BIOGRAPHY:  Governeur, Aisha (Gray Henry)

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AISHA GOVERNEUR (Gray Henry ) Aisha has continuous teaching experience from 1966 up to the present time, having taught elementary school through university courses, as well as adult education and various community lectures. She holds an M.A. in Education with a speciality in curriculum development. Her M.A. thesis, a four-part video on Islam for high school and university students, is used by American universities, U.S. Embassies and corporations in the Middle East for staff orientation. Since 1979, she has made a significant contribution to publishing in the area of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion. She is co-founder and trustee of the Islamic Texts Society. The Societys translations of Al-Ghazali received awards for the Best Produced and Designed Book in Great Britain in 1991 and 1993. She has served as the US Director of Dar Nun, which publishes high quality childrenҒs books intended to preserve the culture and faith of Muslim students, as well as introducing Islamic culture in English editions to Western youth. Her second publishing company, Al Kauthar/Fons Vitae, publishes books mostly concerned with Islamic spirituality (an example is a book and video on Islam in Tibet) but other traditions are also included. Aisha has herself co-authored with Layla Azzama a classic book for students, The Life of the Prophet Muhammad, which is part of the curriculum at Al Azhar. She wrote and produced the booklet Understanding Islam and the Muslims (also in Spanish, Bosnian and Arabic) for the Saudi government. On her return from Bosnia after working in refugee camps, she raised the funds for Bosnia and published Islamic books in Bosnian for their war-torn school system.Aisha has established a wealth of contacts through over thirty years of living, travelling and involvement in the Muslim World and ten years of study at Al Azhar. She has a lifelong dedication to the spiritual dimension of life and imparting this through teaching and publishing.
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