Radio Host Neal Boortz Calls Islam a ‘cult’, Threatens to ‘Eradicate’ Muslims
Posted Jul 19, 2007


The following are excerpts from a dialogue between radio host Neal Boortz and a Muslim caller to his program. (SEE: ) An audio clip of the program is circulating on anti-Muslim Internet hate sites. It is not known when the program aired.

Caller: Sir I’m calling because of some statements you been making in the past week about the religion of Islam and. . .”

Neal Boortz: It’s a cult it’s not even a religion. . .

Boortz: You don’t have a word of condemnation in you until the non-Islamic world rises up and starts to make it clear that we are fed up with your damned religion. We’ve had it up to here.

And somebody, like I said yesterday, somebody needs to grab the Muslim world by the shirt collar, backhand it a good one, knock it into the damn corner and say straighten up or we’re gonna eradicate you beetles from the face of the Earth. . .

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO CLIP:  (Click twice on start button.)

(Note: Please DO NOT attempt to contact Neal Boortz. Mr. Boortz can and will use any comments to further defame Islam and Muslim. This clip was offered only to demonstrate the growing level of Islamophobic rhetoric in our society.)