Ann Coulter Demonstrates Christian Love for Muslims, Arabs & Canadians? - updated 3/26/10

Sheila Musaji

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Ann Coulter Demonstrates Christian Love for Muslims, Arabs & Canadians?

by Sheila Musaji

Ann Coulter has said that Christianity fuels everything she writes and says that ”... being a Christian means that I am called upon to do battle against lies, injustice, cruelty, hypocrisy ..” 

As today’s brouhaha in Canada over Coulter’s performance on Monday at the University of Ontario shows, Coulter has an odd view of Christianity, and especially of Christian brotherly love.  A celebrity (even an irrelevant celebrity) visiting a University campus as a speaker and belittling and humiliating a minority undergraduate student is an odd way to “do battle” against cruelty and injustice.  In fact, her claim to a Christian basis for her words and actions, is like those of some others, pretty hypocritical.  She might as well just join up with the Fred Phelps’ God hates the world folks, or the worst of the Tea Party racists.

According to an article in the London Free Press:  “As a 17-year-old student of this university, Muslim, should I be converted to Christianity? Second of all, since I don’t have a magic carpet, what other modes do you suggest,” Al-Dhaher said to loud and sustained applause. “I thought it was just American public schools that produced ignorant people,” Coulter replied, prompting her own round of applause. Coulter then noted many Japanese were converted to Christianity after the Second World War and “we haven’t heard a peep out of them.” To shouts of “Answer the question,” Coulter finally replied, “What mode of transportation? Take a camel.” “Are you going to convert her now?” another student shouted out. “No, there are some people I’d just as soon not convert,” Coulter retorted.

After student protests, The University of Ottawa (where Coulter was to speak today) cancelled her speech.  She then went on to insult her Canadian hosts by saying:  “The University of Ottawa is really easy to get into, isn’t it? I never get any trouble at the Ivy League schools. It’s always the bush league schools.”

Surprisingly, the V.P. of B’nai Brith, Canada made a statement about this incident that seems to suggest that the Muslim student and/or those who came to her defense were somehow radicals, agitators, and anti-Israel folks.  This statement doesn’t seem to have anything at all to do with the incident at hand.  Where does anti-Israel even come into this?  “The free speech double standard that we are witnessing on Canadian campuses has to stop.  It seems to be the case that when a speaker tries to come on campus with views that campus left-wing radicals and anti-Israel agitators disagree with, our university administrators are cowed into either canceling the event altogether or placing insurmountable obstacles in the way of the organizers.” 

Even more surprisingly, Coulter is planning on filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  She is claiming that the fact that the University Provost had sent her a letter prior to the speech asking her to weigh her words with civility and respect, that constituted some sort of bias towards conservatives.  Full text of Provost’s letter.

I guess she’ll play this for all it’s worth to get a little free publicity.

Arabs and Muslims are used to being on the receiving end of Coulter’s “wit” but, perhaps the Canadians are a little less hardened.  Although, the Calgary Herald reported that “Ann Coulter once said that the U.S. should take over Canada. She qualified her nonsense by adding: “All I want is the western portion—the ski areas, the cowboys, the right-wingers. The good part.”  She is also reported to have said: “They better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent.”  “They don’t even need to have an army, because they are protected, because they’re on the same continent with the United States of America , , , we’re their trading partner. We keep their economy afloat.”

It might be worthwhile to take a little trip down “nightmare memory lane” remembering some of Coulter’s past statements.  Looking at these comments should make it clear that the University Provost had every reason to ask for restraint, not because Coulter is a conservative but because she is a hate monger.

Ann Coulter’s “words of wisdom”:

June 20, 2001 “God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, ‘Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It’s yours.’” 

