CPAC: White Nationalism & Islamophobia - updated 3/19/2013

CPAC: White Nationalism & Islamophobia

by Sheila Musaji

CPAC 2010

Last year, at CPAC 2009, Geller & Spencer brought Geert Wilders to speak at their presentation. 

This year, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller held a conference at CPAC titled “Jihad: The Political Third Rail”.  Speakers incuded Allen West, Steve Coughlin, Wafa Sultan, Simon Deng, Anders Gravers, and Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.  Geller said “The conference was designed to educate Americans about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration at the highest levels of the U.S. government.”

Max Blumenthal at the Huffington Post wrote about this event and others at CPAC in the article Feeling the Hate at CPAC 2010 With Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles and the Crazy Mob.  Loonwatch called Geller & Spencer’s event a CPAC hate fest

CPAC 2011

Frank Gaffney was barred from CPAC this year.  Alex Seitz-Wald reports Frank Gaffney Was Barred From Participating In CPAC, So He Invented A Reason To ‘Boycott’ It

Frank Gaffney has been a leading figure in the neoconservative movement for over two decades, having served in the Reagan Pentagon and founded a national security think tank. But Gaffney was absent from the panels and podiums at the year’s biggest conservative conference, CPAC, despite having spoken at the annual event held this weekend for the past 15 years. Gaffney had vowed to boycott the conference this year because, he claimed, it had been infiltrated by Islamic extremists. Specifically, he pointed to Grover Norquist, the influential anti-tax activist, and Suhail Kahn, who directed Muslims outreach efforts for the Bush White House. He accuses the two of being moles for the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, ThinkProgress has learned that Gaffney was actually prohibited from participating in CPAC — disinvited from speaking this year by conference organizers fed up with his increasingly vicious attacks on fellow conservative leaders. Indeed, Gaffney appears to have invented the entire theory about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating CPAC as a pretext to explain his absence from the event. ...

Justin Elliott at Salon reports Pamela Geller versus CPAC that this year after some disagreements with CPAC leaders, Geller held an unofficial panel at CPAC.

In any case, Geller was still able to get access to a conference room at the hotel during CPAC, though it was not sanctioned by conference organizers and did not appear on the official schedule. Her event, which featured several 9/11 family members who are fiercely opposed to Park51, drew a couple hundred people; there were few empty seats. Each family member told their Sept. 11 story and then denounced the plans to build the Islamic center near ground zero. One woman said, “This is like spitting on the grave of my son.” Another: “If we have to stand there and protect that building physically — with Pam Geller first — we will.”

The American Muslims behind the mosque were routinely referred to as “terrorists” and Geller seemed to speak for most of the crowd when she said, “What is a moderate Muslim? A secular Muslim.” The tone and popularity of the event contrasted with the argument by Suhail Khan, the Muslim Republican leader I interviewed Thursday, that the conservative movement is a welcoming, inclusive place.

I spoke to Geller after the event about the alleged radical infiltration of CPAC, the events in Egypt (she has been notably supportive of Hosni Mubarak in the past), and 2012 (she likes John Bolton). At Geller’s insistence, one of the 9/11 family members who she brought to the event stood by her during the interview.

Watch the interview here

Ryan J. Reilly at TPM reported (and he also has a video from the event):

... Speaking at a non-official CPAC event on Friday afternoon, Geller said that many members of the board of the American Conservative Union had to go because they were allowing the event to be infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood activists.

... Geller’s event was held to screen a preview of the film “The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of The 9/11 Attacks.” She warned the audience about disturbing images in the film, which was previewed before a nearly full overflow room to a crowd snacking on soft pretzels and tortilla chips on Friday. The full film was shown at another unofficial CPAC event on Saturday.

“It’s very graphic,” Geller said before screening 10 minutes of the movie, which opens with footage of bodies falling from the World Trade Center. “I told the 9/11 family members, I suggested they leave. And I wasn’t doing it to be provocative, it was a very difficult film to make, it’s a difficult film to watch. But these are images you haven’t seen, 9/11 has been white washed.”

