David Horowitz and the Freedom Center - updated 6/6/2013

David Horowitz and the Freedom Center

by Sheila Musaji

Horowitz has become of those professional Islamophobes whose name turns up so often that it is time to devote an article to him.

David Horowitz is the Editor of Front Page magazine which is published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC).  The center also publishes DiscoverTheNetworks.org He is the director of the annual (sort of) “Islamofascism Awareness Week“ IFAW.  The Terrorism Awareness Project is a project of the Horowitz Freedom Center.  Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch site is a project of the Horowitz Freedom Center.  He is a prolific builder of far right institutions and organizations. Sourcewatch lists his affiliations as, David Horowtiz Freedom Center (DHFC), Center for the Study of Popular Culture, FrontpageMag, Discover the Networks, Encounter Books, Individual Rights Foundation, Wednesday Morning Club, Matt Drudge Defense Fund, and Students for Academic Freedom. **

That is a lot of organizations to keep track of and to attempt to understand the inter-connections.

David Horowitz and his David Horowitz Freedom Center gave Pamela Geller their Annie Taylor Award for courage in 2010.  Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are the directors of a group called Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) which has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.  Since Spencer’s site is a project of the Freedom Center, and Spencer receives a hefty salary from them, this is not a superficial connection with a hate group.


TAM has had many articles on the IFAW event summarized in this one David Horowitz’ Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, An Idea Whose Time Has Passed from 2008:

In October of 2007 when David Horowitz and his “freedom center” held the first Islamo Fascism Awareness Week on college campuses across the U.S. and Canada, the Muslim community in the U.S. was concerned about the effect this event might have on increasing Islamophobia.  The American Muslim (TAM) even published a collection of articles Resources for Responding to Islamo Fascism Awareness Week.  Muslim organizations published tips for handling this week, and Muslim student organizations organized an Islam Awareness Week to be held during the same time period.  As it turned out, according to many reports he and his event were not particularly well received,  and didn’t even make a coherent point   Overall it was more hype than substance and pretty much a failure that went out with a whimper.

Whatever concern the community had turned out to have been misplaced, and as Ali Eteraz pointed out the event was “laughable”.

This year it was announced that the Second Annual Islamo-Fascism event would take place, this time in April.  And, once again, one of the main features was a petition that Muslims were asked to sign.  Horowitz bemoaned the fact that Muslims refused to sign his petition and saw that as “proof” of their true sinister agenda, although even many non-Muslim students refused to sign his petition.

As Matthew Yglesias pointed out about last year’s petition:  “In short, the main goal of the “David Horowitz Freedom Center” here is to write up a petition deliberately designed to be unlikely for Muslim groups to sign and then to use Muslim groups’ failure to sign the petition as evidence that they’re on the side of “our terrorist adversaries.” This is a great way to go about things if you want to (a) be a campus troublemaker, (b) over the long run turn hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world into hardened enemies of the United States, and (c) create a large group of disaffected Muslims inside the United States who’ve been made to feel that adherence to their faith is unwelcome in America and fundamentally incompatible with loyalty to this country.”

One article about IFAW and the petition gives only partial information about the petition against genocide”  “The charter also affirms such radical notions as: The right of all people to live in freedom and dignity, The freedom of the individual conscience: to change religions or have no religion at all, The equal dignity of women and men, The right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion”  before going on to see the refusal of Muslims to sign as a sign that they seek to “undermine the foundations of western civilization”.  Actually, if the petition included only such statements as those quoted every Muslim I know would sign on with no qualms at all.  The problem is that the actual petition has a lot more questionable language and makes “factual” claims that are questionable at best.  Based on the full text it is perfectly reasonable that none of the Muslim students associations contacted agreed to sign the petition.

