Sign “No to intolerance and Islamophobia!” Petition Today
Posted Oct 18, 2007

Sign “No to intolerance and Islamophobia!” Petition Today

We represent a broad range of religions, nationalities, ethnicities and beliefs, but we are united in raising our voices to denounce the campaign of racism and bigotry otherwise known as Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

On October 22-26 the so-called Terrorism Awareness Project, will send extremist speakers to campuses across the country to spread a message of intolerance and Islamophobia, in a campaign billed as “the biggest conservative campus protest ever.” Well known hate-mongers will be demonizing Islam and portraying a one-sided and bigoted view of a faith held by billions of people around the world.

These hate-mongers include:

Ann Coulter, who recently made quite a splash with her unabashed Jew-hatred

Robert Spencer, who calls Islam , “the world’s most intolerant religion.”

Rick Santorum, who compared homosexuality to incest and bestiality;

And of course, David Horowitz whose long history of racism has included attacks on affirmative action and the statement that “guns don’t kill black people, other blacks do.”

While everyone, including the most vile racists, has the freedom to express their opinions, the hypocrisy of this litany of bigots demonizing an entire religion must be brought to light. And, while they have the right to express their views, they do not have the right to incite to violence. We will be watching the results of their disingenuous campaign closely. 

As representatives of many minority groups, including Jews, we know all too well what happens when a few demagogues whip up the majority into a frenzy of fear and scapegoating. That is fascism, and it is what these speakers promote.  People of all faiths (and of no faith) must come together to understand each other not to demonize each other. The forces of hate and violence come from all groups, all nationalities, all faiths, and all countries. So too do the forces of peace and reconciliation.