Compassionate Justice:  Table of Contents

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Compassionate Justice: Source of Convergence between Science and Religion

by Dr. Robert Dickson Crane

TABLE OF CONTENTS   Due to limitations on the length of articles in our site hardware, this important article has been put online in a serialized format.  Links to all the chapters will be found in the Table of Contents.


Part One - Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation”>Part One - Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation

Chapter 1 The Origins and Fruits of Respect  
Chapter 2 Tolerance or Pluralism  
Chapter 3 The Principles of Respect
Chapter 4 The Spiritual Wisdom of Abraham Isaac Kook
Chapter 5 Taproot to Terrorism

Part Two - Human Rights in Traditionalist Islam:  Legal, Economic, and Political Perspectives

Chapter 6 Human Rights in Islam from the Legal Perspective
Chapter 7 Human Rights in Islam from the Economic Perspective
Chapter 8 Human Rights in Islam from the Political Perspective
Chapter 9 Political Freedom in Muslim Practice
Chapter 10 Deconstructing Pax Islamica
Chapter 11 Traditionalist Islam or Enlightened Islamism

Part Three - Consonance, Complementarity, and Mutual Engagement in Science and Religion:  ‘Ilm al ‘Adl and ‘Ilm al Taqwa

Chapter 12 The Islamic Spiritual Perspective on Human Rights      
Chapter 13 Wilaya: Linking the Transcendent with the Immanent    
Chapter 14 The Philosophical and Psychological Context      
Chapter 15 The Marriage of Science and Religion: ‘Ilm al ‘Adl    
Chapter 16 ‘Ilm al Taqwa: Recovering a Lost World