ISLAM IN AMERICA - article collection

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African Muslims in America, Hajj D.A. Haroon,

African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas, Malik Mujahid,

America Represents ‘True’ Islamic Principles, Tammam & Patricia Adi,

American Muslim Political Renaissance

American Muslims: Community at a Crossroads, Project MAPS,

American Muslim Struggle for the Soul of Islam, Hassan Zillur Rahim, 

American Muslims Expound on Diversity, Cathy Armer,

American Muslim Engagement in Politics, Imad ad-Dean Ahmad,

American Muslims Have A Special Obligation, Ingrid Mattson, 

America’s Muslims Never Had to Unite Until Now, Peter Skerry

American Muslim Political Reactions to Third World Dependence

American Political Scene and American Muslims

Autobiography of Omar Ibn Said, A West African Muslim Enslaved in the U.S.

Challenges Facing American Muslim Women, Maher Hathout,

Cham Muslims in America,

Chinese Muslims in Los Angeles

Companies Struggle to Accommodate Workers of Different Faiths,

Defeating Stereotypes: Muslims in America, Nancy Paik,

Demographic Facts: Muslims in America

Expressions of Islam in America

Family Law Issues Affecting American Muslims, Azizah al-Hibri,

Future of Islam in the U.S., Dr. Ja’far Sheikh Idris,

Generation M: Growing Up Muslim in America

Images of Islam in America

Immigrant American Muslims and the Moral Dilemmas of Citizenship, M. Muqtedar Khan,

Islam in Europe and the U.S., CSIS, 

Islam and Columbus’ America, Dr. T.B. Irving,

Islam in the U.S. Fact Sheet,

Islamic Leadership Change in America, Teresa Watanabe,

Loving the Promise But Not the Promised Land, Kemal Benouis

Muslim Legacy in Early Americas

Muslims in America Before Columbus, Abdul Hakim Quick

Muslims in America: Identity and Participation, Dr. Aminah McCloud

Muslims in the U.S., Editors Philippa Strum & Danielle tarantolo,

Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the United States,  Sherman Jackson

Muslims in America, gustav Niebuhr, 

Muslims in America: Identity and Participation, Aminah McCloud

Muslims in the Carribean Before Columbus, Abdullah Hakim Quick,

Muslims in the U.S., Asma Barlas, Part I -
Part II -

Muslims in the West, Akbar S. Ahmed,

Muslims, Islamic Law and Public Policy in the U.S., Dr. Sherman Jackson,

Muslims in America: Identity and Participation, Dr. Aminah McCloud,

- Navy Officer Balances Religious Responsibilities
- Muslims in the Military Reassert Their Patriotism
- For the Priviledge of Being American
- Muslims in Military Service Keep Faithful to Religion
- Muslim Chaplains Support Troops
- Religious Orientation of Muslim Soldiers
- Muslims Serve in U.S. Forces
- Serving Allah and America

Muslims in the U.S., Asma Barlas, Part I -
Part II -

Muslims in the U.S., Proceedings of 6-18-03 Conference,

Opportunities Facing American Muslim Women, Asifa Quraishi,

Passionate Republic by Anisa Abd el Fattah

Putting the American in ‘American Muslim’ by Muqtedar Khan

Reflections of an American Muslim, Shahid Athar

- Scouting in the Muslim Community
- I Was an American Muslim Boy Scout, Masood Cajee
- Muslim Scouting Program
- Muslim Scouting Emblems and Resources

Shaping A Common Vision for America: Challenge and Response, Dr. Robert D. Crane,

The Future of Islam in America by Yahiya Emerick

U.S. Muslims and U.S. Foreign Policy, Zahid Bukhari, 

Unique Opportunities and Challenges Facing American Muslims, James Morris,