Prince Among Slaves Coming to PBS February 4th
Posted Jan 18, 2008


The Amazing True Story of an African Prince Enslaved in the American South

Coming to PBS February 4th, 10PM

(check local listings at


A Documentary Film by Unity Productions Foundation

Narrated by Mos Def

Michael Wolfe and Alex Kronemer, Executive Producers



Prince Among Slaves follows the true life story of Abdul-Rahman Ibrahima Sori, the Prince of a large African Kingdom and Captain of his father’s armies who was captured in a battle in 1788 and sold into the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

After enduring the brutal Middle Passage, he eventually ended up in Mississippi at the birth of the U.S., where he remained enslaved for almost 40 years.  Amazing circumstances finally led to his release, but not his freedom, nor the freedom of his large family. 


Defying the command that he return immediately to Africa and still technically a slave, Abdul-Rahman set out on a quest to raise enough money to purchase his family’s freedom.  Widely written about and sought after for public events, he became the most famous African in America, meeting with President John Quincy Adams and other leaders of the day.


Prince Among Slaves paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary times in which this remarkable man lived, interweaving the universal themes of bondage and deliverance, privation and perseverance, to tell a story of survival of the human spirit about a person who endured the humiliation of slavery without ever losing his dignity or his hope for freedom.

Little did he know that nearly two hundred years later, his remarkable journey full of dramatic circumstances and immeasurable odds would be pieced together to become a source of inspiration for millions of people.

Prince Among Slaves , a new documentary by Unity Productions Foundation, will air nationwide on PBS on Monday, February 4, 2008, at 10 PM (check local listings at

The one-hour film, narrated by Mos Def, tells the tale of a little known African American hero, who despite enduring unimaginable indignities, managed to survive his long fall from royalty with character and integrity intact.

By highlighting this amazing historical period, Prince Among Slaves also attempts to create discussion and awareness about slavery, race relations, societies of Africa, and the lessons of American history.