Karamali, Shaykh Hamza

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Shaykh Hamza Karamali
Hamza Karamali was born in Pakistan and grew up in Karachi, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  He moved to Canada while in high school, from where he graduated top of class.  Sidi Hamza attended the University of Toronto with two scholarships and obtained his BASc. in Computer Engineering.  He was then awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship to obtain his MASc. in Computer Engineering with a focus on hardware and compilers.  He has worked as a CAD Engineer for Gennum Corporation and as a software developer for Liberate Technologies, both in Ontario, Canada. 

Over the course of eight years while concurrently obtaining his secular education, Sidi Hamza covered various subjects with Shaykh Talal Ahdab, including Arabic grammar, Islamic law, legal methodology, Hadith methodology, logic, Islamic belief, Sira, Sufism, and other subjects.  During this time, he also memorized the Qur’an with Shaykh Omar Dogar.  In addition, he spent several summers studying in Damascus and Amman, covering Islamic law, logic, Islamic belief, and Arabic with various traditional scholars including Shaykh Amjad Rasheed, Shaykh Abd al-Rahman Kharsa, Shaykh Jihad Hashim Brown, Shaykh Mu’min ‘Annan, and others. 

In September 2005, Sidi Hamza moved to Amman, Jordan where he is now studying Islamic law and legal methodology with Shaykh Akram Abd al-Wahhab, tafsir and inheritance law with Shaykh Ali Hani, and Sufism with Shaykh Nuh Keller.  Sidi Hamza is now both an instructor of Shafi’i fiqh and Arabic as well as the Academy Director for SunniPath, an online Islamic academy.  As Academy Director, he sets the overall vision for SunniPath Academy and works with his fellow teachers to design curriculum, courses, and certification requirements.  In addition, he answers questions for SunniPath’s Question & Answer service.  Sidi Hamza currently resides in Amman, Jordan with his wife and son.

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