Muzlem infiltrators in Congress!? - updated 10/18

Jeff Siddiqui

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Muzlem infiltrators in Congress!?

by Jeff Siddiqui

I wonder if the Republican Party; those who consider themselves REAL, Patriotic AMERICANS (by God!), will agree that there is no room for statements such as those made by four conservative Republicans — Reps. John Shadegg (Ariz.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Trent Franks (Ariz.) and Sue Myrick (N.C.) in the halls of the lawmakers of this country and these four “Representatives” deserve to be condemned by the Republican Party?

Contrast the predicted silence of the Republican Party to what their reaction has traditionally been if someone takes a similar bash at a more “civilized” minority.

Sorry, I already know that the answer will be, “What?!! Jeff are you drunk?!! The Republicans are only sincere people, looking to protect the country against “trrrsts”!”.

Why, I’ll bet they will tell us that some of their best friends are Muzlems and they have never objected to ragheads walking around and enjoying the “Freedoms” we have blessed them with in this God-fearing, Judeo-Christian, civilized country that is so bravely trying to defend the “Freedom” of everyone in this world!

Somewhere in my crazed fantasies, I keep hoping that America’s promise will be fulfilled and people will actually stand for what is in the constitution and what are the best values of this country. Then reality hits when I see how our soldiers are being used as recuiters for Christianity in Afghanistan and Iraq and how there is still bounty to be had, with Muzlem scalps on your belt.

As any aspiring politican or popular right-wing talk-show host knows…there’s money in Muzlem-bashing!

Not to worry, the Republicans are not alone. They are surrounded by the world-famous fellow-Gutless Wonders known as the Democratic Party who, doubtless, will be looking for ways to look strong and “patriotic” and therefore, will want nothing to do with holding this tar-baby called “Muzlem rights”.

Worry even less: Us Muzlems are too frightened of the Great White Massa, to take a stand while other “rag-heads” are too busy making sure their jobs are not at risk.

Law-enFORCEment agencies like the FBI and many local Police have made it abundantly clear that Muzlems are TRRRST suspects, just a hair’s breadth away from being thrown in jails or sent overseas for torture (and Obama be damned), if we dare to even beg for equal protection under the constitution…why our lawmakers and the many REAL Americans (by God!)) will rush to tell us that we are at “WAR!” and questions of constitution and equal justice need to wait until we have finally won…whenever that wll be.

Muslims have learned that talk of “Politics” in places of Muslim-gathering or in Mosques, is frowned upon by our Democracy-loving, Freedom-worshipping fellow Americans. So now Muslims stay cowed, bowed and fearfully silent; so much so that if anyone should bring up the much-feared “P”-word, s-he is likely to get kicked out of the Mosque…and this HAS happened.

It is precisely this predisposition to being influenced by fear, that so endears us to the bigots because they can freely bash away with nary a whisper of protest from them Muzlems or, from fellow-Americans who would scream the Earth down to help a stray dog…but Muzlems have not YET ascended to that rank.

Standing up to the waves of bigotry is not likely by the Muslims in the near future; we do not understand that the bashes are getting harder and harder.

Like frogs in a slowly-heating pot, we continue to sit silently as the waters boil.

We need to find another Malcolm X and fast…

originally posted 10/16/09

UPDATE 10/18/19

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