Bonni Benstock-Intall & BNI: Celebrating & encouraging violence against Muslims - update 8/23

Sheila Musaji

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Bonni Benstock-Intall & BNI: Celebrating & encouraging violence against Muslims

by Sheila Musaji

On TAM, we have a regularly updated article tracking attacks on and vandalism against mosques.  This month there have been 3 attacks on mosques in France. 

An anti-Muslim site called Bare Naked Islam has posted an article celebrating this.  The article is titled “WOO HOO! Yet ANOTHER anti-Muslim attack on a French mosque”.  Just in case they take it down, CAIR has saved the page here.  The lede of the article states Apparently, Hell hath no fury like a Frenchman scorned. It’s the third attack on a mosque just this month. Will the Muslims ever get a clue that they are not welcome in France? 

Most of the comments below the Bare Naked Islam article are hateful.  Some examples:

“What’s all this pussy-footing??? Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down — even with ass-lifters in them, especially with ass-lifters in them.”  Sarastro
“Will they ever get the message that they are not welcome in western countries at all. Bugger off you evil parasites.”  Veronique
“If we are going to fight, don’t threaten, don’t push and shove like school children, simply attack full force. If we are not yet ready to fight than focus calmly on training for future battle. Use emotional intelligence be the eye of calm in combat training, be prepared for the day of reckoning.  Finally when the day of battle comes encourage Muslims to attack first, then right is on our side, we fight in self-defence. On the day of battle in self-defence give no quarter and expect none. When that day comes in the years ahead and it will come- then destroy every mosque, and eliminate every street prayer session.”  Alan P. Ivarsson
“There is a BIG difference between Hitler killing off people of a faith who were just living their lives, and someone having the courage to wage real war against people of a faith who are dedicated to the conversion, murder or enslavement of all others.  One is an act of brutality. The other is self defense. I have no right to harm my good neighbor with whom i disagree about how to pray. I have an obligation to forcibly remove the rabid wolf in my neighborhood BEFORE it kills or injures my good neighbors, my family or myself.  Rabbi D.R. Jerkins
“Muslims have an all-or-nothing, openly declaring they’ll destroy us if we don’t destroy them. That’s why, if you see a Muslim licking an ice cream cone in the park and you blow his head off you are technically committing an act of self defense.  It would be like shooting a Nazi off a half track while he’s playing a harmonica for his comrades. Doesn’t matter if they’ve taken a pause to refresh their hateful bodies and minds. You know what they’ll do inevitably if allowed to continue in your midst.  Muslims must learn they they are not safe anywhere outside a Muslim country. It’s because we are not safe when even one of them is among us. They have a wold-among sheep mentality. And like wolves among sheep, they can’t be reasoned with. Nor does it matter if their is a whole burgeoning sheepfold and only a few wolves.  ...  Burn every mosque to the ground in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and kill every Muslim twice. Read the Old Testament/Torah; yeah, Jesus was there, too! And the more desperate our times become, the more as see the radical solutions applied there as most efficacious and most perfectly innocent, most perfectly righteous. Those passages where the children of Israel are told to kill everyone and burn everything, to take nothing from the sick, dead culture they purged, neither their gods nor their earthly goods, etc., mean something altogether different to me now that I am 44 years old and have seen this spreading evil I never knew existed before.  ... I think Jesus Christ would say kill all these devils because he loves us and he was not a hippy or a push over or a liberal, acting morally superior without regard to practical outcomes.  ...  Burn every mosque, kill every Muslim, then follow them back to the hellish countries they invaded and took over in the 7th Century and liberate them – whether they want to be liberated or not.  I am calling for a worldwide Crusade against Islam. We’ve let the Muslims breed their hate and rebound from the last quarantine for far too long and now they are a threat to every man, woman, and child on the planet again. And so, clearly, it’s time for another crusade.  I want their blood on my hands as a matter of principle. I want to feel Islam physically dying at my feet. I pity anyone who doesn’t share this urge. You don’t put the devil on notice that he has to be good or he’ll suffer consequences. You don’t keep a close eye on him or quarantine him. You blot him out of existence. It is not in his nature to comply with your wish to live in peace and security. And that, with nothing more, delineates your DUTY, to dispose of him. It’s not an excuse for YOUR injustice. It’s a mandate for your implementation of justice. Anything less and you are being unjust to the point of insanity or evil yourself.”  Keith Mahone aka Charles Martel

This last comment by Keith Mahone is the most extreme, and a particular concern since he says in his long rambling rant that he regularly drives past a mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, and that the sight of that mosque causes him distress.

