ISLAMOPHOBIA: INCIDENTS - article collection - updated 12/26/10

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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Islamophobia - Incidents

compiled by Sheila Musaji

- Polls, statistics, and surveys relating to Islam and Muslims
- Claim That All Terrorists are Muslims Ignores History (sections on Christian extremism and terrorism and Jewish extremism and terrorism were divided 4/08)
- Prejudice, Racist, or Violent Incidents at MOSQUES
- Incidents, hate crimes
- MEDIA, Propoganda & Perception
- Islamophobia: Real or imagined 
- A Long History of Injustice Ignored 
(see also power point presentations)


- Simchon Shwartz of Brooklyn Charged with Felony Hate Crime after Attacking ‘f—ing Arabs’ Living Next Door 6/11
-  Anti-Muslim protest in Orange County, California (with video) 2/11
- Anti-Sharia bills in many states across the U.S. **


- Alabama restaurant sign Says Restaurants Safe If ‘No Muslims inside” 12/10
- The Hatred Truck’s Anti-Muslim Bumper Stickers ** 12/10
- Muslim girls taunted and threatened at California schools 12/10
- Twin Falls, Idaho Muslim woman threatened at Walmart store 12/10
- NY Imam assaulted on New York train 12/10
- Sikh cab driver beaten by two passengers who allegedly shouted racial epithets and called the turban-and-bearded driver “Osama bin Laden.”  12/10
- Bias motivated road rage incident in Colorado 12/10
- Texas radio station received threats for airing Al Jazeera News 12/10
A manager of a public pool in Chicago allegedly wouldn’t let a Muslim family enter because of their clothing ** 12/10
- Bullying of Muslim students in the U.S. 11/10
- Muslim women assaulted at gas station in Washington state 11/10
- Muslim mother and child assaulted in Staten Island, NY 10/10
- Anti-Muslim game released in Austria 9/10
- NYC cab driver stabbed after being asked if he was a Muslim.  8/10
- British Muslim school girl assaulted and burned  7/10
- Muslim mother and son attacked after a softball game in Cedar Rapids, IA  6/10
- Muslim Leader Receives Suspicious White Powder In Third Recent Anti-Muslim Incident In Jacksonville, FL 6/10
- Muslim man attacked in hate crime in Sunnyvale, South Bay, CA  6/10
- family in Oklahoma posts anti-Muslim signs protesting a Muslim family moving into their neighborhood  6/10
- Anti-Muslim “Islam Rising” billboard on highway in Columbia, SC  6/10
-  in New York, a Muslim teen reportedly endured a series of beatings between October 2009 and June 2010
- Five French Jewish teens connected with JDL accused of hate crime in murder of Muslim store guard in France,7340,L-3889706,00.html  5/10
- Muslim man attacked and beaten in Brooklyn, NY 5/10
- Hate Crime Charges Sought in Attack on San Diego, CA Muslim cab driver  5/10
- Muslim students art exhibit vandalized at Art Institute of Chicago.  In addition, large caricatures and a bubble with the words “Kill all Arabs” were highlighted on the exhibited artwork. Ironically, the exhibit was addressing the very rise of violence and hate directed at Muslims in the post 9/11 climate.,CST-NWS-art13.article  5/10
- An 18 year-old male was brutally beaten by officers from an Illinois Police Station in retaliation for his mother’s attempt to file a complaint against the way her son had been treated. The mother is a Muslim-American woman and wears the Hijab, the traditional Muslim headwear. During the beating, one of the officers yelled at the young man that this was all because of his “Muslim bitch” mother. ADC has been in contact with the Department of Justice and is working with the family to pursue legal remedies.  5/10
- Dan Fanelli, Republican Congressional candidate for the 8th District of Florida.  In videos posted on his website, two Arabic speaking actors are depicted as terrorists. In a statement posted on his website, Mr. Fanelli states that, “all passengers are NOT created equally;” he then goes on to advocate for the use of illegal racial profiling at airports. 5/10
- Halal butcher shop in Russia bombed 5/10
- A robber in Britain wrapped a Muslim woman in a carpet and set fire to her after he raided her home.  He told her: “This is your Eid present, you Muslim.”  5/10
- Vandals in France have desecrated the graves of seven Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France in World War II  5/10
- A 24-year-old man accused of threatening to cut a woman and her infant in July 2009 in Seattle because she is Muslim was sentenced to 1 ½ years in prison Friday following