September 12, 2001 “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”

September 25, 2001 Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect:  “What’s different about Germany than here, but I think is more similar to Japan and ought to be the model, is that Germany at least had a wealth of civilization prior to the Third Reich and it had a respect for human life, something that was not as noticeable in Japan. And one of the things General MacArthur did, he considered converting the emperor to Christianity. Decided not to because he thought there would be a fight between Catholics and Presbyterians. But General MacArthur called in thousands of Christian missionaries. He distributed thousands of Bibles. It wasn’t as much of a success story as the Christian missionaries were in Korea after the Korean War, but you know how it was a success story? They have unprecedented religious freedom there, something that is absent in every Muslim country.”

September 28, 2001 “Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims ...”

February 26, 2002 “When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”

March 2002 Coulter claims that Secretary Mineta “is given plumb government jobs solely and exclusively because he is a minority,” and has deliberately blocked the racial profiling of Arabs because he secretly hates America. “Transportation Secretary Mineta is angry and he wants America to suffer,” she claims.

September 4, 2002 “Muhammad makes L. Ron Hubbard look like Jesus Christ. Most people think nothing of assuming every Scientologist is a crackpot. Why should Islam be subject to presumption of respect because it’s a religion?”

September 25, 2002 “Americans don’t want to make Islamic fanatics love us. We want to make them die. There’s nothing like horrendous physical pain to quell angry fanatics. So sorry they’re angry - wait until they see American anger. Japanese kamikaze pilots hated us once too. A couple of well-aimed nuclear weapons, and now they are gentle little lambs. That got their attention.”

May 17, 2003 in an interview with the UK Guardian “This is my idea…I think airlines ought to start advertising: “We have the most civil rights lawsuits brought against us by Arabs.”

November 2003 in a speech at Northwestern University “This is a religious war, not against Islam but for Christianity, for a Christian nation. When this nation was founded, there was nothing like it. Our founders said there is a God and we are all equal before God. The ideal of equality and tolerance is like nothing that has ever existed in the world before. That, too, is a Christian value. The concept of equality, especially when it comes to gender equality, was not invented by Gloria Steinem. It was invented by Jesus Christ. As long as people look long enough, they will always come to Christianity.”

In her 2004 book, “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter,” she wrote: “I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!”

March 4, 2004 “Being nice to people is, in fact, one of the incidental tenets of Christianity (as opposed to other religions whose tenets are more along the lines of ‘kill everyone who doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t answer to the name Mohammed’). “

In Ann Coulter’s April 28, 2004 column, titled “Arab Hijackers Now Eligible For Pre-Boarding,” the right-wing pundit described her search for the airline that, post-September 11, has “engaged in the most egregious discrimination” against passengers who appeared to be Arab, Middle Eastern, or Muslim, “so [Coulter] could fly only that airline.”

2004 on Iraq War “When we were fighting communism, OK, they had mass murderers and gulags, but they were white men and they were insane. Now we’re up against absolutely insane savages.”

February 2005 “Press passes can’t be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president.”

May 18, 2005 (Bumper sticker idea for liberals: News magazines don’t kill people, Muslims do.) in a Newsweek article.

October 20, 2005 Univ. of Florida “They’re [Democrats] always accusing us of repressing their speech. I say let’s do it. Let’s repress them. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of the First Amendment.”

December 21, 2005 “I think the government should be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator sport, dropping daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Middle East and sending liberals to Guantanamo.”

In her February 8, 2006 nationally syndicated column, Coulter suggested that Islam is “a car-burning cult,” and wrote that Muslims have “a predilection for violence.”  She also said:  “But apparently the Koran is like the Constitution: It’s a “living document,” capable of sprouting all-new provisions at will. Muslims ought to start claiming the Koran also prohibits indoor plumbing, to explain their lack of it.”

In her February 15, 2006 nationally syndicated column, Coulter asked: s NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]—like the conventions of civilized behavior, personal hygiene and grooming—inapplicable when Muslims are involved?”

February 2006 Referring to Iran, Coulter said, “What if they start having one of these bipolar episodes with nuclear weapons? I think our motto should be, post-9/11, ‘Raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.’”