Geller said that people were calling her and her followers racists to shut them up. “Do not shut up,” she said.  The lights went down and the film began. “That was the sound of someone falling. Someone dying. It was raining bodies,” a narrator says.

The event on Friday was a mixture of anti-Islamic rhetoric, guilt-by-association and heartbreaking tales from family members of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. One family member had to walk out of the room as another Sept. 11 family member described hearing about body parts coming back in bits and pieces.

Some in the crowd went even further than demanding that there be no mosques built in the downtown New York area and said there shouldn’t be any more mosques built anywhere.

“That’s why it’s too soon to build mosques in general,” one audience member commented. “This is like we’re living in Germany,” she commented to a friend about plans for a Sept. 11 memorial which would include images of and quotes from the terrorists behind the attacks.

“These guys over here are the same guys we’ve been fighting over there,” another audience member told the crowd.

“Moderate Muslims don’t exist,” one woman told the crowd. “It’s like Blue Dog Democrats,” a woman in towards the front of the crowd commented to her friend. ...

Update: Think Progress reports Conservative Board Unanimously Condemned Gaffney’s ‘Reprehensible’ And ‘Unfounded’ Attacks that after Frank Gaffney’s statements about CPAC:

... A year ago, anti-Sharia conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney leaned against a column in the basement of CPAC as he warned ThinkProgress about how Muslim extremists had infiltrated the annual gathering of conservative activists in Washington. It was that kind of conspiracy theorizing that made Gaffney unwelcome upstairs where the official panels and keynote speeches were held, as ThinkProgress first reported.

Gaffney’s attacks on conservative stalwarts like Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, and Suhail Khan, a Bush administration offical, as agents of the Muslim Brotherhood have made him a pariah among conservatives.

So much so, in fact, that he was unanimously condemned by the one of the most powerful conservative organizations in America, as two documents obtained exclusively by ThinkProgress this week show.

Last September, the board of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which puts on CPAC and includes top leaders of various factions of the conservative movement, unanimously passed a resolution (read it here) condemning the “false and unfounded” attacks Gaffney had made against Norquist and Khan, both board members, after having another board member, Cleta Mitchell, look into Gaffney’s serious charges of sedition and abetting an enemy. ...

CPAC 2012

The Conservative Political Action Conference 2012 (CPAC) opened yesterday.  Conservative views are expected, but at this CPAC gathering there are at least two panels that go way beyond conservative into the realm of fringe hate.  The first was a panel yesterday on the failure of multiculturalism discussed below, and the second will be held later today “Islamic Law in America: How Obama’s Department of Justice is Selling us Out.” The Islamic law panel has been sponsored by the AFDI/SIOA and organized by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. 

It is not difficult to imagine how todays panel will play out, as we already know a lot about AFDI/SIOA, and Geller and Spencer.  The ADL (A Jewish anti-defamation group) has said that Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer’s Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) is a “group that promotes an extreme anti-Muslim agenda”.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated SIOA as a hate group, and they are featured in the SPLC reports Jihad Against Islam and The Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.  There is a reason that Geller and Spencer are featured prominently in the Center for American Progress “Fear Inc.” report on the Islamophobia network in America.  Geller is featured in the People for the American Way Right Wing Playbook on Anti-Muslim Extremism.  There is a reason that Geller is featured in the NYCLU report Religious Freedom Under Attack:  The Rise of Anti-Mosque Activities in New York State.  Geller is featured in the Political Research Associates report Manufacturing the Muslim menace: Private firms, public servants, and the threat to rights and security.  The SIOA’s trademark patent was denied by the U.S. government due to its anti-Muslim nature. 

