It is time!

Omid Safi

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It is time!

by Omid Safi

My name is Omid Safi. I am an Iranian American living in North Carolina. I‪#‎SupportGaza‬ because I am human, and no human being should ever have to live in the conditions that Palestinians are forced to live under.

I care, passionately, about the plight of Palestinians because I am a human being who knows deep in my bones that I cannot be fully free as long as we are not all free.

I will work to my last breath to see a ‪#‎FreePalestine‬ because no human being should ever, ever live under occupation.

Deep in each of our hearts, we already know that freedom is not a zero sum game, that ultimately we can all be free. We are all bound up together.

Let love and justice mingle together, let righteousness roll down every mountain top till every valley is filled.

May Jerusalem be worthy of its name, as the Holy city, where the children of Abraham live together, love together, worship together…

Peace&Justice for All. Suffering for none.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

The opposite of poverty is not wealth, it is justice.

And the opposite to the idea of a Zionist state privileging Jewish citizens over non-Jewish second-class citizens and occupied non-citizens is not an Arab state or a Muslim state. It is a just and peaceful democratic state with equal rights for all of her citizens.

It is time.

It is time.

SOURCE: Omid Safi’s Facebook page