Geller & Spencer Fantasize About “Muslim Rapists” & “Sex Jihad” - update 11/3/13

Sheila Musaji

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Geller and Spencer Fantasize About “Muslim Rapists” & “Sex Jihad”

by Sheila Musaji

According to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, they are fighters for human rights, the rule of law, the dignity of the human person, free speech, the free conscience, and equality of rights for all - who will do everything in their power to defend the principles of freedom upon which the best of human civilization has always been based.  They are anti-Jihadist truth-tellers.  It sounds good in theory, but in practice that defense of “human civilization” leaves out at least 1.3 billion of us. 

On Friday when Geller posted her “Jihad in Norway” article she included a link to one of her previously published articles about rape in Norway.  I suppose she thought this added further credence to her speculation as to the perpetrator of this crime. 

The article she linked to was published in May of this year and was titled Norway: ALL Rapes In Past 5 Years Committed By Muslims “Non-Western” Immigrants.

Here is how she introduces her reference to a video (the video has been removed from YouTube) making this claim:

My G-d, they have given over their wives and daughters so as ..... not to offend Muslims.  Counter jihad bloggers have been blogging for years on the rape epidemic by Muslims in Europe. and still, it gets worse.

Add “non-Western” to the long list of codewords like “youths”.... “asians”....“immigrants” for Muslims. For the PC Dhmmi media and elites to taint all immigrants with this is outright xenophobic. We can’t say “Muslim terrorist,” but “rapist immigrant” is OK.

One 12-year-old rape victim was told by her Muslim rapist, “He said he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman.” Mind you, he is saying this to a 12-year-old. “Why?” “Because that is how it was in his religion. Women did not have rights or opinions, he was in charge.”

And, of course Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch said  Meanwhile, all rapes in Norway in the last five years have been committed by…uh…“non-Western immigrants,” the latest euphemism for Muslims. Pamela Geller skewers the code words here.  The “here” to which he refers was Geller’s article.

Actually, they are repeating a false claim originally made by Pat Condell of the English Defense League (EDL).  The EDL is the neo-Nazi group that Geller and Spencer loved as long as their were primarily anti-Muslim, but backed away from as they became more and more anti-Semitic. 

Islamophobia Watch has completely debunked this claim.  Here is part of what Islamophobia Watch said:

The police report referred to is Voldtekt i den globale byen (Rape in the global city) which provides a detailed analysis of the rape statistics in Oslo during 2010. The report in fact shows that, of 131 individuals charged with the 152 rapes in which the perpetrator could be identified, 45.8% were of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin while the majority – 54.2% – were of Norwegian, other European or American origin.

The claim that “all rapists in Oslo are immigrants” is based exclusively on the figures for “assault rape”, i.e. rape aggravated by physical violence, a category that included only 6 of the 152 cases and 5 of the 131 identified individuals. All of those 5 individuals were indeed of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin. However, the police report adds that in other cases of assault rape, where the individual responsible was not identified and the police relied on the description provided by the victim, “8 of the perpetrators were African / dark-skinned appearance, 5 were Western / light / Nordic and 4 had an Asian appearance”. Which falls some way short of substantiating the claim that all perpetrators of aggravated rape in Oslo are of non-western origin, never mind the assertion that “Muslim immigrants” are responsible for all rapes in the city.

The police report also points out that “it must be stressed that the strong over-representation of people from minority backgrounds for several types of rape can not be interpreted as meaning that foreign culture is a causal explanation of rape” and that “the statistical difference in criminal behaviour between ethnic groups disappears when controlling for socio-economic conditions”. It concludes: “Gross generalisations that have given the impression that the rapists are only foreigners – and largely Muslim – prove inadequate and erroneous.”

In other words, on the basis of their detailed factual analysis the Norwegian police draw exactly the opposite conclusion about rape in Oslo from that promoted in Pat Condell’s latest anti-Muslim video rant. But then, when have facts ever been of any concern to racist bigots like Condell?

This fantasy of the dark Muslim hordes anxious to rape white women is not new to Geller (or to anti-Semites and racists before her), she has just replaced “black man” or “Jew” with “Muslim”.