An “expose” series on Front Page attempting to point out the “dangerous” MSA’s at campuses across the country really shows up the desperation of these folks to attack Muslims on any grounds - what is the MSA of George Washington University accused of? - Cue scary music! - They regular participate in Fastathons to raise money for the poor, they objected to Islamo Fascism Awareness Week, and some of their members challenged Horowitz when he appeared on their campus for said IFAW week.  What nefarious evildoing was the MSA at Columbia up to? - Go right to the theme music from “Jaws” -  they objected to the Danish cartoons, and they invited Prof. Norman Finkelstein to speak on Israel-Palestine

I don’t know if Western Civilization, Democracy, or The American Way can survive such despicable students.

This year IAW was even more of a failure than last year, at Duke University for example Horowitz was only able to draw 50 students to hear his   message that was “big on shock value and small on substance”, and at the University of Michigan he only had 40 in attendance. 

This small turnout was even after Horowitz published ads in campus newspapers warning of the dangers of the Muslim students associations on their campuses.  Some campus papers later apologized for running the ads.

Prior to the event, J. Grant Swant informs us that Horowitz upped security this year and quotes Horowitz as saying “Our campus coordinators - brave young men and women willing to go up against the radical left to get the truth to their fellow students - are working night and day against incredible odds to make the Week a success. And unless, the radical, pro-jihad groups succeed in silencing us, by the end of the week over 40 speakers such as Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer and Frank Gaffney will have appeared on campuses across the country—from UC Berkeley to Columbia; from Ohio State and Michigan.”  And, Swank himself goes on to state: “Nevertheless, the more the patriots attempt to expose the Islamic cult, the more pro-Muslims post violent opposition. Bodyguards have had to be employed to surround guest speakers. Campus police have been put on high alert at every campus site.”

Give me a break - No one cares.  Nothing happened.  And, I wonder if the total numbers at some of these events included the bodyguards “surrounding the guest speakers”.  Actually, as an American Muslim I hope that there will be a Third Annual IFAW and a fourth, and a fifth, and that Horowitz and his fellow travelers have more opportunities to show themselves for what they are - bigots! 

Perhaps they should have allowed themselves more than six months between the 1st annual IFAW and the 2nd annual IFAW.

Sadly, Horowitz is a glutton for punishment and continues Round III of this event:

It is now November of 2008 and the annual IFAW III event was just completed at the end of October - only 5 months after the IFAW II event.  It would seem that the timing of the current IFAW might have something to do with getting this in before the elections.

Once again there is little interest on campus.  Horowitz spoke at the University of Texas-Arlington, and at Brown where he spoke to an almost empty room.

Horowitz is placing ads in campus papers denouncing the MSA.  In fact denouncing the MSA seemed to be the theme of IFAW III which was billed as an event “to make the university community aware of the growing power of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and other campus groups that support the jihad against America, Israel and the West.”
The IFAW III was supposedly observed on 85 campuses, but that might or might not be true since last year they inflated the numbers and some of the schools listed as participating were actually not participating at all.  In fact even Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University asked that their name be removed from last year’s list.

Robert Spencer also made the rounds and spoke at the University of Wisconsin, Suny Binghamton North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Scranton, Stonybrook University, and East Tennessee State on Islamo-Fascism. 

Daniel Pipes spoke at Washington University to an audience of only about 50 people (actually the audience for the lecture and the protestors outside were about the same number).  In fact, we had more people than that at a panel about the event the following week.  Ohio University and Lehigh University showed “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” as a part of their local IFAW.  George Washington University featured Nonie Darwish as a speaker.

Equating an entire religion with fascism just doesn’t have the audience its promoters hoped for - at least not among the literate.  And, perhaps if this “Islamo-fascism” thing is really the most important danger facing the U.S. and still Horowitz can justify a small turnout by reference to a competing football game - then perhaps most of us just don’t see things his way.  However, I still hope that they continue to try, try, and try again and spend a great deal of time and money in their attempt to reach less and less people with their hateful message.  From October of 2007 to October of 2008 they managed to get three “annual” events mobilized.  Perhaps they can double that between now and October of 2009, or perhaps they will find a real job.

