts regular Christian Bible studies for, and ministers to, members of Congress.

UPDATE 9/1/2012

Texas Republican To Pakistani-American Law Student: Maybe You Should Go To Afghanistan With All the Radical Muslims.  The Daily Dolt reports

Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) took to Facebook recently to vent her absolute disgust at a newspaper article describing the sensitivity training for American soldiers in Afghanistan:

“Our soldiers do NOT need to be taught how to be sensitive to radical Muslims [Dolt ed. note: have a look at the “radical Muslims” in the photo from the newspaper article about which she is complaining]. They do not need to be worried about blowing their nose wrong or using their left hand and offending someone. . . . They should not be bothered with being sensitive to people who want us all dead! We need a true leader in the White House — a vote for Obama is a vote to destroy our country.”

Abdul Pasha, 23, a student at South Texas College of Law, then provided a link to the article in question and responded that Riddle and her followers should actually read it before making “bigoted” comments: “Go educated [sic] yourself, if yall have real guts.”

Debbie did not like this:

“Abdul, if you are so offended by our soldiers then you don’t need us or our money in Afghanistan. As an American I am greatly offended that we have had American soldiers killed by the very ones we were attempting to train and help — Afghanistan soldiers. Get a grip fellow — if you want to be an American act like one and be proud of our country and stand up for our military. If you can’t do that then go where people are sensative [sic] enough for you – I guess that would be Afghanistan – where they still live like they are in the Stone Age – but still very sensative.”

  Read the rest here

Also, results of a poll commissioned by the Arab American Institute are out.  See Republicans Have Strongly Negative Views Of Muslims, Arabs: Poll for details.  A few highlights:

...Republican sentiment toward Muslims produced the highest negative results, with 57 percent of respondents saying they had unfavorable opinions. Only 26 percent said they had favorable opinions. Republicans gave Muslim-Americans slightly higher marks, responding 47 percent unfavorably and 35 percent favorably. Though not gauging a direct religious following, the results were similar on questions regarding Arabs, who received 53 percent unfavorable to 27 percent favorable responses, as well as Arab-Americans, who received 48 percent unfavorable to 33 percent favorable responses.  Respondents on the other side of the aisle also provided less-negative responses toward Muslims. Among Democrats, 29 percent gave unfavorable responses, though 49 percent responded favorably.

UPDATE 3/3/2013

Vera Eyzendooren, president of the San Bernardino County Federation of Republican Women, accused a San Francisco attorney who is running for a leadership role in the state party of being a terrorist sympathizer.  Harmeet K. Dhillon, who is a Sikh, not a Muslim, is a candidate for vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party
**  Eyzendooren posted on Facebook (screenshot here “I was told by one of Harmeet’s friends that because of her religion, her loyalty is to the Muslim religion,” Ms. Eyzendooren wrote on Facebook. “So she will defend a Muslim beheading two men without any hesitation……she is not a Republican.”  Her comments have been denounced by other Republican party officials.

UPDATE 2/13/2015

The many hateful statements and incidents were updated on 1/29/2015 in the article Islamophobia no longer questioned - even by our elected representatives.  In addition, a number of articles have been written recently on this distressing trend:  Peter Beinart, The GOP’s Islamophobia Problem: Will conservatives confront rising anti-Muslim rhetoric in the Republican Party?, Dean Obeidallah For Republicans, Muslims Will Be the Gays of 2016, Zack Beauchamp, How a handful of anti-Muslim crusaders hijacked segments of the GOP, William Saletan, The Muslim Threat and the GOP, Arif Rafiq Bobby Jindal’s Muslim problem, Miranda Blue How The ‘No-Go Zones’ Myth Traveled From The Anti-Muslim Fringe To The Mouths Of GOP Politicians.  This list could go on and on, but these articles should make any reasonable person aware that there is a very real problem here.

UPDATE 9/21/2015

Once again, the GOP candidates for President are engaging in Islamophobia:

Donald Trump see Put Obama to the Trump test, Robert Schlesinger - CNN’s Jake Tapper confronts Donald Trump: ‘Do you not have a responsibility to call out this hatred?’ - As Trump Dodges Question of When US Can “Get Rid Of” Muslims, Nader Asks: What If It Had Been Jews? - Trump and the GOP start Muslim bashing, Dean Obeidallah

Ben Carson see Ben Carson’s bizarre comments about Muslims and the Constitution, explained, Ezra Klein & Max Fisher - The Republicans Muslim Problem - How Conservatives Explain Away Republican Islamophobia, Jonathan Chait

This is only the beginning of the election cycle, and I am certain, based on past experience, that there will be much more to add here.

UPDATE 12/8/2015

With the election campaign in full gear, we have seen a lot of anti-Muslim rhetoric from the GOP candidates this year.  Here are just a few articles on the trend.  But any quick google search will turn up hundreds of similar articles.

- By hyping anti-Muslim ideas, GOP has made the fringe mainstream
- CBS’ Face The Nation Lets GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump Push New, Anti-Muslim 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
- Extremist anti-Muslim views of today’s GOP makes George W. Bush look like a progressive
- GOP embrace of anti-Islam bigotry
- Republicans pander to anti-Muslim bigotry
- Republicans see little downside to railing against Muslims

And, now we have a winner in this race to the bottom - Donald Trump.

Trump Calls for Ban on Muslims, Cites Deeply Flawed Poll from Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy.

This escalation of anti-Muslim bigotry has truly gotten out of control.  Thankfully, some politicians, even in the GOP are speaking out.  But, we need many more voices against what can only be seen as a prelude to fascism if it is allowed to stand.  This is not the America that we know and love.


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