Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

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                      Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connat point     
                                            —Blaise Pascal

The heart has reason to believe
its tropical islands will bloom
giant scarlet palm trees whose
spraying spathes make golden pinwheels in a
bright blue sky

The heart has reason to believe
the secret door to Allah’s private chamber
opens here without benefit of lock
but whose key is that murmur on the lips of a lover
that reverberates through our bones to the
earth-bound bottoms of our toes

The heart has reason to believe in a sky
whose opening eyelid
shows an eye that goes on and on into oracular oblivion
seeing every creation He’s ever created from
time before time to time after time has expired

The heart has reason to believe it’s riding a
team of wild white horses going at full
gallop through all the worlds and
all the world’s oceans at once
to run along a shore brought to life as we pass
whose faces open like white roses and whose
voices chime like silver bells

The heart has reason to believe
the heart’s God’s residence
and we enter it with caution and with care
with courage and bravado for He’s waiting there for our
entrance and His Face is already
coming into focus in our sphere

The heart has reason to believe all this
by the simple fact of being a heart
and not a steamboat or a plank of wood
floating on black water
where moonlight cannot reach

And the spaces between the heart’s beats
are orbital dimensions
complete worlds come to birth in

and the beats themselves are His Name
as He names the worlds that come to birth

How can we not be delirious with love under these
perfect climactic conditions!

When He beckons us toward Him by the very
organ that keeps us alive

in the very chambers He’s created for His voice
to echo and re-echo in

calling us home!

                Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore - 11/15/2002