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The defamation of Cynthia McKinney and other violations of her human rights

Ray Hanania

The Destruction of the Black Middle Class

Dedrick Muhammad and Barbara Ehrenreich

The Fanatic Schisms in the Family of Abraham

Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal

The God of My Grandparents

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou

The Goldstone Report, Reconciliation, and Peace - updated 1/10/10

Sheila Musaji

The Guantanamo “Suicides” Need to Be Investigated - updated 4/16/10

Sheila Musaji

The Jewish boat to Gaza is sailing soon
The Jihad For Our Times

Maulana Waris Mazhari (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

THE JUST THIRD WAY: Basic Principles of Economic & Social Justice

Norman G. Kurland, President, Center for Economic and Social Justice

The Middle East: Inertia More Likely than Change

Michael Lüders

The Mumbai Massacre

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

The Mumbai Terror Attacks

Wahiduddin Khan (tr. Yoginder Sikand)

The Noblest Revenge

Hasan Zillur Rahim

The Ordeal of Mohammed Omer

Kenneth Ring

The Real Clash Within Civilizations

Dr. Robert D. Crane

The rise of anti-Muslim violence, domestic extremism and double standards


The Rise of Intolerance Against Muslim Americans

Salam al Marayati

The Rubber Hits the Road: Shaykh al Azhar says Human Rights are an “Internal Affair”

Dr. Robert D. Crane

The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

The Tender Touch of the Seattle Police

Jeff Siddiqui

The Tragic Costs of War

John W. Whitehead

The Twelve Days Before Christmas and an Open Letter to The House

Eileen Fleming

The Two Americas

Marjorie Cohn

The Use and Abuse of Scriptures

Sheila Musaji

The War Prayer

Mark Twain

Thoughts on Terror

Yoginder Sikand

Through the Looking Glass:  Promoting Islam in the Public Schools? - updated 10/29/12

Sheila Musaji

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In the name of God,The Compassionate, The Merciful

Oh mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (Not that you may despise each other). 49;13