Another article on the BNI site titled Ready the Pig’s Blood! Sheepshead Bay loses fight to keep mega mosque out of its non-muslim, mostly Jewish neighborhood opens with the statement Not to worry, people. This is a predominantly Russian Jewish, Brooklyn neighborhood, some with ties to the KGB. The mosque may go up, but it will never stay up.  This sounds like a pretty direct threat.

I waded through a few articles on the site, and the comments and found that this sort of rabid hatred of Muslims and encouragement of not only limiting the civil rights of American Muslims, but also actually murdering them is common.

For example, another article on Rep. Rick Womick’s recent reprehensible statement that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in the military had this by Carlos Murduro “It is time to make sure these assholes do not return from deployment. When they are sent to the front line, fatal accidents should happen, and frequently…. Our military do not need these rats around to betray them. Let them figure out that serving in the front lines is a one way punched ticket to assured accidental “martyrdom”. American troops should carry pork bacon to put on dead insurgents and their buddies dead bodies as well as a warning to the rest.  Let THEM refuse to serve and sit in the stockade waiting on a bad conduct discharge. That should speed up the purge of headbangers from the military.  Send Silver Bullet gun oil to everybody you know serving in the middle east combat areas….”

This is actually encouraging military members to find ways to harrass and help “fatal accidents” to occur to their fellow soldiers who happen to be Muslim.  I looked up Silver Bullet gun oil, and there is actually a site selling this.  It contains pig fat, and these morons think that it will frighten Muslims because if they get pig fat on them they can’t enter Paradise.  I hate to burst their bubble, but this is yet another Islamophobic fantasy.  It simply isn’t true.

Bare Naked Islam is a site hosted in the United States on Word Press.  I strongly support freedom of speech, and yet, I have to wonder if there is not any point at which speech goes beyond what can be considered acceptable.  I know that just this week, there was a billboard posted in New York that the ADL objected to as promoting anti-Semitism, and that billboard was immediately taken down.

I looked up the Word Press terms of service to see if they have any standards at all about what is published.  One of the items about content states ◦the Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;  However, Word Press on their contact page has this “This includes requests to take down sites or delete posts for legal reasons. WordPress does not have the power to take down or in anyway alter the sites that choose to use it. Please contact the site’s hosting provider.” 

This seems to mean that whatever standards they have, they will do nothing to enforce those standards.  I don’t know how to locate the contact information for the hosting provider, but will attempt to find out how this is done, and perhaps some calls or letters to that hosting provider might have some effect. 

I don’t believe that there is any way to read the comments posted on Bare Naked Islam and not consider them “threats” and “incitement to violence”.  The level of violent rhetoric surpasses even the Death to Islam site.

This BNI site is clearly a hate site, and yet, the Corona Chapter of Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT for America lists it in their list of sites that will keep you informed.  (Their list of course also includes Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, David Horowitz Freedom Center, etc.)  Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs site also lists this on their front page blog roll.


CAIR has filed a request to the FBI to investigate the threats made on this site.  This has upset the folks at Bare Naked Islam who called this an attempt ” to destroy our first amendment and shut down free speech in America.”

The same Carlos Murdura who made one of the comments above commented on this one What a lovely thought desecrating moslem graves….open air urinals if there ever were any…Of course, talking about how to do that is not commission of a crime. That fact, more than anything, pisses off CAIR and the travelling headbanger arse lifters. Pouring hot bacon grease around a mosque and training our dogs to shit on a mosque rug may piss them off as well. However, it is free speech, and while they may not like that, is allowed legally. My pal, Bootislam had a great time writing that blog, and plans to put it up again in the near future on an international. I agree that it should be done in the interest of free speech. CAIR pukes have no authority to limit that and it pisses them off till their heads explode. That should be done every day around the clock, seven days a week till they understand that they have no religious authority to limit free speech and are not likely to ever get that. site where no one can take it down.”

