Pamela Geller discovers “security grant jihad”

Pamela Geller discovers “security grant jihad”

by Sheila Musaji

Pamela Geller has written another poison pen article U.S. tax dollars pay for “U.S. mosque security”.

This one brings up a number of previously debunked anti-Muslim propaganda talking points to attempt to validate her alarm over nothing:

1) She points to Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi’s ridiculous “Mapping Sharia Project” as if it is a serious study.  See Mapping Sharia Project Goes Beyond Islamophobia to Raving, Paranoid, In(SANE)ity! for a thorough debunking of their “80% of U.S. Mosques are radicalized” claim.  She backs up Kedar and Yerushalmi’s false claims by reference to Robert Spencer.  See Robert Spencer Wrong about claim that 80% of American Mosques are radicalized for a debunking of his claims.

2) She once again raises the previously debunked non-issue of Muslims claiming “fake hate crimes”.  See Rash of Fake Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Teaches Important Lesson for a clear picture of the issue claims of fake hate crimes among all communities. 

3) She then raises the also debunked claim of “over 23,000 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11”.  See 17,000+ “Islamic terrorist” attacks exist only in fevered Islamophobic brains for a debunking of this claim from 2012.  The Islamophobes raise the number every few months, but the problem with their inflated numbers remains the same.

All of this regurgitation of nonsense is to back up her fury over the fact that the Islamic Society of Baltimore has been awarded a grant from the Nonprofit Security Grant Program to update their security infrastructure.  Geller’s article refers to this as “cultural jihad”

The Islamophobes have previously uncovered countless examples of “shocking”, non-existent Muslim jihad plots.  
See Resources for dealing with Islamophobes for hundreds of examples of false information being peddled by these hate mongers.  Here are just a few of these that they have uncovered:

Muslim celebration for special needs children jihad“vehicular jihad”objecting to pornographic ads jihademployment jihadlitigation jihad“environmentalist jihad”.  —— “comic book jihad”Muslim victims of 9/11 accused of dying as martyrs in an act of jihadhospital jihadMuslim Family Day jihadMuslim Prayer event jihadbumper sticker jihadThanksgiving turkey jihadpaisley scarf jihadmarriage to important men jihadspit jihad —  fashion jihadspelling bee jihadrape jihaddefacing dollar bills jihadpopulation jihadcreeping Sharia jihad —  mosque building jihadterror baby jihad“creeping Sharia” jihadpedophilia jihadbus driver prayer jihadforehead bruise jihadpostage stamp jihadsoup jihad —  banning alcohol jihadfake hate crimes jihadpiggy bank jihadtv reality series jihadhandshake jihadprom jihadinterfaith jihadArabic language jihadpublic school jihadreligious accommodation jihadCrescent moon jihadChristmas tree tax jihadoath of office jihadimmigration jihad community fundraiser jihadpublic school/madrassa jihadpost office jihadfood jihadpyramid jihadcrucifixion jihadfireworks jihadcomputer donation jihadcivic participation jihadOlympic “judo” jihadstealth name jihadpre-violent jihadLove jihadfashion jihad 2#MyJihad ad jihadtalk show host jihadart museum jihadHalloween jihadDNC Muslim Prayer Jihadcat crucifixion jihad in GhanaScottish Muslim women’s stealth jihadanti-democracy jihadun-neighborly Musims in Paris jihadjihad on Christopher ColumbusIranian smallpox jihadMuslim Christmas grinch jihad#MyJihad twitter jihad  — Muslim takeover of National Parks jihadbomb threat jihadpledge of allegiance jihadadoption jihadsexual jihad  —vehicular jihad —  Ramadan water jihadsticker jihadcomedy jihadpub jihademployment jihadanimated cartoon jihadenvironmentalism jihad

Geller’s alarm is puzzling since even the article she refers to that publicized this grant to the ISB included the information that: ”... mosques are not the only groups having tax dollars awarded for security.  A 2011 Judicial Watch report noted that the majority of 2011 grants for ‘target hardening” went to Jewish centers ...”   The Judicial Watch report also notes Catholic institutions and other non-profits who have benefited from these grants.  Unless Geller’s alarm is over any religious institution - whether Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Sikh, etc. - receiving any such grants, then her double standards and hypocrisy are clear for anyone to see.

Like most of Geller’s insane attacks, this is simply Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing, and comes from her pathological hatred of Muslims.