Geller and Spencer have held their anti-Muslim hate fests the past two years at CPAC, so it isn’t surprising that they are back for another year.  We already know that the GOP has declared war on American Muslims

What is surprising is that the session on multiculturalism was included, especially since one of the speakers Robert Brimelow is an avowed white nationalist.  It is not surprising that Muslim bashing is ignored, but this panel includes individuals who are racist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, etc. 

Here is the background on this panel and its participants:

CPAC panel: The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity 2012

Prior to this panel on the first day of CPAC, Charles Johnson reports that this event is being sponsored by: ProEnglish, and speakers are to include: Robert Vandervoort, Executive Director, ProEnglish; John Derbyshire, contributing editor at National Review and author of We Are Doomed; Peter Brimelow, author of The Patriot Game: National Dreams and Political Realities and founder of; Dr. Serge Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor for Chronicles magazine; & Dr. Rosalie Porter, author of American Immigrant: My Life In Three Languages, chairwoman of the board, ProEnglish

ENews reported that

People For the American Way called on GOP presidential candidates to speak out against the inclusion of a white nationalist leader this week at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The conference—which will be addressed by Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and other GOP leaders—will be hosting Peter Brimelow, the founder of VDARE, a white nationalist website which frequently publishes the works of anti-Semitic and racist writers. Brimelow, an immigrant from Great Britain, has expressed fear of the loss of America’s white majority, blames non-white immigrants for social and economic problems and urges the Republican Party to give up on minority voters and focus on winning the white vote. He said that a New York City subway is the same as an Immigration and Naturalization Service waiting room, “an underworld that is not just teeming but also almost entirely colored.”

“It’s shocking that the CPAC would provide a platform for someone like Brimelow,” said Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way. “Responsible GOP leaders should speak out against the bigotry and hatred that Brimelow and VDARE push on a regular basis. That’s doubly true of anyone who aspires to the presidency of the United States. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum need to make it perfectly clear that they won’t be silent when they’re confronted with racism and anti-Semitism.”

VDARE has published the work of people like Robert Weissberg, who says that black and Hispanic students are responsible for problems in the American education system, Marcus Epstein, the Youth for Western Civilization leader who karate-chopped a black woman after calling her a n****r (and later pled guilty to assault), and J. Philippe Rushton of the eugenicist Pioneer Fund.

“The inclusion of Brimelow is all the more galling given the fact that another group, GOProud, was excluded from the conference simply for advocating equality for gay people,” said Keegan. “CPAC should make very clear that hatred has no place in our civic discourse.”

The Maddow blog reports that “When BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray asked CPAC organizers if they would renounce Brimelow’s participation at the conference, they chose not to.”

Right Wing Watch reported on the actual panel that took place.  Serge Trifkovic was unable to attend, but Robert Vandervoort read his prepared statement.  According to RRW

Prior to Brimelow’s talk, Vandervoort delivered a rambling speech from Serge Trifkovic (who wasn’t able to attend) that focused on how the “cult of non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual victimhood” and “multiculturalist indoctrination” is ruining the West. “The native Western majorities will melt away,” Trifkovic’s speech concluded, “Europeans and our trans-Atlantic cousins are literally endangered species. The facilitators of our destruction must be neutralized if we are to survive.” Afterwards, Rosalie Porter bemoaned the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act for giving too much political influence to minorities.

Brimelow stayed on message and warned that multiculturalism and bilingualism were “diseases” that could wreck American society as they empower minorities and suppress traditional American (read: white) groups. He claimed that Canada, which is officially bilingual, was a good example of how bilingualism becomes a tool of elites to help minorities (Quebecers) at the expense of the majority, and went on to call multiculturalism and bilingualism a “ferocious attack on the working class.”

But the surprise guest of the panel was the fiercely anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King (R-IA) who came to discuss his bill to make English the official language of the U.S.

During a panel discussion, Brimelow said that the Democratic Party has “given up on the white working class” and is using immigration to “elect a new polity,” i.e. increase the number of ethnic minorities. Before he could turn to King, the congressman giddily told Brimelow, “I read your books!” King went on to say that Brimelow “eloquently wrote about the balkanization of America.”