I do hope that the FBI does investigate and if the statements made on that site cross the line into instigating violence or break any laws, then I hope that they are shut down.  Freedom of speech is not absolute. 

The Freedom Forum has an excellent page on the limits of freedom of speech.  Here is one relevant passage

The Supreme Court has rejected an interpretation of speech without limits.  Because the First Amendment has such strong language, we begin with the presumption that speech is protected. Over the years, the courts have decided that a few other public interests — for example, national security, justice or personal safety — override freedom of speech. There are no simple rules for determining when speech should be limited, but there are some general tests that help.

Clear and Present Danger.  Will this act of speech create a dangerous situation? The First Amendment does not protect statements that are uttered to provoke violence or incite illegal action.  Justice Holmes, speaking for the unanimous Supreme Court, stated, “The question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

Last year the despicable Muslim extremist site Revolution Muslim was taken offline for advocating violence.  As far as I am concerned this was a good thing which I stated in an update to our article on that organization.  They had clearly crossed a line, and I believe that Bare Naked Islam is a mirror image of the Revolution Muslim site. 

UPDATE 12/29/2011

Pamela Geller is absolutely freaking out.  She says that Wordpress has shut down the Bare Naked Islam site - and all because of the “nazi goup [sic] CAIR”.  She rants on and on about how people have called for her death and execution and no one demands that anything happen to them.  If that is true, then she needs to contact law enforcement right away, provide them with the evidence, and ask them to investigate and take appropriate action within the law if that is warranted after the investigation.  Geller, like any other citizen has the right to ask law enforcement to investigate what she considers to be a violation of her rights.

Geller admits that she doesn’t “know what was said at Bare Naked Islam”, but she doesn’t care because it is simply “an exchange of ideas” and adds “The fundamental principle of free speech is the protection of all speech, not just speech we like. Because who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? CAIR?” 

No, Pamela, CAIR doesn’t decide what speech is protected, the courts upholding the Constitution of the United States decide.  CAIR didn’t demand anything, they requested an investigation.  That means that they have requested a qualified law enforcement agency to look into the facts, and to take legal action if appropriate.  Is it hate speech or not?  That seems to be a reasonable question.

Geller posts what she calls the “last post” from BNI supposedly saying that BNI READERS: WordPress has banned me from posting new stories until the CAIR issue is resolved. Please write to WordPress in support of BNI if you can. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) but the link to the article she provides doesn’t have that statement anywhere.  And, if you go to the BNI site it seems to still be online and functioning.  They were still posting as of yesterday.

UPDATE 12/30/2011

Contrary to Geller’s information, the BNI site is still online.  However if you go to the link for the article on the attacks on the French mosques, it is not there anymore.  You simply get a message that says “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here”.  If you google the article title it still comes up, but again, if you click on the link there is nothing there.  Yet another example of the Islamophobic tendency to attempt to conceal evidence of their “truth-telling”.

UPDATE 12/31/2011

Today, if you go to the BNI site, it is down again.  This time there is a notice there that reads is no longer available.
This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

Last month, CAIR had called on the FBI to investigate the threats of violence targeting mosques posted on the blog and urged to remove it for violating the hosting company’s terms of service (TOS), which prohibit blogs that “contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities.” Articles and comments posted on “Bare Naked Islam” urged attacks on and desecration of American and European mosques.

Whether this current removal of the site is temporary or not, we don’t know. 

Geller just posted another lament on BNI’s shut down.  This one includes the text of an email that Geller received from the publisher of BNI which contains this statement I allowed them to delete ALL comments prior to 11/26 and they did. After that I was very careful to delete anything that could be deemed a threat.

This gives us some background on the original removal of the site.  It was because of hateful comments, and the site was allowed to go back online after removing the offensive comments.

Loonwatch has also published WordPress Removes Hate Blog, BareNakedIslam with more information on this saga. 

UPDATE 1/3/2012

BNI is up again, and has posted a notice that they have been told to remove their site by January 6th.