Dr. Robert D. Crane wrote about these Islamo-Fascism Awareness events and their significance:

This selection of mimes is not happenstance or due to ignorance.  According to a report by Paul Bedard in the U.S. News and World Report of September 28, 2007, “Pollsters and communications advisers to congressional Republicans are urging lawmakers not to follow President Bush’s lead when it comes to talking about terrorists and the threat they pose to the nation.  While Bush has lightened up on using the word “Islamic” in front of terrorists, the advisers said on background that the word should always be used because Americans believe that “Islamics” are those who act on terrorist threats.  Words to avoid are “Muslim,” “extremist,” and “radicals.”

The latest salvo in the mimetic war, now part of “The Fourth World War,” is “Islamofascism”.  In mid-September, 2007, the professional lobbying group, Jihad Watch, which last year produced Robert Spencer’s sophisticated tract, The Truth about Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion, called for a new level of high intensity warfare to be inaugurated the following month.  In FrontpageMag.com, which is one of David Horowitz’s many front groups including Jihad Watch, he declared, “This October 22-26th, I am declaring Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.  I will hold demonstrations and protests, teach-ins, and sit-ins on more than 100 college campuses.  Our theme will be the oppression of women in Islam and the threat posed by the Islamic crusade against the West.”  Front and center as high-power ammunition was to be the new book by Robert Spencer, which represents the final product of his two decades devoted to the professional demonizing of Islam, and a new companion book by David Horowitz, World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism.

As a follow-up to the original announcement, Horowitz explained at the end of September, “During the week of October 22-26, 2007, the nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever – Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a wake-up call for Americans on 200 university and college campuses.”  As a leader of this new national movement, together with Frank Gaffney, James Woolsey, and Rick Santorum, Horowitz warned the American voters that, “Islamo-Fascism constitutes the greatest danger Americans have ever confronted.” **


In addition to sponsoring anti-Muslim sites and supporting the director of a hate group, Horowitz is in the middle of every anti-Muslim effort going.

At Brooklyn College in March 2011 Horowitz, who admitted he had actually never even been to Israel, proceeded to give everyone a lesson in Middle East politics: according to him, Muslims in the Middle East are “Islamic Nazi’s” who “want to kill Jews, that’s their agenda.” He added later, “all Muslim associations are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.”  Horowitz encouraged anti-Muslim hate by telling the crowd, “no other people have sunk so low as the Palestinians have and yet everybody is afraid to say this,” claiming that Muslims are a “protected species in this country” and that he’s “wait[ing] for the day when the good Muslims step forward.”  You can see a video of this event here.  During his rant he also said that all the Muslim Institutions in America are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood and want to take over the country.  He praised the tolerance and patience of Americans for not “stringing up” Muslims:  “What other people wouldn’t be stringing up the people who were responsible or who they thought to be responsible.” and equated the Muslim Students Association with Nazi’s.  **

Meanwhile, a terrorism expert who is also advocating for a drastic change in the leadership of CPAC believes the event has been compromised by radical Islamic influences. Author and activist David Horowitz says a CPAC board member by the name of Suhail Kahn has not been forthcoming about his ties to extreme Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.    “Suhail Kahn is a member of the board of the American Conservative Union. He’s moderating a [CPAC] panel,” Horowitz explains. “His father created an Islamist mosque in California that held fundraisers for Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number-two [man] in al-Qaeda. This was in the [19]90s.”  **  Even, if Horowitz had proof of anything Suhail Kahn’s father might have said or done, what does that have to do with Suhail Kahn?