Back in 2007, Geller managed to work into an article about a Dolce and Gabbana ad that had met with public disapproval in Europe,  the following bigoted rant:

I think the ad is a metaphor. The woman is Europe, the men are jihadis. Rape is a weapon of Islamic Jihad isn’t it? And Europe is being raped by Islam. Europe can speak up and out about this terrible Dolce ad but hey let’s be frank, it is sexy - and it is supposed to be fantasy. They color themselves all righteous and rail against the Dolce boys but they can not or will not speak out against the Islamization of Europe?  Think about it.

Spencer and Geller are having a bad week, but rather than doing any soul-searching about any possible influence their extreme rhetoric might have on some among their listeners, they are busy pushing every anti-Muslim story they can make up.  This week Geller also discovered a NYC Taxi Drivers’ Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia.

It is becoming difficult to update and respond to the long list of false claims made by Geller, Spencer and their intrepid band of Islamophobes.

There would appear to be an Islamophobia industry engaged in what Max Blumenthal calls a Great Islamophobic Crusade.  In regard to the production of “Relentless”,  “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War on the West” and “The Third Jihad” TAM has published this article and Richard Silverstein has discussed the anti-Muslim propaganda during the last election cycle here, and the money trail between these groups here  and here.

If they are genuinely concerned with ending all violence against women, then they should join in existing interfaith efforts.  For example, the 2007 National Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Violence Against Women, which has been signed by more than 2,000 clergy and religious leaders from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Baha’i traditions, among others.  The declaration stated:

We proclaim with one voice as national spiritual and religious leaders that violence against women exists in all communities, including our own, and is morally, spiritually and universally intolerable.

We acknowledge that our sacred texts, traditions and values have too often been misused to perpetuate and condone abuse.

We commit ourselves to working toward the day when all women will be safe and abuse will be no more.

We draw upon our healing texts and practices to help make our families and societies whole.

Our religious and spiritual traditions compel us to work for justice and the eradication of violence against women.

We call upon people of all religious and spiritual traditions to join us.

Original article posted 7/26/2011

UPDATE 12/24/2011

Loonwatch has just posted an article  by Farha Khaled responding to the most resurfacing of this false claim in an article by Gil Ronen on the Israeli site Arutz Sheva.

Earlier this month, Arutz Sheva, an Israeli website popular with Kahanists, an outlawed movement that is gaining prominence with the rise of the extreme right in Israel published ‘Norwegian Minister Links Norwegian Rape Wave To Israel’ by Gil Ronen.  The story purported to shed light upon a conspiracy involving a Norwegian minister who ordered the truth about an Oslo police report detailing rape statistics to be hushed up, otherwise Israel may use the report against Norway because the rapists were Muslims. Ronen offered no evidence for his claims except to cite an Israeli blogger who writes a Hebrew blog, one Yehuda Bello whom he claims understands Norwegian and has contacts in Norway. Ronen wrote:

Bello reports that from January to late October, 48 rapes were confirmed to have been carried out in Oslo alone, 45 of them by Muslims. 48 rapes were confirmed to have been carried out in Oslo alone, 45 of them by Muslims.

Ronen contradicts this statement in another paragraph where he writes that the politically correct culture prevents them from being reported as ‘Muslim’ crimes. When journalists expressed scepticism at the reports blaming the Norwegian minister, all citing Ronen, the headline at Arutz Sheva was edited to read ‘Muslim ‘Rape Wave’ Reported in Oslo‘. The original claims about the ministerial cover up, can still be seen quoted by propagandists of Islamophobia including Robert Spencer of the  David Horowitz organisation FrontPage Mag.  The only source Ronen links to as proof, is an earlier piece he wrote in June 2011 with the headline ‘Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad‘, where he claims:

Norway’s police issues report with amazing statistic: all assault rapes in Oslo in 2010 were perpetrated by Muslims

Meanwhile, anti Muslim bloggers like Pat Condell jumped onto the bandwagon as did hatemongers Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel , the latter has suggested that 9/11 could have been prevented had the feds paid more attention to Rabbi Kahane instead of making Kahanism illegal. Not surprisingly, none of these bigots linked to ‘Voldtekt i den globale byen’ the Oslo 2010 rape statistics report which they were misrepresenting.  It is worth mentioning here that Geller and Schlussel  along with Caroline Glick have received flak for attempting to tie the Breivik attacks to Norway’s anti Israel stance.  The gist of Ronen’s earlier piece is that Norway’s bored rich population have their priorities wrong. But never fear because a neo nazi like Fjordmann  (Anders Brievik idol), and by now discredited Yehuda Bello, are here to educate the Norwegians, whom he describes:

They are also traditionally anti-Semitic, he believes. As a result their politicians and press are focused on Israel’s actions in Shechem (Nablus) and Hevron and choose to ignore Muslim misdeeds – be they in Iran, Syria, or in Norway itself.

