--Patriot Act--
Advisory: U.S. Muslim Travelers Warned of ‘Forced Exile’


CIVIL RIGHTS AND THE PATRIOT ACT - article collection - updated 7/9/10

compiled by Sheila Musaji

Dialogue Between Muslims and the West

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Failing to Support Security Threat Claim, TSA Dismisses Case Against Muslim-American Airline Pilot

The Rutherford Institute

Interview with Georges Corm:  Double Standards

Mona Sarkis

Tea Party Racism Finally a Concern, But Islamophobia Still Unquestioned

Sheila Musaji

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Terrorism Law that Criminalizes Peaceful, Nonviolent Speech
Well It’s About Time!

Dr. Hesham Hassaballa


In the name of God,The Compassionate, The Merciful

Oh mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (Not that you may despise each other). 49;13