The Islamophobic blogsphere is up in arms, but one article by Debbie Schlussel shows another rift in this group.  Schlussel is not sad to see the site down, and even goes so far as providing the full name of the BNI site owner.  Schlussel says:

This is not about compliance with sharia or censorship of speech critical of Islam, contrary to what the shameless self-promoters claim in their manufactured faux-outrage. There’s plenty you need to know about Bare Naked Islam, the site owned and operated by New York-based Bonni Benstock-Intall, a complete nutjob and anti-Semite of Jewish heritage.  (She doesn’t like Christians too much, either.)  For instance, she called me a “terrorist” and cheered and praised the CAIR lawsuit against me, so it is karma that CAIR got her nutty website removed.

UPDATE 1/28/2012

BNI is back online on another server, but has not changed its ways.  Recently, in England, a family was walking in the park and let their Staffordshire Bull Terrior off its leash.  The dog was far enough away from the family that they could not see him, and they heard a scream and then ran to find that a man who was also walking in the park had jumped in a lake to avoid the dog.  Mohammed Faisal, 24, died after he jumped head-first into a bush which stood next to the lake and wound up in the lake.  He could not swim, and drowned.

Here is some information on this breed.  It is a kind of pit bull, and is subject to breed-specific legislation in some countries.  There have been a number of cases of this breed attacking human beings.  Many people like these dogs and raise them with kindness and consider them good family pets.  However, other people still use them as fighting dogs, and seeing a loose pit bull is something that would frighten many people.  I love dogs, and have a dog, but would myself be frightened of a loose pit bull.

This is a tragic story, and a reminder of why we have laws about dogs being off leash.  But for BNI, this is another occasion to rejoice.  They published an article titled Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim man’s hatred of dogs gets him killed.  The readers comments on the article are even more hateful than this title.  Here are a few

—OMG, that post made me laugh so hard I spit.  Thanks!.
— As far as I’m concerned, this is FANTASTIC NEWS – one less throat-slitter enemy in this Western world, one way or the other!!!!
— Me too. I’m laughing my head off. Can’t stop.  Now, we have the solution. Forget the pigs. Bring in the pitbulls.
— ROFLMAO!  THAT is by far the best news I’ve read today.  I’d like to buy that dog a big t-bone steak.
— Great -1down -first of how many million to go ??go- get -em -doggies .-payback.

What sort of human being would take such pleasure in the tragic death of a young man about whom they know nothing except that he was a Muslim?  These people are much more frightening than pit bulls.

UPDATE 4/11/2012

In the article Spelling Bee for Muslim schools provokes Islamophobic Hate Fest the Islamophobic reaction to this simple story is discussed, including the BNI reaction:

Bonni Benstock-Intall of Bare Naked Islam posted an article MICHIGANISTAN: ‘Muslim-Only’ Spelling Bee which opened with So much for integration and assimilation with the filthy kuffar. Then again, how many of us pork eaters know how to spell ‘Intifada’ in Arabic?

Here are a few of the comments left by readers

—We should sponsor a little infidel into the contest and when they disqualify our little infidel – SUE THE CRAP OUTTA THEM!!! Lawfare can go both ways!!
— AMEN! Can you spell A-S-S-L-I-F-T-E-R?!
— Well its always nice to see the future terrorists of the world at least able to spell allah,or dirt bag,or mohammad,or virgin,before they detonate their bomb vest in one of our schools.
— Like Mr. Rogers: Now children, can you spell “DEPORTATION” ? How about “BEHEADING” ? Maybe “INBRED” ?
— Muslims can’t spell. They’re too f*&%ing inbred and retarded to spell. F*&% Muslims. Jesus sent Mohammed to hell f*&%ers.On the site the actual swear words are spelled out
— Can you believe that this is happening? We are watching them take over our county piece by piece.
— Imagine the uproar if there was a Christian only spelling bee.

This goes beyond Islamophobia into the realm of pure hatred, and such hatred is truly savage. They should be ashamed, but I don’t believe that they are capable of even that much awareness.