Following the panel, King dismissed the Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of VDARE as a hate group in an interview with BuzzFeed, saying, “I wouldn’t take them seriously.”

With the blessing of a leading Republican congressman, it looks like Brimelow’s dream of having a conservative movement which focuses on challenging cultural diversity may finally be coming to fruition.

In our TAM collection of bigoted statements by elected representatives,  Islamophobia no longer questioned even by our elected representatives the entry for Rep. Steve King reads

Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) defended Pamela Geller of SIOA’s participation in a tea party event.  The Republican believes that Geller “is a credible spokeswoman on these sort of issues,” his communications director John Kennedy tells Mother Jones. “She is a nationally recognized authority on the threat of radical Islam. To the extent that her comments [in CAIR’s release] reflect her state of mind, we should err on the side of her as being credible alternative to anything that CAIR has to say.”  NOTE:  SIOA has been named as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center King is known for his outrageous and disgusting comments. In the past he’s been quoted as comparing immigrants to livestock, calling undocumented workers a “slow-moving terrorist attack”, claiming that immigrants have murdered more Americans than the combined death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002, comparing the abuses at Abu Ghraib to mere “hazing” and waging a war against “secularists” who want to “eradicate Christ from Christmas.”  When Obama was running for President, King said “The radical Islamists, the al-Qaida ... would be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on Sept. 11 because they would declare victory in this war on terror…His middle name does matter, it matters because they read a meaning into that.”

A little background on the panelists:

Serge Trifkovic

In 2009, Richard Barthomomew wrote about Trifkovic

Among the slew of anti-Muslim screeds published in recenty years, one of the more prominent was The Sword of the Prophet, by Serge Trifkovic. Despite Trifokovic’s dubious background as a former spokesman for Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (although he also spoke against Slobodan Milsoevic), he was embraced by American conservatives  – paleo and neo – as yet another expert who dared to tell “the truth” about Muslims and Islams. Here he is on Frontpage, discoursing on the subject with fellow polemicists Robert Spencer and Walid Shoebat. Sites such as Jihad Watch and pundits such as Don Feder toasted his efforts; Brian Mitchell of Investor’s Business Daily gushed over him as

a European historian of broad learning, sound philosophy and keen political insight.

In 2006, Trifkovic demonstrated this “keen political insight” in a cosy interview with the BNP’s Nick Griffin, in which he took at face value Griffin’s denials of racism and failed to ask any questions about either Griffin’s anti-semitic past or the various private comments made by BNP leaders expressing crude racism and praise for Hitler. The BNP has a Jewish town councillor, Patricia Richardson, and this is presented as evidence that the BNP has rejected its past anti-semitism – although in fact Griffin has (by his own admission) merely disguarded anti-Jewish politics for anti-Muslim as a matter of strategy.

And as it happens, Richardson and Trifkovic will be meeting at the end of this week at a conference in Baltimore entitled “Preserving Western Civilization”. According to the event’s “statement of purpose“:

We believe that America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and European identity must be defended. Today, our glorious Western civilization is under assault from many directions. Three such threats will be discussed at this conference. First, the massive influx to the United States and Europe of Third-World immigrants who do not share our fundamental political and cultural values. Second, the threat from Islam, a militant ideology that is hostile to our society and, in principle, committed to destroying it. Third, because of the persistent disappointing performance of blacks (which many whites mistakenly blame on themselves) many whites have guilt feelings that undermine Western morale and deter us from dealing sensibly with the other threats.

The same statement on the pdf brochure omits the first sentence and “Today, our glorious”.

The conference is being organised by Dr. Michael H. Hart, an astrophysicist who claims that human history should be interpreted by considering differences in racial IQs; he also argues that the USA should be divided into white, black, and mixed “nations”. Other speakers include Philippe Rushton, the “scientific” racialist who believes that white intellectual superiority over blacks can be inversely correlated to size of genitalia – as I blogged here, in 2006 he spoke on the “biological basis of patriotism” at a Right Now! conference held at Mark Mason’s Hall in central London – and the usual characters from the American Renaissance circuit.