What he writes next appears to be projection:

Despite this, he reports, the Muslim rape campaign has become so terrible that even Norwegians have begun to recognize the reality around them, and in recent months there have been protests where the slogan was “Muslims out!”.

If Ronen believes that expelling Norway’s Muslims will make the Zionist expansionist project more acceptable to Norwegians then it’s a misguided assumption. The anti-Israeli occupation sentiment in Norway existed before the Muslim immigrants arrived in any significant numbers.

Shortly after Arutz Sheva published the Oslo rapes report in early December, I wrote to The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police asking them to verify Gil Ronen’s claims. I received the following reply from Elisabeth Lund a Senior Adviser to the Ministry:

Statistics regarding assault rapists:

The Oslo Police District has given a report of rapes in Oslo in 2010. The report shows that for all types of rape, except assault rape, European perpetrators are in the majority, and they are mostly Norwegian. Assault rapes covers only five identified unique person. These have all a foreign origin. The number is however, so low that it does not provide a basis for drawing conclusions with regard to country of origin. Two of them were very young (under 18) and two had severe psychiatric diagnoses and cannot be regarded as representative of their ethnic culture. It is highlighted in the report that generalizations like “Oslo’s rapists are foreigners”, which have been seen in media, are wrong. The report gives no statistics regarding religion of rapists.”

Yours Sincerely,

Grethe Kleivan

Deputy Director General

Gil Ronen’s claims can therefore be dismissed for what they are: the usual fanatical anti-Muslim fear-mongering so common amongst his ilk. Those who parroted Ronen’s claims should be ashamed of themselves and at the very least correct their mistake, but don’t expect “Facts” to get in the way of their hate propaganda.

UPDATE 12/29/2011

Ali Abunimah has also looked into this story.  He published Debunked:// the Zionist and Islamophobic libel of a “rape epidemic” by Muslims in Norway which includes professional translations of the actual Norwegian report. 

UPDATE 1/15/2013

Ali Abunimah reports How AlterNet and Salon fell for “gang rape” fatwa peddled by Islamophobes on the most recent false claim that a prominent Saudi cleric issed a religious edict authorizing sex-deprived fighters in Syria to rape women there.

Ultimately Alternet posted Exhibit A in How an Islamophobic Meme Can Spread Like Wildfire Across the Internet by Sanam Naraghi Anderlini.  This analysis opens with an apology from the Editors of Alternet:

On January 2, AlterNet was one of several outlets that published what turned out to be an article based on a false report. We would like to apologize to our readers for the error.

The author of the analysis says: “The apparently fabricated story of a Saudi cleric issuing a fatwa condoning gang rapes in Syria is an object lesson in the pitfalls of breakneck online journalism.”

Robert D. Crane wrote a follow up to this story Gang Rape and Global Ethics:  The New Challenge of Phobic Orientalism

Following on the “gang rape” fatwa, the Islamophobia echo chamber promoted a false “wear a veil or be raped story”.

Pamela Geller posted another of her articles distorting reality beyond reason.  In the article #MyJihad: Egyptian Cleric Warns Christian Women: If You Don’t Wear a Veil You’ll Be Raped she links to an article titled Egyptian Cleric Warns Christian Women: If You Don’t Wear a Veil You’ll Be Raped by Sharona Schwartz on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.  Geller also tweeted a link to her article using the hashtag #MyJihad in her ongoing effort to undermine that campaign by Muslims to take back the term jihad from both Muslim extremists and Islamophobes.

Both Schwartz and Geller come up with their alarmist titles and conclusions from their misreading of a Reuter’s article, a misreading which is compounded by their hatred of Muslims.  They both link to this article, but obviously didn’t understand it.  A complete breakdown of this story here.

UPDATE 2/22/2013

Sheikh Musa Furber has written The Islam women were promised.  In that article he condemns (according to Islamic principles) customs and even laws in some Muslim majority countries like Morocco and Jordan that require a rape victim to marry her attacker. 

