Educating About Islam - article collection

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101 Tools for Tolerance

A Teachers Guide to Religion in the Public Schools, First Amendment Center,

A Parents Guide to Religion in the Public Schools,

A Teachers Guide to Religion in the Public Schools, from the Freedom Forum,

Accommodating Muslims in the Public Schools: Where to Draw the Line

Arabic Language Resources

An Introduction to Islam, Saudi Aramco World,  This is an excellent short introduction (8 pages) with a timeline, brief explanations of key points (including Arabic numerals and writing, Jihad, Islamic Calendar, 5 pillars, beliefs, art & architecture), a good reading list, a list of notable Muslims, etc.  This is an excellent handout for teachers.  A lot of information packed into a few pages and with beautiful color photographs.  You can print it from this url from pdf format.


Calendar and Important Islamic dates

Conference on How to Teach About Islam

Do’s and Dont’s of Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools,’s.htm

Glossary of Islamic Terms

Glossary of Islamic Terms

Hajj Information Sheet

Healthcare Providers Guidelines for Interacting With Muslim Patients and Families

Islamic New Year Information Sheet

LESSON PLAN for Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet film

LESSON PLAN Hijab: Between Piety and Secularism

LESSON PLAN Story of Classical Knowledge and Its Transfer Before the Renaissance


Palestinian Culture - Asalah Magazine

Position Statements on Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools,

Professionals Taught Muslim Beliefs and Culture

Public School Educators See Value in Religious Diversity

Public Schools and Religious Communities, A First Amendment Guide,

Ramadan Information Sheet

Religion and Public Schools

Religion in the Public School Curriculum, from the Freedom Forum,

Religion in the Public Schools: A Statement on Current Law

Resource List from IFNA,

Scholar of Islam Finds Himself in Demand for the Wrong Reasons

Teachers Guide to Religion in the Public Schools

Teaching About Islam in American Schools

Teaching About Religion

Teaching About Religion in American Life, A First Amendment Guide,

Teaching About Religion in National and State Social Studies Standards,

Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools post 9/11, the PEW Forum,

Teaching About Religion in Public Schools

Teaching About Religion in Public Schools, Max Fisher

Teaching About Religion and the Bible: legal considerations

What Is Islam?

Why an Academic Study of Religion?,


Council on Islamic Education,
The Islam Project,
Islamic Networks Groups,

Arab World & Islamic Resources (AWAIR) (public school resources),  __The Book Foundation, [url=]

Central Asia Teacher Resources,

Council on Islamic Education (Public School Resources),

First Amendment Issues, The Freedom Forum,

Islamic Networks Group (Speakers),

Islamic Foundation of North America,

Islam in the U.S. page of the U.S. Dept. of State,  This page is now closed and replaced by Muslims in America,

Penpals, Epals Classroom Exchange,

Teacher Resources, 

Directory of Multi-Cultural Organizations,

National Assoc. for Multicultural Education,

Religion and Public Education Resource Center



Islam - the Facts,