In her February 15, 2006 column, she asked: s NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]—like the conventions of civilized behavior, personal hygiene and grooming—inapplicable when Muslims are involved?”

February 15, 2006 in an article “Muslim Bites Dog”  “Perhaps we could put aside our national, ongoing, post-9/11 Muslim butt-kissing contest and get on with the business at hand: Bombing Syria back to the stone age and then permanently disarming Iran.” 

In a November 30, 2006 syndicated column about the removal of six imams from an airplane in Minnesota after other passengers saw them praying prior to boarding, Coulter claimed that racially “profiling Muslims is more like profiling the Klan” than it is like profiling African-Americans, “because of the history of discrimination against blacks in this country.” Coulter added: “What did we do to the Arabs? I believe Americans are the victims in that relationship.”

March 2007 Coulter accused David Bonior, John Edwards’ Campaign Manager of ‘Fronting for Arab Terrorists’

June 6, 2007 “In 1960, whites were 90 percent of the country. The Census Bureau recently estimated that whites already account for less than two-thirds of the population and will be a minority by 2050. Other estimates put that day much sooner. One may assume the new majority will not be such compassionate overlords as the white majority has been. If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide. Yet whites are called racists merely for mentioning the fact that current immigration law is intentionally designed to reduce their percentage in the population.” 

On the June 25, 2007, edition of Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes, discussing Obama’s June 23, 2007, speech at a church in Hartford, Connecticut, co-host Alan Colmes asked Coulter if “[o]nly Republicans can talk in churches.” Coulter responded: “No, but I do think anyone named B. Hussein Obama should avoid using ‘hijack’ and ‘religion’ in the same sentence.”

October 11, 2007 Jews need to be “perfected” into Christians.

On the February 13, 2008 edition of Fox News’ Your World, Coulter repeatedly referred to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (IL) as “B. Hussein Obama”—five times in all, within a span of less than 2 minutes ... After Coulter referred to Obama as “B. Hussein Obama” for the fifth time, host Neil Cavuto asked: “So, why do you keep saying the ‘B. Hussein Obama’?” Coulter replied: “Well, that’s his name.” She added: “It’s shocking that ... he’s probably going to be our next president, President Hussein.”

June 10, 2009 she criticized Obama’s Cairo speech and said that President Obama was wrong “about Muslims’ historical contributions to mankind, such as algebra (actually that was the ancient Babylonians), the compass (that was the Chinese), pens (the Chinese again) and medical discoveries.”

“Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do. They don’t have the energy. If they had that much energy, they’d have indoor plumbing by now.”  From SLANDER:// Liberal Lies About The American Right.

UPDATE 3/25/10

Although many reports are claiming that the University cancelled Coulter’s speech.  The University President has now issued a statement saying that organizers of the speech themselves decided at 7:50 p.m. Tuesday to cancel the event and informed the university’s security services of their decision.

The NYT is also reporting that Coulter cancelled the speech

Coulter herself has posted a remarkable diatribe about this incident on WND

Michael Rowe’s report makes it quite clear that it was Coulter and/or her people who cancelled the speech

Kady O’Malley reports First, contrary to what Coulter seems to suggest in a brief phone interview with scribe Colby Cosh, it was not the police who “shut it down.” I spoke with Ottawa Police Services media relations officer Alain Boucher this morning, and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was her security team that made the decision to call off the event. “We gave her options”—including, he said, to “find a bigger venue”—but “they opted to cancel ... It’s not up to the Ottawa police to make that decision.”

UPDATE 3/26/2010

Alheli in an article titled Fomented outrage and phoney censorship, notes It’s ironic that an event purported to be about free speech and media bias, had barred media from entering the venue. and gives a lengthy transcript of the conversation between Levant and Right Wing talk radio host Rob Breakenridge, just hours after the event was cancelled which provides a lot more background on this. 

Coulter speech in Calgary met, but not stopped, by protest

Coulter’s free to speak, Calgary’s free to protest