(Hat tip: David Williams, “Richardson goes West”, in Searchlight Magazine, 404, February 2009, p. 23.)

(Name variations: “Preserving Western Civilisation”; Srdja Trifković; Srđa Trifković)

In February of 2011, Trifkovic was supposed to participate in a conference in Canada, but he was denied entry into the country by the Canadian government.  Trifkovic along with Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, Walid Shoebat, and other Islamophobes appeared in the anti-Muslim film “Islam: What the West Needs to Know”. 

Trifkovic is not only anti-Muslim, he is also anti-Semitic.  Here is what he wrote in a disgusting article titled Survival Strategy

To claim that the traditional Right is “anti-Jewish” is to imply that it is gripped by an irrational prejudice. Such accusation is untrue and unfair.

It is true, however, that the traditional Right is inevitably antipathetic to certain modes of thought and feeling, to a peculiar Weltanschauung and the resulting forms of public and intra-communal discourse, which are quite properly perceived as specifically Jewish.

Historically, Talmudic Judaism’s insistence on the Jews’ racial uniqueness—emphasized by the ritual and dietary laws of Talmudic Judaism and on its view of Christians as idolaters—has ensured that a Jew steeped in his own tradition could not view traditional European or American conservatism with sympathy. His tradition was a form of elaborate survival mechanism based on the zero-sum view of a world divided into “us” and “them.” The Gentile was “the Other” ab initio and for ever.

In addition, since the late 1800’s the Jews have had a disproportionate impact on a host of intellectual trends and political movements which have fundamentally altered the civilization of Europe and its overseas offspring in a manner deeply detrimental to the family, nation, culture, racial solidarity, social coherence, tradition, morality and faith. Spontaneously or deliberately, those ideas and movements—Marxism (including neoconservatism as the bastard child of Trotskyism), Freudianism, Frankfurt School cultural criticism, Boasian anthropology, etc.—have eroded “the West” to the point where its demographic and cultural survival is uncertain. The erosion is continuing, allegedly in the name of propositional principles and universal values, and it is pursued with escalating ferocity.

Only one group and one nation-state remain exempt from the dictates of pluralism and diversity, and from the condemnation (heading towards criminalization) of any form of group solidarity based on blood, culture and faith.

In our own time, however, the process of erosion has reached the stage where it is to be expected that increasing numbers of Jews—those who love their own people more than they loath what the traditional Right loves—will realize that, in the long term, their only viable survival strategy is to support the principles and objectives of the traditional Right.

To put it bluntly, the survival of the West, which is recognizably Christian in spirit and European in genes, is “objectively” becoming the optimal survival strategy for the Jewish community as a whole, Israel included. (I’ve known several Jews who understand, notably my late friend Sir Alfred Sherman.) In the postmodern mélange of races, cultures and cults still desired by the likes of Abraham Foxman, the narrative of victimhood and its associated claims will carry little weight with the brown, black, and yellow multitudes blissfully devoid of European self-loathing, guilt and shame. The results may easily exceed in ferocity and magnitude the events of 1942-45.

It is essential for the Jews to grasp that the survival of European gentile identity and institutions is a sine qua non of their own survival. It is desirable for the traditional Right to overcome its instinctive impulses, historically justified as they are, and to consider this possibility and its implications.

Peter Brimelow and VDARE

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists VDARE as a white nationalist group.  The entry on VDARE says

Originally established in 1999 by the Center for American Unity, a Virginia-based nonprofit foundation started by English immigrant Peter Brimelow, is an anti-immigration hate website “dedicated to preserving our historical unity as Americans into the 21st Century.” Now run by the VDARE Foundation, the site is a place where relatively intellectually inclined leaders of the anti-immigrant movement share their opinions. also regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.