David Horowtiz Rallies to Defend Beck on Supposed Progressive-Islamist Axis **

Horowitz was reacting to the latest right-wing outrage over a school district in Texas that “wanted students at selected schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant,” a program “similar to the Spanish curriculum already in place in the district.” Ultimately, the school district put the Arabic language classes, which were to be “funded by a five-year, $1.3 million Foreign Language Assistance Program federal grant,” on hold. **

Back in December 2003, when the Iraq War was in its infancy and conservatives were hunting down anti-war “subversives” on the left, Frank Gaffney published an article at David Horowitz’s Frontpagemag.com that accused longtime conservative activist Grover Norquist of palling around with Islamic terrorists. In his introduction to the Gaffney piece, Horowitz pointed out that it was “the most disturbing [piece] that we at frontpagemag.com have ever published.” He added that “It is with a heavy heart therefore, that I am posting this article, which is the most complete documentation extant of Grover Norquist’s activities in behalf of the Islamist Fifth Column.”    Bill Berkowitz

The Terrorism Awareness Project promotes the vicious anti-Muslim film Obsession:  Radical Islam’s War With the West and states on its site:  Terrorism Awareness Project is a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  **

The David Horowitz Freedom Center produced a propaganda film titled The Violent Oppression of Woman (sic) in Islam which is narrated by Nonie Darwish. **

After the first of Rep. Peter King’s hearings, David Horowitz identified Zuhdi Jasser as one of the few Muslims stepping forward “All Muslims are not terrorists but there are also not enough Muslims coming forward to separate themselves and Islam from the radical jihad, or to condemn organizations like Hamas. Here I mentioned a Muslim, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who had testified that day and who said, “This is our problem, and it is our responsibility to solve it.”  **


Media Monitors reports that

On December 17, FrontPageMag.com, the “online magazine” of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, posted an excerpt from a New York Sun article published that day detailing allegations by a Princeton University student who claimed he had been assaulted because of his conservative views. The Sun article reported that Francisco Nava, “leader of the Anscombe Society, a morally conservative student group that speaks out against same-sex marriage and pre-marital sex,” claimed he was attacked by two men two days after he and other members of the Anscombe Society “received death threats via e-mail.” Horowitz was quoted in the article saying: “It's a terrible incident, but it doesn't surprise me. ... The left has now become the hate group.” The very same day, however, the Sun updated the story, reporting that Nava admitted to police that “he fabricated the assault, and that he sent e-mail death threats to himself, three other Princeton students, and a prominent conservative professor at Princeton.” But FrontPageMag.com— which promoted the article on its main page on December 17 as an “Academic Battleline[]”—has yet to acknowledge that the entire story was fabricated. As of 6 p.m. ET, the excerpt from the original Sun article was still posted on FrontPageMag.com, with a link to the New York Sun article that includes the update, but with no reference to the update on FrontPageMag.com.

Think Progress reported that

David Horowitz, Then:

The Podesta site gives the following absurd examples of my alleged intellectual defamations and historical inaccuracies:

1. “He has freely compared American liberals to Islamic terrorists”

The statement is a lie. I have never compared actual liberals to Islamic terrorists. The reference link is to the Amazon site where my book Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left is sold. Even the title gives the game away. It’s about Radical Islam and the American left. Is Podesta suggesting that American liberals are actually leftists?

VERSUS David Horowitz, Now:

Last fall I published a book called Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, which argued that the progressive left in the West was in a de facto alliance with the Islamic jihadists… I put up a website at http://www.discoverthenetworks.org demonstrating the links between radical Islam and American progressives organizationally and also their shared agendas (e.g., opposition to the Patriot Act, bleeding heart concern for the terrorists mercifully locked up in Guatanamo etc.) Just as sophisticated liberals (The New Republic comes to mind) ignored my book, so others ridiculed the website.

Media Matters has done a whole series on Horowitz.  They reported (and include video) here that On MSNBC’s Scarborough Country, right-wing activist David Horowitz claimed that “[t]here are 50,000 professors” who are “anti-American” and “identify with the terrorists.” There are just over 400,000 tenured and tenure-track full-time university professors in the United States. If Horowitz’s numbers are accurate, that means approximately one out of every eight tenured or tenure-track college and university professors is a terrorist sympathizer.

They reported (and include video) here that On Hannity & Colmes, David Horowitz claimed that Democrats are “apologists for terrorists” and that “the [Joe] Lieberman campaign is the final nail in the coffin of any kind of a centrist Democratic Party.” Horowitz also said that “leftists now support[] Hezbollah.”