Sheikh Musa Furber has also written a response to “Statements from three popular Egyptian religious preachers that have left the Egyptian public in an uproar. One of the statements justifies sexually assaulting female protesters; another calls for murdering leaders of parties in opposition to President Morsi; yet another calls on the president to crack down heavily on protestors – before private citizens take matters into their hands. The irony of this situation is that from a religious perspective, the uproar against these statements is far more justifiable than the statements themselves.”  See Holier than thou: extremism against Islam

UPDATE 3/30/2013

Pamela Geller Wrong About “Sexual Jihad” Fatwa.  A simple reading of the article on which Geller bases this claim would tell anyone with basic reading skills that no “religious authority” had issued this fatwa, actual religious authorities condemned any such fatwa, there may not even have been a fatwa issued by anyone, there is no “Islamic ruling encouraging sexual jihad”.  None of this reflects on Islam as a “wild and crazy religion”. 

UPDATE 4/15/2013

The Islamophobes Latest Fantasy Rape Fatwa being peddled by Robert, Raymond Ibrahim, etc.  This one claims that a fatwa was issued authorizing Syrian rebels to rape non-Sunni women. 

UPDATE 5/27/2013

Pamela Geller and her partner Robert Spencer have jumped on the conviction in Britain of 9 Pakistani and Afghan men for their participation in a criminal ring.  They are morally deviant criminals.  They deserve to go to prison and to be punished for their crimes.  However, Geller and her Islamophobic cohorts exploit this to blame Islam - and to claim some sort of Muslim uniqueness.  See The religion of child molesters & rapists is not the issue for a complete breakdown of this incident and of comparable incidents in other communities.

UPDATE 7/13/2013

Pamela Geller just published Statistics:// Muslim countries, the most protective of women’s “honor,” have one of the highest rape scales in the world.  Under this title she cross publishes an article from the virulently anti-Muslim site The Muslim Issue.  That article provides statistics compiled by TS - who is TS?  They don’t provide that information.

I decided to do a little research to find out what actual statistics are available on the frequency of incidents of rape by country.  There are a lot of reports from various agencies, and the data is not consistent. 

The Global Post published Which country has the highest reported incidents of rape? [DATA] - “When looking at reported rape cases per capita, Australia, Botswana and Lesotho rank highest. But tallying sheer totals, Europe and the Americas consistently top the charts from 2004 to 2010 . ” They also provide a chart for the top 10 countries with highest reported rape incidents during the same period based on UN data.  That chart showed the U.S. as the highest, followed by India, UK, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Columbia, and Belgium.  They provide an important observation “These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, however. Statistics on the subject vary widely. The United States had more than 80,000 cases of rape reported to the police from 2004 to 2010, according to UN data. But the US Justice Department estimates 300,000 American women are raped every year, and the Centers for Disease Control puts the number much higher at 1.3 million.”

Index Mundi published Rape Statistics by Country (with a map that shows very different statistics than that shared by Geller). “The UN Office on Drugs and Crime compiles rape statistics from countries around the world. We used their most recent numbers to create the map displayed above, which shows the number of rapes reported to police per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the UN data, the country with the highest rate of reported rapes is Botswana (92.9), while the country with the lowest rate is Egypt (0.1). Note though that comparison of crime rates across countries needs to be be taken with a grain of salt, since in some countries the population may be reluctant to report certain types of crimes to the police.”

Nation Master published Rapes (per capita) (most recent) by country using statistics compiled by the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control International Statistics on Crime and Justice, 2011.  They show the top 10 countries with rapes per capita as Lesotho, New Zealand, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Finland, Chile, Mongolia, and Ireland.

InfoGraphic Hub published A picture of world rape statistics using UN data.  They incude a number of charts and show the top 10 countries as Lesotho, Trinidad & Tobago, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, Belgium, Zimbabwe, UK, Ireland, and Iceland.

Obviously, there is no agreement on which are the “best” or “worst” countries in regards to the incidence of rapes.  What is clear is that rape is a problem everywhere and that it will require a cooperative effort to change this. 

Geller’s fantasies about Muslim rapists are becoming more frequent.  She also published Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters are awaiting religious go-ahead for ‘sexual Jihad” is Pamela Geller’s latest headline.

Geller discovered an Al Arabiya article Pro-Mursi protesters are awaiting signal for ‘sexual Jihad’: report which she introduced with the comment “This is one mad sick culture.” 