  They then list a number of quotes published on the VDARE site, and go on

Founded in 1999 by anti-immigrant activist and author Peter Brimelow, the Center for American Unity has served to promote the work of white supremacists, anti-Semites and others on the radical right. This is most obvious in, which the foundation started in 1999 and funded until 2007. It is named after Virginia Dare, said to be the first English child born in the New World, in 1587. Brimelow says that he once planned to bestow Dare’s name upon “the heroine of a projected fictional concluding chapter in Alien Nation [his best selling anti-immigration book], about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles.” was an idea that Brimelow says “flowed out of a best-selling book I wrote back in 1995(!), Alien Nation. … Like the immigration reform movement in general, it is a coalition, agreed only on the need for immigration reduction.” While Brimelow vehemently denies that the site is white nationalist, preferring instead “politically incorrect,” many of the articles published there contain typical white nationalist themes; Brimelow also concedes that he does publish some “white nationalist” authors, like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance magazine. They decry the demise of white America, blaming immigrants, multiculturalists, and members of the “Treason Lobby” — essentially groups concerned with protecting immigrants’ human and civil rights — for undermining the racial cohesion of the nation. Reflecting this position,’s archives contain articles like “Freedom vs. Diversity,” “Abolishing America,” “Anarcho-Tyranny — Where Multiculturalism Leads” and “Why Immigrants Kill.”

VDARE also publishes essays by prominent academic racists. For example, a column by Jared Taylor, who has argued elsewhere that black people are incapable of maintaining any kind of civilization, dismisses “the fantasy of racial equality,” claims the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “stripped Americans of the right to make free decisions,” and says that “blacks, in particular, riot with little provocation,” unlike the far more peaceable white race. He has also published pieces by J. Philippe Rushton, the head of the Pioneer Fund, which gives financial backing to academics who specialize in race and IQ studies.

While acknowledging that his site hosts “white nationalists” like Taylor, Brimelow argues that they are merely people who “aim to defend the interests of American whites. They are not white supremacists. They do not advocate violence. They are rational and civil. They brush their teeth. But they unashamedly work for their people.” Brimelow goes on to say that as dark-skinned immigration from the Third World continues, “this type of interest-group ‘white nationalism’ will inexorably increase.” What Brimelow doesn’t mention is that also posts stories by one of the most important anti-Semites in America, Kevin MacDonald, a professor of psychology at the California State University, Long Beach. MacDonald believes Jews are genetically driven to undermine the power of whites by pushing such things as Third World immigration.

Other authors listed on’s website as part of its “editorial collective” as of 2008 include Thomas Allen, Bryanna Bevens, John Brimelow (brother of Peter), Randall Burns, Joseph Fallon, James Fulford, Joe Guzzardi, Athena Kerry, D.A. King, Juan Mann, Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Sailer, Howard Sutherland, Brenda Walker, Allan Wall, John Wall, and Chilton Williamson Jr.

The website also serves as a repository for an archive of nativist columns by the white nationalist movement’s foremost intellectual, Sam Francis, the immigrant-bashing editor of the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens who died in 2005. In his columns, Francis rails against the “emerging Hispanic majority,” plugs conspiracy theories, and promotes white racial consciousness.

In 2007, and the Center for America Unity parted ways. The website notes that “VDARE.COM is no longer associated with the Center For American Unity, which plans to focus on litigation,” in place, presumably, of nativist propaganda and opinion. In the center’s stead, Brimelow created the VDARE Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity, to serve as the website’s sponsor. However, as a July 4, 2008, desperate plea from Brimelow for donations and volunteer staff members suggests, funding in the future might prove to be a challenge.

Brimelow spent much of 2009 pounding the white nationalists message that the Republican Party would do better to spend its time attracting white voters rather than by reaching out to minorities. Brimelow took that message to hard right groups as well as expounding the idea on his website. In “Yes, It Is about Race. Quite right, too,” Brimelow explained the “tea party” movements and the furor found at town halls in the summer of 2009 as being “about race” and pointing out that “the backlash [against the Obama administration] is overwhelmingly white.”