It is particularly shocking that there are some in the Jewish community who not more sensitive to this issue.  It would seem that they have seen where such demonization of a minority community can lead, especially when that is a religious minority.  In an article Jewish “Ahavah shel achvah” Brotherly Love is Difficult for Some to Attain, I wrote in part

There would appear to be a Jewish Islamophobia industry engaged in what Max Blumenthal calls a Great Islamophobic Crusade.  In regard to the production of “Relentless”,  “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War on the West” and “The Third Jihad” TAM published this article.  Richard Silverstein has written about who benefits, and has discussed the anti-Muslim propaganda during the last election cycle here, and the money trail between these groups here.

Just as Muslims have given lengthy explanations for example of why particular verses of the Qur’an have been taken out of context to “prove” false points - Jewish scholars have had the need to explain particular aspects of their religion that have been misunderstood - for example what the Talmud says about the permissibility of killing non-Jews.  Rabbi David Eidensohn has a site devoted to defending the Talmud against various accusations.  The fact that there are verses in the Qur’an that can be interpreted variously is also not unique -  that there are verses that be seen as cruel and violent in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) cannot really be disputed.  What can be done is to attempt to marginalize those who continue to promote extremist interpretations of religious texts, and to promote false worldviews like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or the Protocols of the Elders of Islam.

When Jewish groups are involved in the production and distribution of hateful propoganda materials like Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West, or The Third Jihad which mirror Nazi propoganda in films like The Eternal Jew it is difficult to understand how they cannot see that this sort of demonization will ultimately hurt all minorities.

Rachel Tabachnick wrote in the Jewish Forward “In this single-minded zealotry, the struggle against Islam appears to be seen as a zero sum game - whatever is bad for Muslims, must be good for Jews. But what is the cost of this attack on multiculturalism? Is it possible that some Jewish leaders are hacking away at the very same foundations which have provided a peaceful existence for Jews in the U.S. and elsewhere over the last several decades? Is attacking multiculturalism really beneficial to Jews? “

All of us as members of whatever faith group need to counter hateful speech with thoughtful speech, and to be aware that such tendencies exist among all groups.  As Hans Kung has pointed out so beautifully, “There can be no peace among nations until there is peace among the religions.  There can be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions”. Somehow we must find a way to change the diatribe into dialogue (as Muslim scholars have requested in the Common Word document) in the interest of working together towards peace. 

It is also worthwhile to remember that Islamophobia and anti-Semitism often go hand-in-hand.  In fact, a recent Gallup Poll showed that bias against Jews and Muslims is linked, and concludes that the strongest predictor of prejudice against Muslims is whether a person holds similar feelings about Jews.


It seems that anti-Muslim bigotry is a money making proposition.  The list of people on the anti-Islam circuit goes on. IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer, who runs the Jihadwatch.org blog, earned $132,537 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative nonprofit.  Bob Smietana  The Horowitz Freedom Center pays Horowitz about half a million a year **  The David Horowitz Freedom Center paid Horowitz a salary of $352,647 in 2005 for his services as the center’s president (David Horowitz Profile, Media Transparency). The Freedom Center has been largely supported by the Sarah Scaife, Bradley, and Olin foundations. Each foundation consistently makes contributions in excess of $100,000 per year in order to assist in the operations and expenses of David Horowitz’s projects (David Horowitz Profile, Media Transparency).   Right Web
Richard Silverstein notes about Gellers associates that ” I note the Times profile reveals that Geller’s personal attorney is David Yerushalmi, who incorporated the non-profit entity under which she and Robert Spencer produce their blogs.  This in turn allows David Horowitz to plow funds into their enterprise that have been given on a tax-deductible basis. **

