Kalin, Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Kalin is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the College of the Holy Cross where he teaches courses on Islam, Islamic philosophy and theology, Sufism, Islam and the West, and Islam in the modern world. His field of interest is post-Avicennan Islamic philosophy and Mulla Ýadra, with research interests in Islam and science, comparative and mystical philoso¬phy, Islam and the West, and intellectual movements in the contemporary Muslim world. Dr. Kalin is the associate editor of Resources on Islam and Science, a web-based project of the Center for Islam and Science (http://www.cis-ca.net), which provides a comprehensive database on Islam and science. He is a recipient of the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences (CTNS) Science and Religion Course Program Award, 2002. His publica¬tions include articles on Islamic philosophy, Islamic science, and Western perceptions of Islam, and he has translated a number of Islamic philosophi¬cal texts from Arabic into English.

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