Terrorism, Neocons and Islamophobia
Posted Sep 22, 2008

Terrorism, Neocons and Islamophobia

by Jeff Siddiqui

 I recently read an article that outlined the Neocons involvement in the persecution of Islam, Muslims and Arabs, led by, among others, Frank Gaffney, who is not slowed down by facts during his anti-Muslim battle-cry. The article, while most interesting, appeared to focus a little too tightly on Neocons as the only group to contain.

Another item I found wanting was the fact that, while it did deal with “terrorism”, there was a presumption that no definition was necessary because of course, we all know what “terrorism” means! Unfortunately, “terrorism” is not much different from other evocative terms like, “Patriotism”, “Freedom” and “Democracy” in that, they are all misunderstood, misconstrued and abused to fit the needs of the speaker; everyone KNOWS what each of these terms mean yet, we all seem to derive a different meaning from each of these terms. The term “Terrorism” has become so opportunistically fluid, that it is abused by every hack who wants to promote his/her own agenda of self-promotion…and inevitably points to Islam and Muslims only.

I believe it is very much worthwhile to define and re-define “terrorism” every time it is used, simply because there is not yet a universally-accepted definition for it.

I believe that while Neocons are a great danger to the US (and the world) because of their “take-no-prisoners” attitude towards all those who may not agree with them, they are only one of probably three major groups that are implacably hostile to Islam and America.

Neocons are probably the embodiment of the other two groups and by themselves, are beyond faith or creed other than their own. By giving an appearance of transcending faith and politics, they have a wider and less faith-partisan appeal that opens doors for them in the halls of power.

The second group comprises of the right-wing Christians and their churches (perhaps like Sarah Palin) who appear to believe that Islam is an intolerable threat to Christianity and want to do everything in their power to destroy Islam and Muslims, from the face of the Earth.

They place a pre-condition on Muslims to either become “moderate” or be destroyed. On the face of it, one might even agree with them for, who really wants a bunch of murderous killers to run loose?

Except that the right-wing Christians and their churches issue a further ultimatum defining “moderate”; repudiate the Quran and all its teachings, re-create Islam with a new, revised, book…maybe more in line with the New Testament…probably leaving room for Jesus to be divine…and we’ll tolerate the new Islam.

The third group are what I call the “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party”. These people are so dedicated to “protecting” Israel, that for them, every Muslim and Arab is a presumed enemy, to be destroyed before s-he gets a chance to destroy Israel. Any opposition to this group of Jews or to their goals, is deemed “anti-Semitic”, which them allows them to moral leeway to go after this opposition…I have probably placed myself smack-dab in the center of their bull’s-eye simply by using the “J”-word…and others are probably running for cover because they would prefer not to be labeled “anti-Semitic”, but such a label would be unjust and untrue.

Because I wish to identify and separate “All” Jews from the “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party”, I feel forced to use this unwieldy term in order to avoid distracting labels of “anti Semitism”, so please bear with this clumsy label.

I would sort “All” Jews into three sub-groups:

1. “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” who form the vanguard of attacks against Islam and Muslims.

2. Jews who normally are moderate-to-liberal and who normally do not support bigotry against anybody, but will tolerate bigotry against Islam, Muslims and Arabs because they either do not wish to be seen as not supporting Israel or, feel that silent dissociation from “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” is all they need to do in order to feel comfortable with themselves. This group might occasionally criticize what Israeli politicians do, but they take the attitude towards Israel, of an indulgent father observing his spoilt child.

3. Jews who are outraged at what Israel is doing to Palestinians and at the injustice in Israel and in the Occupied Territories. These people will openly condemn Israel’s outrageous actions and will condemn Israeli politicians; they will seek to form accommodating agreements with Palestinians without feeling they are “giving Israel away”. They are equally outraged at all injustice, no matter which quarter it comes from and are willing to speak out against it.

For their pains, they are labeled “self-haters” and “anti-Semitic”, by the “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party”.

The “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” form a very influential…perhaps the most influential, group against Islam and Muslims. Members and supporters of this group are people at the highest positions of influence in politics, wealth, entertainment, business and intelligentsia. As such, they drive public opinion with more force than one would imagine.

The “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” have formed a tight alliance with the right-wing Christians because of their common enemy; Islam, Muslims and Arabs. This alliance is in turn, supported and joined, by the Neocons because such an alliance allows Neocons to retain greater political support and access to power.

If it weren’t so potentially tragic, the alliance between right-Wing Christians and “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” would be hilarious.

Right-wing Christians believe in the Biblical prophesy that, before Judgment Day, all Jews will collect in Israel and will then convert to Christianity and those who refuse to convert, will be destroyed. The actions of these Christians, are geared to bringing Judgment Day to hand as soon as possible, so all Christians may be saved.

“Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” are aware of this belief among Christians, but they do not accept that such an outcome is likely; “Jews of the Blind-Supporters-of-Israel Party” are willing to allow the right-wing Christians, their fantasy because they are quite sure it will not occur.

Perhaps one item for them to consider here is: what if the Right-wing Christians (whose US churches are spending over $300 million a year, to help Jews “return” to Israel and to help build the “infrastructure” of their new settlements) start believing that Jews are not moving to Israel fast enough or (worse yet), not willing to ALL move to Israel?

Would it not be reasonable to think that such a fanatical group might resort to Hitlerian measures to force Jews to the “Holy Land”?

The trouble with Hate is that it grows like an aggressively dominant plant…like Dandelion, Blackberry or Bamboo, that jumps its defined barriers, takes root in places we do not want it to be and then resists all measures to contain it.

Jews from all three sub-groups above, had better realize and fast, that promoting or allowing hate in the west against Islam and Muslims, can easily mutate to include Jews and Judaism as well, or they will realize it at their own peril…sooner than they would like to believe. As the print says in car wing-mirrors, “Objects in the mirror are closer than you think”.