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“Unlike Muslim Scientists, God speaks same truth in and out of Mosques”

T.O. Shanavas

10,000 Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence

Muslim Consultative Network

A Critique of the Doctrine of Offensive Jihad

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

A Critique of the Terms Dar ul-Islam, Dar ul-Kufr and Dar ul-Harb

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

A New Fiqh in Islam

Yasser Hamdani

Affirmation of Freedom of Expression and Belief in the Quran

Haris Aziz

American Muslims must defend the Constitution of the United States

Sheila Musaji

An emerging generation of socially-engaged Indian Ulema

Yoginder Sikand

Answering Questions from American Muslims

Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shaykh Ali Gomaa

Apostasy and Freedom of Faith in Islam -  updated 5/15/14

compiled by Sheila Musaji

Are The Scholars The Same As God Himself?

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

Are We Ignoring Muslim Creationism?

Salman Hameed

Bent on Confusing the Public about Islam:  The Far Right Exploits Rifqa Bary’s Case to Distort Islam

Louay Safi

Can Women Be Imams?

Shaikah Halima Krausen

Christians senselessly tormented by extremists in Muslim world

Akbar Ahmed and John Bryson Chane

Clarifications About the Concept of Jihad in Islam

Maulvi Yahya Nomani (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Cordoba House:  Hope From the Ashes of Tragedy - updated 9/12/10

Sheila Musaji

Cordoba Initiative Unveils New Push in Sudan
Debating Jihad

Yoginder Sikand

Deviations in the Concept and Practice of Jihad

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Deviations in the Concept and Practice of Jihad

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Did Prophet Muhammad Rape a Nine-year Old Aisha?

Tarek Fatah

Distorting the Meaning of Shariah

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Enforcing or Mocking the Shariah in Swat?

Maulana Waris Mazhari

Enforcing the Shariah: Some Critical Considerations

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

Evolution 101

Saad Shafqat

Extract from Introduction to The Book of Hadith (The Book Foundation, 2007)

Jeremy Henzell-Thomas

Fatwa:  Freedom of Belief & Minority Rights in Muslim Countries (MAE)

Jamal Badawi and Shaikh Muhammad Nur Abdullah

Five Suggestions for the Islamic World

Asghar Ali Engineer

Former Muslims United Freedom Pledge Against Punishment for Apostasy a “Red Herring”

Sheila Musaji

Frank Gaffney’s Obsession with Sharia - updated 4/29/2012

Sheila Musaji

Freedom of Expression in Islam

Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Freedom of Expression in Islam

Mohammad Hashim Kamali

From jihad to ijtihad

Asghar Ali Engineer

Geller, Spencer, & the Cordoba House: Fear and Loathing in New York - updated 9/13/10

Sheila Musaji

Hajj, Saudi Arabia, Rape, & Prayer: A Muslim Feminist Outcry

Khalilah Sabra

Humankind’s Relationship With Nature & Participation in the Process of Creation by Technology

Asghar Ali Engineer

Ibn Taymiyyah and His Fatwa on Terrorism

Asghar Ali Engineer

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In the name of God,The Compassionate, The Merciful

Oh mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (Not that you may despise each other). 49;13