Robert Vandervoort

The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights reports

Bob Vandervoort is scheduled to moderate a Thursday afternoon panel at the CPAC 2012 conference, entitled, “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the Pursuit of Diversity is Weakening the American Identity.” Vandervoort listed his organizational affiliation as executive director of ProEnglish—an English-Only outfit founded by John Tanton. What he left out of his bio is that he was also the organizer of the white nationalist group, Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, while he lived in Illinois.

During that period Vandervoort was at the center of much of the white nationalist activity in the region. While he was in charge, Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance often held joint meetings with the local chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He also made appearances at white nationalist events outside Illinois, for instance participating in the 2009 Preserving Western Civilization Conference.

Vandervoort’s position at ProEnglish is not surprising, given his familiarity with the Nativist Establishment. He and several Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance members attended a March 22, 2005 Federation for American Immigration Reform meeting at the Lincoln Restaurant in Chicago. At a November 13, 2004 FAIR “Midwest Immigration Reform Summit” in Rosemont, Illinois, Vandervoort attended and passed out leaflets to the crowd announcing a local American Renaissance event.

Vandervoort was hired during the autumn of 2011, by the Tanton-founded English-Only group ProEnglish, after the organization lost three other executive directors in less than a year. Shortly after Vandervoort took the job, ProEnglish hired Phil Tignino as the group’s web master and social media coordinator. Tignino was the former head of the Washington State University chapter of the white nationalist college group, Youth for Western Civilization.

Charles Johnson reports At Geller-Spencer’s CPAC Panel, Anti-Muslim Activist Says He’s Proud of Attacks on Mosques.  “James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force was “proud to say” that most of the mosques attacked in the US were in the South”  He provides a video.

CPAC 2013

Overall, the GOP and groups like CPAC are still incredibly biased towards Islam and Muslims.  However, in the last election cycle, some of the most virulent Islamophobes were voted out of office.  And, this week, as Alex Seitz-Wald reports on Salon Anti-Muslim activist Pam Geller turned away from CPAC :

Anti-Muslim activist Pam Geller has been turned away from the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), despite speaking at the event for the past four years, she says. “This year, I applied to speak and was ignored,” she wrote on her blog. “So, for the first time in five years, I won’t be at CPAC.”

CPAC is the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the country, and one of the few places where conservative politicians, movement leaders, media personalities, and big donors all come together under one roof. But it is no stranger to civil warring and backbiting over snubbed invitations. This year, it barred gay groups and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

And it’s also not the first time the conservative leaders who control CPAC have tried to keep the unseemly anti-Muslim fringe out of view. In 2010, as I reported, the organization banned Frank Gaffney, the man behind Rep. Michele Bachmann’s anti-Muslim witch hunt, who had accused GOP activists Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan of being agents for the Muslim Brotherhood. A year later, the board of the group that runs CPAC passed a unanimous resolution condemning Gaffney.

Now, it seems to have caught up to Geller. She blamed the snub on “the Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal,” noting she had written several critical stories about Norquist.  “As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page… it was two slots away from Grover’s. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed,” she alleged.

In 2009, Geller brought Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Muslim politician, to the conference. The year after that, she hosted an event with Allen West. In 2011, she screened her film, “The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks.”

Some conservative bloggers are up in arms over the conference pushing Geller aside.

“These events were the freakin’ pinnacle of the conference. Sheesh. What is wrong with this world? Now Pamela’s banned? Unbe-freakin’-lievable,” wrote Donald Douglas at American Power.

“In years past, the events were standing room only thanks to their popularity, but that apparently was not enough to counter pressure brought to bear from somewhere to exclude Geller’s message,” Breitbart added.

