EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ remanded in prison on charge of entering US illegally

Bob Pitt

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EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ remanded in prison on charge of entering US illegally

by Bob Pitt

The EDL members released on bail after being arrested on Saturday – apparently en route to the East London Mosque – didn’t include EDL leader Stephen Lennon, who has been remanded in prison on a charge of entering the United States illegally. This arises from his visit to New York last month to speak at the so-called International Freedom Defense Congress organised by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

Tommy Robinson EDL @EDL Trobinson
Been arrested for fraud for flyint to America for invitation to speal in New York on Sept 11th.  Met police are a joke.

Lennon had previously been refused entry to the US when he tried to attend a demonstration (also organised by Geller and Spencer) against the “Ground Zero mosque” in September 2010. So it was always pretty obvious that he must have got through US customs to attend last month’s conference by using a false passport. It is difficult to believe that his hosts Geller and Spencer were unaware of this, and hopefully the US authorities are investigating that aspect of the case too.

Postscript:  It appears that Lennon’s arrest over the New York trip wasn’t exactly unexpected. Back on 10 October he was asking Geller to contact him to discuss problems arising from his appearance at her conference.

Originally published on Islamophobia Watch  See original article for screen grabs of twitters between Pamela Geller and Tommy Robinson.

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