The Evil Muslim Bus Driver Story That Wasn’t
Posted Mar 29, 2008

The Evil Muslim Bus Driver Story That Wasn’t

by Sheila Musaji

As I noted in a previous article “If Muslims Are So Terrible, Why The Need To Make Up So Many Lies?”,  there is a pattern of taking even normal events involving Muslims and attempting to turn them into major crises by jumping to conclusions, or by outright lying about whatever happened.

The most recent such non event was reported by The Sun newspaper in Britain with the headline “Get Off My Bus, I Need to Pray” which was picked up by anti-Muslim sites all over the place and repeated ad nauseum as a sign of dhimmitude and evil Muslim attempts to impose Sharia on the West, or as an unreasonable intrusion of religion into public life.  As these stories morph they begin to sound more like The Muslims are here!, The Muslims are here!

One site commented in its lead in to this article that “The lunacy that is Islam has now insinuated itself into Britains public transport system.” 

Of course, Robert Spencer’s Dhimmi Watch posted a notice about the incident and their readers were stirred to comment.  As often happens the comments by ordinary readers are very helpful in understanding just how easy it is to stir people up.

Yes, it’s ubelievable—unbelievable that zealous Muslims are so keen to prove that Islam is intolerant, uncharitable, regressive, and in-you-face supremacist. “Kuffar to the back of the tram! Don’t you people know your place?” (John)  “It’s called Islamic Narcissism, Megalomania, and Supremacism. Characteristics of Naziism.”  (Darcy)

On another site the headline is a little more inflammatory “UK Bus Driver Kicks Passengers Off Bus…So He Can Pray!”  and the comments get even more emotional.

Basic Islamic power play designed to make the real victims look like bad people for being upset. (#7)  ok. to paraphrase a familiar comment…can we question their right to live in civilized societies now? (#9)  This is a HUGE deal.  Like the Flying Imams and airline security, the willingness of passengers to come forward, this is an effort to implement the Saudi (among others) daily planner where everything comes to a halt at prayer time.  Which is just another reasonable accomodation on the UK’s path to becoming Afghanistan with nicer buildings. (#14)

As the story is told and retold comments on this site begin to show real rage.   

This had nothing to do with prayer. It was 100% about getting normal people to complain, and then he and his other fascist death cultists would accuse the normal people of racism.  (#39)  The single most insensitive people on earth are muslim’s with their in-your-face attitude commanding the world to obey them. I say they get no respect whatsoever as their religion shows neither respect, tolerance or even acknowledgement to the rest of the world.  Why do people think, more and more, this is a Satanic religion and NOT one of “peace” and of God?” Because of its intolerant arrogance and viciousness….thats why. (#47)  When are we going to wake up!!!!! This is not our country anymore, our grandparents and the young soldiers of today have died or dying for nothing. Our government has sold us out for their own profit and yet we pathetic wimps follow them. England or Britain does not exist anymore. Can someone tell me where the plug is so I can pull it!!!!! Other countries would never accept this so why do we?????????  (#56)  I would be either beating him senseless or running down the street as fast as my furry stoat legs would take me while yelling into my phone to the police dispatcher that there is a potential terror event occurring NOW and to get the police here instantly.  I am terribly dismayed at the way in which this was handled, and we can all rest assured that the terror kingpins all over the world are looking at this Sun article and cackling with glee at how quickly The West forgets. (#67)  Had I been there, I would have been delighted to give him considerably more drama than he may have anticipated.... (#71)  As they say “ the camels nose is in the tent”. According to their statements - once we submit a little to their ‘needs’ - and submit a bit more, and some more, then the rest of the non-dhimmis will have no choice but to submit or leave. (#79)

As has happened numerous times before, it turns out that nothing happened.

The bus company had radioed the driver to terminate the bus outside Langley Fire Statiion in London Road because it was running late due to road construction.  He was told to have the passengers leave the bus and wait there for another bus to pick them up.  He then went on his 10 minute break and said his prayers on the bus.

Not much of an alarming attack on Western values by a crazed Muslim, but even the article in The Observer that made all of these clarifications headlined the article “Bosses Defend Muslim Who Stopped the 81 Bus to Pray” - not exactly honesty in reporting when the headline includes an inuendo.

UPDATE March 29, 2008