“CPAC is a private group, and free to manage its affairs as it sees fit, of course. But it occupies a significant role in politics because many stripes of conservatives have regarded it as something close to a comprehensive representation of where conservatism stands. That is certainly not the case this year. Too bad,” wrote Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker.

Right Wing Watch reports Geller Out, But Anti-Muslim Voices Remain at CPAC.  They note that Allen West, Tom Fitton, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ted Cruz will be speaking.

In the end, arranged for a session at CPAC titled “the uninvited” and Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney, and Robert Spencer were all included in the panel. 

Alex Seitz-Wald reported this statement by Geller at that event:

“Am I saying that Suhail Khan is as bad as Awlaki? He’s worse!” she said, referring to Anwar al-Awlaki, the American citizen jihadi who was killed by a U.S. drone strike in 2011.  She added that it was a “crime” that she and the others panelists were not invited to CPAC, warning that the snub is a threat to the freedom of speech. “Free men will have to resort to violence in the absence of the freedom of speech,” she added darkly.

I have highlighted the passage that most concerns me, as it appears to be a call to violence.  In case you think that this might be a misquote, Geller posted a “rebuttal” of this and other articles about her CPAC speech **, and she didn’t anywhere question this quote.

She did, however play the anti-Semitism card in her response to a statement by Grover Norquist “The woman from New York.” That’s a fancy way of saying “the Jew.”.  Others in the Islamophobia blogsphere are attempting to use the fact that Grover Norquist in an interview did not refer to Pamela Geller by name, but simply as “the woman from New York” and this is what Geller and friends are seeing as a sneaky anti-Semitic comment.  The “anti-Semitic” claim is turning up in numerous articles by these folks.  I would like to see them explain the highlighted statement made by Geller.

Alex Seitz-Wald reports that on the same “uninvited” panel, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that “The vast majority of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims adhere to a view of their religion that agrees on the need to impose Sharia, or Islamic law, on the world.” 

And, Areej Elahi-Siddiqui on PolicyMic reported CPAC Panel Says Conservative Muslims Are Waging a “Stealth Jihad” in which he notes that

... However, the only thing the speakers, which included the likes of Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney, and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, seemed to have focused on was ignorant, demeaning, and Islamophobic speech laced with ridiculous claims such as Frank Gaffney’s allegation that ex-Bush staffer and CPAC board member Suhail Khan, a Muslim, is the “prince of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Gaffney was not the only one to express his purported fear over the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the United States, and apparently, the CPAC conference. Robert Spencer, a blogger at Jihad Watch, a site that has repeatedly been criticized for its promotion of Islamophobia, was awarded a standing ovation when he referred to Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform who is married to a Muslim woman, and Suhail Khan as instruments of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“What I do know is that they’re completely in bed with the same people Barack Obama is listening to to draft the entire foreign policy of the United States and domestic policy as well,” he said.

He then went on to allege that President Obama is also unwaveringly aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying, “Maybe you don’t know, but Barack Obama has completely aligned this nation with the Muslim Brotherhood … Barack Obama is not stupid and we should give him credit for knowing what he’s doing and for doing it on purpose.”

...  The ignorance, however, did not end with those three, unfortunately. Rep. King (R-Iowa) began the panel by referring to the former three as “the world experts on global jihad.” He then went on to say that all derogatory terms in reference to Islam or Muslims have been “scrubbed out” by the FBI because of their Muslim advisers who must have told them they had to. ...

This entire “uninvited” panel seems to have been an anti-Muslim hate fest.  It will have to be added to my article The GOP has declared war on American Muslims.

Other CPAC events seem to have been just as crazy, although their focus was on other minorities.  Think Progress has a series of reports from CPAC documenting the craziness:— CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks. — NRA Mocks Congresswoman Whose Husband Was Shot And Killed. — Marxists Infiltrated The Catholic Church, And Four Other Crazy Things We Learned At CPAC.

Salon has a collection of CPAC highlights CPAC’s 10 craziest moments.

It must have been quite an event.



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originally published February 2010