UPDATE 6/16/2012

The TAM article The Maniac Muslim, Masjid IKEA, and Bare Naked Islamophobia details the latest insanity from Bonni and BNI.  She fell for and published a satire as if it were a real story.  As noted in an update to that article:

...  Well, it only took an hour or two from the time that I posted this article until the article disappeared from the BNI site. 

This “disappearing articles” ploy, and attempts to conceal evidence of their “truth telling” are the way these folks work, it just usually takes them a little longer.  Fortunately, someone on FB had already taken screenshots of the pages

If you do a google search on the title, it still comes up as having been on the BNI site.  Also, the Infidel News Network cross-posted the BNI article.   Let’s see how quickly BNI asks them to take it down.  Of course, their link to the original source also takes you to the page that says “sorry, you are looking for something that isn’t here.” Someone also posted the link to the BNI article on the IKEA site.  The Death to Islam site also posted the link to the BNI article - same result.

UPDATE 10/27/2012

Bonni Benstock-Intall, who runs the Bare Naked Islam site is listed in our TAM Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry for good reason.

Recently, she posted an article with the incredibly long title Yes, we hate Islam. Yes, we will mock your paedophile prophet Mohammed as much as we want. No, we don’t care what you think or how offended you are. We are Americans, and we are free to say what we want, when we want, no matter how much it offends your sensitivities. Don’t like it? Get out. You are not welcome here. 

The title says it all.  This in brief in typical Islamophobic hate speech with any attempt at sugar coating the hatred removed.  Who is the WE who hates Islam, and excludes US (American Muslims)?  Actually, American Muslims are part of WE the people of America.  Most of us were born here, and some have been here for generations.  This is OUR country, all of us, not YOUR country.  We are all here to stay. 

And here are a few of the comments from the brainwashed readers of this site: Just put [sic] throughout

Maybe, if they stayed in their own shit hole country that they came from, it wouldn’t be so bad..but coming to a Western country, and expecting us to allow them to live the way they did in the Middle East, is completely insane.  If we say NO to their mosques, and ignore their cries of religious freedom, over and over, they may get the hint..if we ban public praying in the streets, they may get the needs to be pushed on them continuesly, that they cannot preach that crap in an otherwise Christian country…get back into THEIR faces, make them feel unwanted…don’t keep putting out the welcome mat and allowing them to preach their hatred. Whenever you hear them say they have the right to follow islam in a Western country- just say NO! Which Government is going to stand up first and say this?

These inbreds need to be told they have no place in a Western country, following those beliefs…once they start trying to enforce Sharia, they should be deported..or, if they are a westerner who converted, send him on a holiday to Afganland, and say- “Here is your Mohammerheads land..enjoy at your mercy…this is what you are fighting for- the land of mohammerhead…HAVE FUN!….”  It still amazes me, how we, as westerners, have to watch what we say about mo, yet they can burn effergies of your President, destroy your flag, kill your people in Libya, and drag them raped through the streets, etc, and no country has stood up and said “HEY! Enough is enough” yet… We are allowing them to do this, and then apologising for some stupid, movie that is in no way offensive at all?  I don’t understand the rights of the Military, or Government, but surely, sooner or later, a leader in a Western country, has to stand up and say, we will not tolerate this anymore, and STOP all muslim immigration, based on their dangerous beliefs..NOT RACE, but their beliefs………..

muslims you better be teaching your kids american history ! when the time comes your shity koran is not going to save them ! pak your bags your day in the sun is over a long cold american winter is comeing

I wonder how many others like myself are getting impatient for something to start to legitimize using lethal force at will against these rats. After seeing these stories I want to smash into mush any muzzie face I see.

Oh boy, look at all those filthy cockroaches all in one place – where’s my can of RAID?  I have never detested a group of “people” more than I do these disgusting subhuman pieces of garbage. HERE is the face of real Islam: Ugly, hideous and evil as the day is long.  The “moderate” Muslims must be very proud – as they use these thugs to terrorize us all into submission and censorship. How is that “moderate” again?

I saw that Bonni herself responded to the last comment, and foolishly thought she might be going to ask for the comments to remain civil.  But, of course, I was wrong.  She said:  “No M, there are no moderate or radical Muslims. Islam is Islam and both terrorists and seemingly peaceful people all follow the same hateful teachings about non-Muslims. One group engages in violent jihad, the rest of them support it from afar. They have to. Jihad is a requirement of all Muslims.”

