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Brief History of Miniature Painting,

Desert and Oasis: Arts of Central Asia

Figural Representation in Islamic Art, Terry Allen

Finding the Prophet in His People, Dr. Ingrid Mattson,

Gallery of the Art of the Muslim World

Impact of Islamic Arts on the West

Introduction to Islamic Art,

Islamic Art,

Islamic Art As a Mediator for Cultures in Confrontation

Islamic Art, Architecture and Muslim Around the World

Islamic Art and Architecture 

Islamic Art and Architecture

Islamic Mural to Adorn Downtown San Francisco,

Islamic Art Gets an American Revival,

Noble Dreams, Wicked Pleasures

Online Exhibit of Islamic Art at the L.A. Art Museum, 

Persian Poet Top Seller in America, Alexandra Marks

Princeton Shahnama Project, 

Rare Islamic Art Masterpieces on Show in Washington

Reference Tools in Islamic Art and Architecture

Religion and the Visual Arts

Religious and Sacred Art of Five Faiths

Soul Searcher, The, Brook Lea Foster

Topkapi Palace Museum Webpage,


Aga Khan Awards for Muslim Architecture,


American Mosques, 

Concept of Decoration in Islamic Architecture

Expression of Power in Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture

Photographs of Mosques
-in the U.S.
-Hassan II Mosque in Morocco
-Images of Islam Photos
-Blue Mosque, Istanbul
-Grand Mosque, Djenne, Mali
-Mosques Around the World
-Silver Domed Mosque, Kenya
-Fatepur Sikri Mosque
-Jama Masjid, Delhi
-Mohammed Ali Mosque, Cairo
-Sultan Hasan Mosque, Cairo
-Mosque in Xi’an, China
-Gold Domed Mosque, Brunei
-Mosque in Lhasa, Tibet
-paintings of Mosques Around the World
-Imam Mosque, Isfahan
-Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo
-Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, Istanbul
-Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

The Taj Mahal


Arabic Calligraphy

Art of Arabic Calligraphy, Mamoun Sakkal

Calligraphy with Mohamed Zakariya,

Islamic Calligraphy with Mohamed Zakariya,

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy,

Spirtual Dimension of Calligraphy, K. K. Aziz


Fajr International Film Festival

Muslim Comedy Filmaker, Zarka Nawaz, 

Muslim Film Festival USA


Arab Music Internet Reference Database

Basics of Arab Music

Fiqh Council North America on MUSIC,

Islamic Rulings on Music and Singing

Music and Religion

Muslim Roots of the Blues

Native Deen Rap Group,

Pakistani Qawwali Singers Bear the Torch

Put Your Guns Down for God’s Sake! And Pick up Your Pens… and Guitars


Peter Sanders Gallery

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