Ahmad, Sharmin

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Sharmin Ahmad (Secretary, director) was born and raised in Bangladesh and immigrated to the United States in 1984. She earned a masters degree in women’s studies from GWU.  She received the “woman of distinction award” from the Soroptimist International, one of the world’s largest professional women’s organizations, for “outstanding contributions in the field of international goodwill and understanding.” Sharmin has served on steering of Women in Development and Samhati to help destitute women.  She has organized numerous workshops on women’s rights and human rights a spoken at various institutes and on numerous television and radio talk shows. She participated in the Fourth World Conference on Women in China and in the First International Nongovernmental Organization Conference in Iran. Her children’s book The Rainbow in a Heart has been approved for use in the Montgomery County Public Schools’ English Language Art Curricullum.

From http://www.minaret.org/Staff.htm