Unconscious or Conscious?: Futile Rivals of Allah *
Posted Feb 28, 2007


Khutbah by Simon Tunstall, Iowa State Penitentiary

Our book the Holy Qur’an is complete and without error, and it provides answers to all our problems. It is an outright tragedy that some so-called Muslim’s believe that Allah ta’ala’s Guidance needs to be modernized or updated , ain’t that a shame? What those people are saying is they know better than Allah.

Allah is the Lord of all the worlds.

Our physical freedom is solely in His hands, and do not for one second think that the final decision to release any of us rests in the hands of the Parole Board or Governor. When Allah decrees a thing all He says is “Be” and it is. Therefore, it would be very wise that we place our faith in Allah and demonstrate our allegiance to Allah in our public and private lives.

Muslims take what is called the Kalimatuh Shahada or the Declaration of Faith. We do that by declaring in public with our hearts, minds and mouth ‘I bear witness there is no god but Allah, and Mu’hammad is a Messenger of Allah.’ One of the reasons Muslims publicly make this declaration is to declare our complete loyalty and obedience to Allah. The Kalimatuh Shahada frees a Muslim from association with false deities.

If this declaration is consciously given it symbolically does what the Emancipation Proclamation was supposed to do for the ancestors of Africans who were kidnapped from their native land, and brutally brought to America as slaves. Likewise the Kalimatuh Shahada emancipates Muslims from being enslaved by devilish people or weak ideals that create mental deficiency and prevent us from functioning according to our true nature.

Just as Allah brings a metamorphosis of a seemingly unattractive caterpillar and transforms it into a beautiful butterfly, surely the Creator can change onetime murderers, robbers, drug addicts and dope pushers, burglars and rapists into law abiding and respectable community leaders and members. Reflect on how the pristine message of Al-Islam changed Malcolm X into EI Haii Malik Shabazz. Didn’t Prophet Issa teach ‘know the truth and the truth will set you free?’ Al humdulillah.

Some may wonder how can Al Islam set you free. Well my brothers it does so by establishing order and discipline in your life. The Divine Power of Al Islam will inspire one to discard the old concept of living and thinking. The teachings of Al Islam miraculously replace self destructive thinking with purposeful thoughts and actions. Following the Guidance of Allah frees a believer from being enslaved by bad habits and affiliations. As a Muslims awareness increases he will begin to realize who and what was enslaving him. Once a person becomes aware of those forces then you can meaningfully sing the famous words of M.L.K. Jr, ” I am free at last, free at least. Thank Allah Almighty, I am free at last.”

Conscious Muslims realize it ain’t cool to do the wild thang or drink from the funky cold cup of Medina. Many people believe when in Rome you are to do what the Romans do. Any thoughtful Muslim would immediately reject that philosophy. Because a Muslim believes that when in Rome, China, New York, or Fort Madison we are to do what Allah says do.

A Muslim is any person who willingly uses his freedom of choice to obey the commands of Allah. A Muslim would never take an oath with any secret criminal fraternity. And if one does take such an oath then he/she automatically breaches the covenant (Kalimatuh Shahada) he made with Allah. Why? Because Allah ta’ala says in 16:51 “take not for worship two gods(or lords) for Allah is just one Allah.” One can unconsciously worship something without really knowing it, like a car, money, jewelry, women and gang affiliation. Worship means to show or have an intense love for something; to idolize.

A futile rival of Allah is any person who knowingly places him/herself above the covenant he took with Allah.
Even if the futile rivals of Allah can hide their crimes from men, Allah says that He” .. .is in their midst when they plot by night.” 4:108. We are told in 48:10 “Then anyone who violates his oath to Allah does so to the harm of his own soul. ” I am confident in knowing that all the gangs and other charlatans who use Islam as a cover for their dirty work will have to face Allah someday and give account of their deeds. What troubles me is that these Futile Rivals of Allah, in the process of harming their own souls, corrupt so many innocent minds and contribute to the destruction of African-American families which in turn destroys the moral fiber of the inner cities. I believe if one is not part of the solution then he/she is a part of the problem. It’s just that simple.

One does not have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know that those ruffians who plot under the secrecy of darkness do nothing but commit senseless murders and create mayhem and chaos in the urban cities of America. These pitiful agents of Satan peddle dope, rob, steal and kill each other. They also make our neighborhoods unsafe for our mothers, fathers and children to live in. While they run around and say “I gotta get mine!!” or “I gotta get paid!” In actuality what they are doing is further dividing African Americans so we can be easily captured by the modern day slave owners.

Can you recall learning how native Africans sold our ancestors into slavery? Well those selfish, greedy and narrow-minded Africans are analogous to today’s drug dealers, gang members, mis-educators and the like. The evil Europeans knew they could not go into the African villages and easily capture the people they wanted. So what those conniving Europeans did was hire indigenous, sell-out Africans to lure the most skillful and knowledgeable and physically fit Africans from their villages which allowed the European slave traffickers to capture and pack them like sardines into holds of slave ships.

Today’s sellouts are drug pushers and other Futile Rivals of Allah who assist the modern day slave owners.
How can you call yourself a Muslim if your selfish, greedy and corrupt life style makes our neighborhoods unsafe for our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and children to live in safety. How can you call yourself a Muslim if you pimp or exploit my sisters. How can you call yourself a Muslim if you partake in criminal fraternities which sell drugs and commit senseless murders in the African American ummahs.

Let’s be honest, how can you be a Muslim if your behavior and conduct represent the fall and destruction of humanity? And, if your behavior is contrary to the Qur’ an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad. All people who are not my skin color are not my enemy and all people who are my skin color are not my brothers. As MLK Jr taught, we should judge a man by the content of his character not by the color of his skin.

Our mere presence in prison is a clear indication that crime does not pay and for one to continue to hold on to the same mind set and street principles that inevitably landed us here is a stupid and idiotic policy. You may think you are slick and forever clever, but Allah is going to bust you” .. woe to the dealers in Falsehood.” (45:9)
My job is only to proclaim the Message and not to force you to do anything. But I absolutely refuse to be a part of the silent majority who sit in silence or are too intimidated to stand before you and tell you the truth in a language you can clearly understand, I know the truth hurts sometimes but with pain comes healing, and then Insha’ Allah growth.

How can we honestly expect Allah to elevate us to assume great positions of power and knowledge if we consciously reject Allah’s guidance? Our ancestors didn’t receive Allah’s blessings by practicing criminal activities. They were obedient and dignified people. Allah’s blessings will only come to those who submit and obey his commands. The Qur’ an is full of guarantees from Allah promising Muslims and those who do righteous deeds a surety of power (28:55-57) That’s a promise, not a maybe or possibility, but a guarantee!!!

Turn in your idols and denounce your secret oaths, and begin being a full time hardworking servant of Allah - The Real Boss. Make a decision to stop now and repent. For Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Let us pray, Ya Allah please forgive us of the sins we committed knowingly or unknowingly. Ya Allah please let us not deviate back into that destructive lifestyle that brought us to prison. Ya Allah please bless us with the willpower, courage and determination to liberate us from any un-Islamic habits or affiliations we may have. Ya Allah establish our feet frrmly and help us against those that reject the righteous way of life. Ya Allah please bless Masjid Muhammad to be a strong ummat of righteous Muslims who uphold the banner of Islam as it was upheld by the companions of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Finally Ya Allah bless us to do what is right and give us the courage to reject all that we know is wrong. Ameen

Originally published in the Winter 1993 print edition of The American Muslim.

Editors note: this article is interesting in that the points made may just as easily be used against any form of violence or criminal activity on the part of Muslims, whether by American street gangs, or al Qaeda.