Loonwatch notes that BNI has also been a participant in the latest Islamophobic hate fest Wingnut Islamophobes Create Another Hoax Story: Muslims Rape Horse.  As Loonwatch notes about this one “The sick servile minds of the Islamophobes know no depths of depravity that they aren’t willing to revel in; EDL Review takes them to task for circulating lies in the Islamophobic looniverse.”

UPDATE 12/20/2012

BNI and other members of the Islamophobia echo chamber are promoting the ridiculous story that The Zebiba is a Sign of “Mental Disorder”

UPDATE 7/13/2013

Bonni Benstock-Intall has posted this disgusting article If you still don’t understand why millions of Jews marched like lambs to the slaughter in Nazi Germany, look at this: DISGUSTING! IFTAR IN THE SYNAGOGUE 2013: Neighbors Against Bigotry.

She is furious that there will be a Ramadan Iftar in a synagogue and comments “(I guess these Jews don’t know that while Muslims are allowed to eat Kosher food, Jews are NOT allowed to eat Halal food. See reasons why below. You can be sure Muslims never invite Jews to break the Yom Kippur fast in a mosque.)”

She then provides a completely inaccurate and hateful description of the supposed differences between kosher and halal, and the reasons that Muslims are allowed to eat Kosher but Jews are not allowed to eat halal.  [See Kosher and Halal:  Halakha and Sharia Requirements by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi for an honest discussion of the similarities and differences.  See Islamic Sharia and Jewish Halakha Arbitration Courts for more on similarities and differences in both legal systems.]

Actually, many Muslims, particularly among the Shia, fast on Ashura.  “The Arabic word Ashura is none other than the Hebrew word Asor, the tenth, the term used in the Bible (Leviticus 16:29, etc.) to designate the date of the holiday (the tenth day of the seventh month).”  Some have even called this the Islamic Yom Kippur.

Why do Islamophobes become absolutely apoplectic when Muslims, Jews, and Christians show mutual respect.  For example, The White House Ramadan Iftar sets off an annual hate fest — in spite of the fact that the White House also shows this same respect for other religions, and has held a Passover Seder, a Hanukkah celebration, and hosted Easter and Christmas events.  BNI was also incensed about the Eid stamp although there are also Hannukah stamps, Christmas stamps, Easter stamps, Kwanzaa stamps, etc.  Bonnie told her BNI readers “Make sure you don’t get stuck with these when you buy a roll of Forever stamps. Demand the ‘NON-TERRORIST’ version.”

In 2012, a Sacramento Christian congregation was invited to hold their Easter services at a mosque auditorium when they lost their building;  an East Bronx Jewish community was invited to hold their regular weekly services in a mosque when they lost their building; a Northern Virginia Jewish community invited local Muslims to pray Jumah in the synagogue; a Virginia mosque held an interfaith Jewish Seder.  Muslim and Jewish Students at USC participated in a Skid Row food distribution and clean-up, Mosque and Synagogue visits, and lunch at Pershing Square. This event is part of the “twinning” initiative to bring Muslim and Jewish students together in dialogue and service.  Sponsored by Ansar Service Partnership and USC Hillel All of those things and more happened this year.

BNI also got involved recently in the ridiculous Muslim call to prayer on British radio station during Ramadan the end of civilization as we know it, and the False claim that pregnant woman arrested for carrying British flag faux controversies. 

UPDATE 7/21/2013

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch discusses BNI’s latest foray into hatred which he calls Bare Naked Hatred:

... Last week Bare Naked Islam tried to exploit the case of a former soldier, David Ryding, who died following a violent incident at a taxi rank in Rugby on 7 July. The cause of the conflict and the ethnicity or religious affiliation of Ryding’s alleged attackers were unknown, nor was it obvious what possible knowledge anyone involved could have had of Ryding’s previous military service (he left the army in 2011). The anti-Muslim far right, however, immediately drew parallels between Ryding’s case and the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The arrest of three men in connection with Ryding’s death was enough to set Benstock-Intall off. She ranted:

“They have the three attackers in custody, yet give no information about their names, nationality, or ethnic origin, just their ages. Are they afraid there will be a well-deserved ‘backlash’ if they reveal that the attackers are Muslims as we have the right to suspect? It seems that a nationwide uprising against UK politicians/traitors who continue to import masses of these Muslim jihadists and parasites from the third world is exactly what is needed in the Islamic Republic of Britain.”

