Free Republic Readers Comment on Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Sheila Musaji

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Free Republic Readers Comment on Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

by Sheila Musaji

My article on anti-Muslim rhetoric was posted on the Free Republic site with the heading *barf alert*

Here are a few of the comments that were left in response to that posting.  I believe that such comments are an important indicator of a general level of anti-Muslim feeling in our country.  At least we need to be aware of how a segment of the population of America feels about Muslims.

Really. They haven’t heard nothin’ yet

These people are nothing but the domestic political arm of their terrorist co-religionists.

Yep. Another major attack and I predict all freakin hell is going to break loose on them, by the patriots in this country.

“...condemned the actions…” ?  Must’ve missed that announcement.

You know what Ms. Musaji?  You’re right. I think you’re about to see a dangerous level of lots of things.  Maybe you should go home first to avoid the touble.

Radical islam is an insane murder cult and moderate islam is its Trojan horse in the west.

Muslims worship Satan.

I’ll be pleased when it actually does reach a dangerous level.

As long as it’s rhetoric you’ve got little to fear chicklet.  Soon, your faithful mohammedan brothers and sisters are going to push Americans beyond rhetoric, you should be really be making plans to return to Open-seweristan before that happens.

They play the ‘moderates’ all the while smiling as the ‘extremists’ murder us by the bushel basket.  It’s actually spelled out in that filthy book they prattle on about. It has a name. It’s “taqiya” and it means that it’s ‘holy’ to lie to ‘infidels’ in furtherance of the cause.  And that cause is the world-wide domination of islam. Make no mistake about that.  Personally I won’t be happy until I see ‘mosques’ going up in flames across the country. Maybe that’s just me.

Shape up or ship out. Learn to be a decent member of the human race and quit promoting the killing of infidels and that you are Allah’s gift to mankind. At the moment you are a very sick gift.

“REACHING A DANGEROUS LEVEL? Well, that’s probably nonsense, but if it really IS accurate….GOOD!!!

If you don’t like being accused of being a parasitic, genocidal troglodyte who follows a pedophile false prophet and pretends to worship a fake god so you can get away with calling your fascist political party a religion, then stop being one.

Muslims as a group do not throw those extremists out of their so-called “religion.” Instead by their silence they like the murderous thuggery. I have NEVER seen muslim-sponsored protest of killings and violence by other muslims. They are ALL duplicitous by their acquiescence. You are awakening a tiger, you bast**ds.

In another posting on the same Free Republic site someone started a thread entitled How about starting now to reclaim America from the Muslims?  And, this post garnered lots of comments:

This has got to stop. We have to start cleaning house of this vermin that call themselves “peaceful Muslims.” We know now that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PEACEFUL MUSLIM. Even this Army Officer was probably thought to have been a “peaceful Muslim” proved to us that they don’t exist. They are filled with hate and violence toward all of what they, in their minds, call decent peace loving people, ‘infidels.’ If we are infidels, they are ‘hatefidels’ and we should take aim on them for a change. Let’s start a new trend here in what was once relatively peaceful America. We should begin purging our federal government of ALL known Muslims and any others who associate themselves with any thing remotely Islamic…

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY thinks that ‘all’ are that way. It’s a total strawman. The issue is that ‘enough’ of them are that way that something eventually will have to be done.

Get these POS animals out of my Christian country!!

They are our enemies.  There can b no compromise.

If there are peaceful muslims, then they should stay in their own country and convert their own unpeacefuls.  We have our own problems, we do’t need theirs.

Terrorists of any kind are not allowed into the USA as immigrants or as visitors.  This applies even to mere members of organizations who never did any violence themselves.  If the ROP is named a terrorist organization everything is done automatically, no need for new laws.

Yes totally! Round up the vocal ones and get rid of them. Take the educated during the dead of night. As for the rest make them wear green crescent moons so we know what subhumans we are dealing with. For the homeland!

The issue is that ‘enough’ of them are that way that something eventually will have to be done.  I agree with that statement except for the word eventually.  We are about 30 years past eventually.