Angha, Seyedeh Dr. Nahid

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Seyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha

Seyedeh Nahid Angha, Ph. D., is the founder of the Sufi Women Organization, the co-director of the International Association of Sufism and the executive editor of the journal Sufism: An Inquiry. Seyedeh Dr. Angha is the eldest child and first student of Moulana Shah Maghsoud Angha (a Sufi Master in an Uwaiysi tarighat). She was appointed to teach in her father’s Uwaiysi tradition, becoming the first woman given this honor. An internationally published author, she is one of the influential Sufi women and contributors to the world of Sufi doctrine, and one of the major Sufi writers and translators of Sufi literature of the present time.

Her dedication to peace has led her to serve as in various leadership roles in large-scale international interfaith organizations. Seyedeh Dr. Angha has given lectures and taught classes nationally as well as internationally. This includes speaking engagements at the United Nations, the the University of California, Berkeley and the Smithsonian Institute.

She has written numerous books on the subjects of Sufism, philosophy, and spiritual traveling, such as: Negah (vision, non-English); Critical analysis on Existentialism Theory (non-English); Divan (non-English); Principles of Sufism (second edition); The Journey: Seyr va Soluk (second edition); The Nature of Miracles; The Traveler, Salek (under print); Magnetic Centers of the Human Body (under print); and has translated books on Sufi poetry, Sufi literature and doctrine such as Selections: Poems from Rumi, Khayam, Hafez and Shah Maghsoud; Manifestations of Thought; Destination: Eternity; A Meditation; Psalm of Gods; Chante; Nirvan; Deliverance: The Words of the Prophet; and Ecstasy. She has also published articles on the principles of Sufism, self-cognition, healing and numerous commentaries on Sufi doctrine and terminology.