Laura Rozen in a Politico article The Park51 money trail notes some interesting financial connections “Though it was not listed on the public tax reports filed by Horowitz’s Freedom Center, POLITICO has confirmed that the lion’s share of the $920,000 it provided over the past three years to Jihad Watch came from Chernick, whose husband, Aubrey Chernick, has a net worth of $750 million, as a result of his 2004 sale to IBM of a software company he created, and a security consulting firm he now owns.  ...  The David Horowitz Freedom Center had a budget of $4.5 million last year, according to its tax filings, of which $290,000 came from the conservative Bradley Foundation, which also gave $75,000 to the Center for Security Policy last year. Horowitz has received an average of $461,000 a year in salary and benefits over the past three years, while Spencer has pulled in an average of $140,000, according to the center’s IRS filings.”


“The point here is that there are 150 Muslim students’ associations, which are coddled by university administrations and treated as though they were ethnic or religious groups, when they are political groups that are arms of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of the terrorist jihad against the West.” **

During a speech at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Horowitz accused students wearing green in support of the schools’ Muslim Student Association of supporting Hamas, and students wearing Arab Keffiyehs of honoring Yassir Arafat and terrorism (Santa Barbara Independent, 5/15/08). **

“What has the Arab world contributed except terror?” he exclaims. “The theocratic, repressive Arabic states do no significant science, no significant arts and culture.”  **

“We already have a lot of infiltration of Islamic jihadist doctrines into our K-12 school systems,” he argues. “The teachers unions have ruined our K-12 schools. These unions are very left-wing and they encourage Palestinian terrorists to come to the school and indoctrinate students. So I’m not too happy about this news item.”  **

“Islamists are worse than the Nazis, because even the Nazis did not tell the world that they want to exterminate the Jews,” he said. In another comparison to Nazis, he added, “there are good Muslims and bad Muslims just like there were good Germans and bad Germans.”  **

“Yes, [Islamo-fascism] is a movement within Islam,” he said. “No, it is not all of Islam. It has nothing to do with American policy in the Middle East or elsewhere. It has to do with a reading of the Koran that calls for a world-wide Muslim Empire with a caliphate based in Iran.”  **

“There is a movement for a second Holocaust of the Jews that is being supported on this campus (UCSB) by the Muslim Student Association!”  **

“Jew hatred is part of the gospel of Islam and the practice of all Muslim states in the world today.”  **

“If blacks are oppressed in America, why isn’t there a black exodus?” **

“The black middle-class in America is a prosperous community that is now larger in absolute terms than the black underclass. Does its existence not suggest that economic adversity is the result of failures of individual character rather than the lingering after-effects of racial discrimination and a slave system that ceased to exist well over a century ago?”  **

“Liberation is no longer, and can be no longer, merely a national concern. The dimension of the struggle, as Lenin and the Bolsheviks so clearly saw, is international: its road is the socialist revolution.” — from the 1969 book Empire and Revolution.  **

“Osama bin Laden is a very good Muslim - a model one, in fact, and one of the most devout in the 1400 years of Islam.”  **

“The source of the terror in Lebanon as in Iraq is to be found in the Koran and in the despotisms of the Arab Middle East.”  **

“On campuses across this country, embedded in the leadership of every radical “anti-war” protest group, are organizations that promote the culture of Islamic terrorism and its anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-American agendas. One that will serve as an example for the others is the radical Muslim Student Association (MSA). The Muslim Student Association is an organization financed by the Saudis and also by student funds at every university where it operates. The ideas and enthusiasms that it promotes among impressionable college students should give every American cause for concern.”  **

UPDATE 8/27/2011

CAP has just released an important report “Fear Inc., the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America”.  This report includes David Horowitz and his Freedom Foundation.  My discussion of the report and its findings includes a lengthy article collection.