Here is the full text of the actual article on Al Arabiya that Geller links to:

A fatwa (religious edict) apparently permitting ‘sexual jihad’ appeared on a Facebook page reportedly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), but some have dismissed it as a parody.

The fatwa supposedly came in response to a question by a female Brotherhood supporter asking if ‘sexual Jihad’ is allowed in Rabea al-Adawiya Square and other squares in Egypt where people have been protesting against Mohammed Mursi’s ouster since June 30.

The religious answer appearing on the Facebook page was: “Not now. Let us wait first for what will happen, may God strengthen the Mujahedeen.”

“Sexual Jihad” refers to the idea of the female Islamists offering their sexual services to their male counterparts so they remain motivated to continue the struggle for their cause.

The fatwa prompted more than 1,400 user comments, with many responding with sarcasm and ridicule.  One commenter wrote: “If there is sexual Jihad, we are ready to abandon Tahrir square and join Rabea al-Adawiya, may God destroy the Hashish camp.”

Tahrir square is where liberal anti-Mursi protesters are camping to defend the military’s decision to overthrow the Islamist president.

Another commenter wrote: “Is this a square or a house of prostitution? And you are calling us seculars and apostates; I swear we are more honorable than you.”

One person challenged the fatwa as “wrong,” sarcastically saying that that “sexual Jihad should be allowed now for the square to become an attraction for Jihadists nationwide.”

However, other commenters dismissed the reaction to the post, saying it was a parody.

Arab daily online newspaper Elaph quoted Muslim Brotherhood member Saif al-Nahi as saying that the Facebook page is part of a smear campaign against the Islamist group that has been ongoing since Mursi’s ascension to power.

For some reason, what Geller posted as being from this Al Arabiya article does not match the actual article.  Geller replaced the first paragraph with a completely different text (in bold no less), that does not appear in the Al Arabiya article at all - Geller’s addition says:  Hardcore Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters are awaiting a signal to commence a campaign of ‘sexual Jihad’ within their sit-in camp in Cairo; which is something a Fatwa (religious edict) posted on a MB-affiliated Facebook paged suggests will soon be allowed.  And, Geller does not include the actual first paragraph which tells a very different story.

In the second paragraph, Geller removed the word supposedly.  In the third paragraph, Geller removed the words “appearing on the Facebook page was” in reference to the supposed fatwa.  Geller simply removed the ninth paragraph which said: “However, other commenters dismissed the reaction to the post, saying it was a parody.”

Geller did not use ellipses ( ... ) or any other standard method of showing that text was not included.  Geller did not clearly mark the supposed first paragraph of the Al Arabiya article as her own inclusion.  This is a clear manipulation and distortion of facts to demonize Islam and Muslims.

And, Geller’s readers received her message loud and clear.  The comments as is often the case are clearly bigoted.  One comment by Pazuzu goes into the realm of pure hate “These sub-humans should be eradicated like so many cockroaches.”

UPDATE 11/3/2013

Diana Moukalled on Al Arabiya has published The collapse of the sexual jihad lie.  She details the falling apart of the story spread by the Syrian regime of “a female teenager who was a purported victim. Rawan Qadah narrated a story of such proportions that only the Syrian regime could have fabricated it. Rawan narrated an incoherent story of how her father conspired against her and used her as a sexual commodity.”  She reports:

... Perhaps the story which Rawan narrated is itself a crime committed by the Syrian regime; it doesn’t stop at anything for the sake of staying in power. The tragedy of Rawan, who was kidnapped months ago and whose father is an opponent of the regime, urged several media outlets to dig into this made-up phenomenon dubbed “sexual jihad.”

French daily Le Monde and American magazine Foreign Policy wrote articles and conducted investigation reports on this lie. After that, a torrent of Western and Arab articles were published in media outlets around the world in an attempt to compensate for falling in the trap of such a lie. ...

The Raw Story has just published ‘Sex jihad’ almost certainly a hoax from Agance France-Presse.  The article opens with:  “Over the past few weeks, various media outlets have been awash with sensational stories of an alleged “sex jihad” taking place in parts of Syria controlled by the rebels.  Hundreds of Muslim women, notably from Tunisia, are reportedly going to Syria to offer themselves to jihadist fighters as a sign of their devotion to their cause.  While this certainly makes for a good story, it may all be a hoax.  ...”  This story covers much of the same ground as we have previously reported here, but it is good to see the mainstream press beginning to question such stories.


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Originally posted 7/26/2011