Condemnation of Massacre of Shi’a Pilgrims outside Quetta, Pakistan

Condemnation of Massacre of Shi’a Pilgrims outside Quetta, Pakistan

The Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) strongly condemns the barbaric killings of twenty-six Shi’a Muslims just outside Quetta, Pakistan on Tuesday September 20, 2011. The victims were on their way for pilgrimage to Holy Shrines in Iran when their bus was stopped in the Mastung district of Baluchistan by at least four assailants. The victims were subsequently forced out of the bus, lined up, and shot at point blank range, resulting in twenty-six deaths and at least six wounded individuals. No help or law enforcement arrived for an hour following this incident.

These heinous crimes to humanity and, in particular, to Shi’a Ithna Asheri Muslims, committed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban continue to occur and remain unchecked in the region. Unfortunately, the government of Pakistan and, in particular, the government of Baluchistan has completely failed to protect the lives of its citizens and therefore has no right to govern if it does not have the will or ability to take such responsibility. Thus far, not a single terrorist from this region has been caught, tried, and punished for their crimes against humanity.

It is futile to contact Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, and Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gillani because of the ineffectiveness they have shown regarding counter-terrorism in the past. We strongly urge United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to personally intervene, investigate, and halt this bloodshed of innocent lives. It is critical for an international authority such as the United Nations to take an unwavering stance on this issue, so as to remove the lawlessness and human rights violations that remain rampant in the region.

Dr. Ehtisham Abidi

President, Universal Muslim Association of America


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