This vile woman didn’t even hesitate to attack Ryding’s grieving widow for issuing a dignified statement appealing to people to avoid speculation about the cause of her husband’s death and await the results of the police investigation. Benstock-Intall sneered: “Oh, excuse us, for speculating that the slaughter of your husband, David Ryding, might have been committed by a Muslim, two of whom made headlines recently for doing the exact same thing to another British soldier in the street, Lee Rigby.”

Yesterday the Birmingham Mail published a report which noted that “right wing extremists attempted to hijack the death of the soldier, claiming that it was motivated by race and religion on websites”. The report quoted Detective Inspector Ally Wright of Warwickshire Police as stating:

“I am aware that some social media outlets are suggesting the tragic death of David Ryding, a former soldier, was motivated by either race or faith. While the criminal investigation is ongoing it would be inappropriate to provide full details of the case at this time. However what is absolutely clear is that the incident was not remotely motivated by race or faith. Whilst I am unable to prevent such speculation on the Internet at source I would ask those who engage in Internet hypothesis conversations to consider the impact on David’s family.”

So far, for some reason, this news hasn’t attracted any attention over at Bare Naked Islam.

UPDATE 8/18/2013

It’s difficult to believe that the Islamophobes still haven’t gotten over the existence of this stamp.  Bonni at Bare Naked Islam has posted A new Muslim EID stamp for 2013 in which she says “One must question why, after the Muslim terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, we would continue to issue Muslim stamps? Did we issue Japanese stamps in the decade after the attack on Pearl Harbor? NO.”

BNI also posted a photo of Muslims praying in a part in Birmingham, England (from the EDL of course), with the caption “Beautiful park in Birmingham is strewn with garbage, unsafe for British women, children, and dogs.”   Muslims are “garbage”?

I believe that this woman has gone completely into the realm of pure pathological hatred. 

UPDATE 8/23/2013

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch reports Bare Naked Islam hails the ‘courageous counterjihad efforts’ of EDL thug who attacked Islamic centre in which he notes:

... You might have thought that even Benstock-Intall would be keen to dissociate herself from a deranged thug who entered the Al Falah Islamic Centre brandishing two knives and shouting: ”I’m going to kill you. Let’s see if Allah or God come to help you…. I’ll kill you Muslims, I’ll kill you before the police come, come downstairs, come out I’m going to cut your throat.”

But no. Under the heading “VERY SAD NEWS: One of BNI’s favorite British counterjihadist commenters has been arrested for setting off a smoke bomb at a mosque”, Benstock-Intall writes:

“Geoffrey Ryan, 44, posted under a few different names at BNI but most of you knew him as ‘trinovante.’ He was an EDL member who was distraught over the growing encroachment of Muslims into his neighborhood and the changing character of his country which now seems to favor Muslims over the native population. His language was very salty but he didn’t advocate violence. Apparently, the ‘alleged’ suicide death of his brother sent him over the edge.”

She adds: “BNI friends of ‘trinovante’ – Feel free to post messages to him here and I will forward them. We do not condone this act of violence but we support the courageous counterjihad efforts of the EDL, Geoff Ryan and all the defenders of freedom against Islamization.”

Update:  Benstock-Intall has deleted the “Very sad news” post. However, a screenshot can be consulted here.


Sheila Musaji is the founding editor of The American Muslim (TAM), published since 1989.  Sheila received the Council on American-Islamic Relations 2007 Islamic Community Service Award for Journalism,  and the Loonwatch Anti-Loons of 2011: Profiles in Courage Award for her work in fighting Islamophobia.  Sheila was selected for inclusion in the 2012 edition of The Muslim 500: The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims published since 2009 by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan.    Biography  You can follow her on twitter @sheilamusaji ( )

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Originally posted 11/25/2011