After the recent release of the Center for American Progress report FEAR, INC. which discussed the Islamophobia network, Horowitz, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, etc. began publishing articles attempting to defend their anti-Muslim positions.  I discuss this at length in Islamophobes Attack CAP Fear Inc. Report - More Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing

David Horowitz’ Front Page Magazine just published an article New Pew Poll Undercuts Left’s “Islamophobia” Card by Joseph Klein which looks selectively at a recently released PEW poll and attempts to reinforce the anti-Muslim meme that Muslims are more likely than members of other religious groups to engage in violence against civilians. I discuss this tactic in Islamophobes Distort Poll Results To Hide the Truth

UPDATE 9/8/2011

I have just posted David Horowitz and Robert Spencer Justify Their Islamophobia by Claiming It Doesn’t Exist discussing an article “Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future” by David Horowitz and Robert Spencer, which is an attempt to perform a magic trick.  Their strategy seems to be something like - We have been accused of being Islamophobes, but that can’t be true because there is no such thing as Islamophobia.  I don’t think that they have been successful in their attempt to “disappear” this particular rabbit. 

UPDATE 4/28/2012

Richard Silverstein reports that Horowitz has just run a full page ad in the New York Times conflating the boycott and divestment movement with the holocaust.  His article David Horowitz and the Pornography of the Holocaust he discusses why this is a shameful debasement of the holocaust and why such tactics should be resisted. In that article, Silverstein says:

I don’t think many people actually believe much that David Horowitz says.  But there are many delusional people in the world who can do great harm if they aren’t confronted.  Horowitz must be confronted.  Besides, as the Nazi propagandists maintained, if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, people begin to believe it.

There’s another reason he poses great danger.  He is backed by wealthy, ultranationalist Jews like Aubrey Chernick, who’s worth nearly $1-billion and who has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into Horowitz’s Jewish jihad against Islam and the “radical left.”  Chernick and Horowitz are partners in this pornographic hate-fest.  We must expose them for what they are and not let them get away with it.

BDS has nothing to do with hate. Nothing to do with violence.  BDS doesn’t seek to destroy Israel.  It seeks to destroy Occupation.  The hatemongers want to conflate them so that a legitimate political idea that should be debated seriously instead becomes confused with the worst crime of the 20th century.  David Horowitz has desecrated God’s Name (Hillul ha-Shem) and the sacred memory of six-million in order to give the left and Islam the shaft.  It’s a shandeh–a crying shame.

Abe Foxman should call Horowitz out on this.  One of the missions the ADL under his leadership taken upon itself is to call out those who debase the Holocaust.  I don’t know if he has it in him to do this.  But if he has an ounce of courage and decency in him he will call out Horowitz as a Holocaust porn-meister.

Why would the NYT publish such a scurrilous ad?  Why would it allow Horowitz to speak such blatant defamatory lies?  You can’t hide behind freedom of speech on this one.  There’s no obligation for a newspaper to print an ad like this.  None.  They should be ashamed.

UPDATE 6/6/2013

Kyle Swenson has published Muslim Hunting: David Horowitz’s Antagonistic Career.  The article details the saga of a Florida Muslim student, Alex Galvan who got caught up in Horowitz’ smear machine, and then gives a lot of background on Horowitz.

...  Like many of the ‘60s generation, David Horowitz changed his political coloring over time.

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Robert Spencer Backgrounder, Sheila Musaji http://theamericanmuslim.org/tam.php/features/articles/the_politically_incorrect_guide_to_robert_spencer/ 
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UCSD Muslim Student Responds to David Horowitz Event http://fortruthforjustice.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/ucsd-muslim-student-responds-to-david-horowitz-event/
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Who’s behind‘Islamofascism Awareness Week’?  http://www.cair.com/Portals/0/pdf/FAIR_Who_Is_Horowitz.pdf


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Discover the Network Site [2]  (Kurt Nimmo),  attack on Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj, Barnard College professor in tenure dispute [3] (Larry Cohler-Esses) - 2nd annual Islamo Fascism Awareness Week [4] (Sheila Musaji)  Claims about MSA [5], Smearcasting report on Horowitz [6] - and fake hate crimes [7] (SPLC) - anti Palestinian bus ads in Seattle [1] (Richard Silverstein)

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