PALESTINE - ISRAEL - article collection - updated 7/4/09
Posted Jul 4, 2009

Palestine - Israel - article collection

collected by Sheila Musaji

first posted 1/23/03, updated 7/4/09 (note: further updates soon)

A bridge across the river, Rachel Brandenburg

A Call for Co-existence not Desecration: Sacred Scriptures, Sacred Places - A Sacred Trust for Peace

A genuine peace movement cannot be Zionist

A Glitch in the Matrix, Gabriel Ash

A guide to Israeli settlements,0,6704423.story 6/09

A Letter from Rachel Corrie’s Family

A Jewish Voice Left Silent: Trying to Articulate “The levantine Option, David Sasha

A Long History of Injustice Ignored:  Palestine, Mazin Qumsiyeh

A Long History of Injustice Ignored:  The Case of Jerusalem - The Holy City, Habib Siddiqui

A Long History of Injustice Ignored:  Timeline of Palestine History, Mazin Qumsiyeh

A Message to Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role, Philip Slater

A Muslim Call To The Israelis, Harun Yahya

A Palestinian Christian Speaks, Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

A Response to Ramzy Baroud’s “Non-Violence in Palestine”, Anis Hamadeh

A Return to Exile, Samer Badawi,

A Muslim Call to the Israelis, Harun Yahya,

A Visit to Hebron, Robin Yassin-Kassab 7/09

A Wall as a Weapon, Noam Chomsky

A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the U.S., Robert Fisk

The Abraham Federation: A Non-Violent Strategy of Satyagraha for Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land, Dr. Robert D. Crane

The Abrahamic Model and the Future of Zionism:  A Muslim, Christian, Jewish Colloquium (3 parts) - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Accuracy in Israel-Palestine Reporting

Advocating Crimes Against Humanity, Tarif Abboushi,

After Annapolis, Jewish Voice for Peace  - Annapolis Hypocrisy Hides Occupied Palestine Reality, Stephen Lendman

America and Israel on the Front Line of Colonialism, M. Junaid Alam

American Politics, Terrorism and Islam - Part 5: Allegations of Israeli Terrorism, Habib Siddiqui

Amnesty International defends report on Israel’s destruction of Gaza 7/09

An American President and the outposts of Zion, Ben White

An Appeal For a Non-Violent Global Resistance Movement in Palestine, Tariq Ramadan

An Army of Extremists: How some military rabbis are trying to radicalize Israeli soldiers, Christopher Hitchens

An Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict, Norman Finkelstein

An Open Letter to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Anisa Abd el Fattah

Anonymous testimony of Israeli agents

Anti-Semitism, Zionism and the Palestinians, Noam Chomsky,

Anti-Semitism Is No Friend to Those Who Support Palestinian Rights, Uri Avnery,

AP Hides Documentary Evidence of Israel’s War Crimes

Apartheid in the Holy Land, Desmond Tutu,

Apartheid Wall, Ran HaCohen,

Apocalypse Please, George Monbiot

Arab Ban Proposed in Jewish Areas

Arab Extremists’ Logic Calls for Annihilation of Arabs in the Holy Land, Dr. Robert D. Crane

The Arab-Israeli Conflict - Between Reason and Hysteria,  Tarek Heggy, 

Assassination of Sheikh Yasin an Act of Stupidity, Uri Avnery 

At least one settler is an influential Washington journalist—of-the-citys-arab-population-and-has-un.html

Attacks on Medical Personnel

Balfour Declaration of 1917

Benny Begin: Why Palestinian State is Unacceptable

Beyond Gaza:  An Abrahamic Peace, Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Biblical Roots of the Palestinian Problem

Bush Administration’s Dual Loyalties

Carter says if there is no Palestinian State it will be a catastrophe for Israel
Carter: Mideast Peace Not Possible Without Hamas
Carter: Gaza is an unnecessary war
Carter: Peace not Apartheid

CASE FOR ISRAEL BOOK - -Norman Finkelstein Calls Alan Dershowitz book a Hoax
-The Dershowitz Hoax

Catastrophe in Gaza - How Can the Cycle of Violence Be Stopped?, Sheila Musaji

Cause of Israel Is the Cause of America, John Kerry

Causes and Consequences of Our Foreign Policy in the Middle East and What It Means for Americans, Karen Kwiatkowski

The Challenge of Nakba: Surahs al-Haqqah and al-Furqan on the Role of Truth and Justice, Dr. Robert D. Crane

China Obtained U.S. Anti-Missile Technology From Israel

Christian Coalition of America, meet the new Zionists

Christian fundamentalists are driving Bush’s Middle East policy, George Monbiot,3858,4905411-103552,00.html

Christian Group Says Ties With Israel the Worst Ever

Christian Peacemaker Team Threatened

Christian Zionists:  Book Review:  The Politics of Apocalypse—The History and Influence of Christian Zionism, Yoginder Sikand  -  Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to U.S. - Middle East Understanding, Council for the National Interest  -  Terror in Jesus’ Name, Yoginder Sikand  -  Biblical Prophecy and Christian Zionism, Gary Leupp  -  Christian Coalition of America, the new Zionists  -  Dispensationalism and Racism  -  Challenging Christian Zionism  -  Concerned Christians Cult plot to begin a religious war in Jerusalem to bring about the second coming of Jesus

Compassionate Oppression:  Subjugating Your Inferiors with a Human Touch, T.D. “Daddy” Rice

Core of the Conflict, Brian Whitaker,7792,1190443,00.html

Creating a Bantustan in Gaza, Akiva Eldar

Criticize Israel, You’re an Anti-Semite

Criticizing Zionism, Kurt Nimmo

Demographic Wars, Neve Gordon

Demonology in Gaza: Epistemological and Anatological Sources of Ummatic Kufr, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Demonization of ‘the other’ Must Stop to Achieve Arab-Israeli Peace, Dr. Tony Klug

Diagnosing Benny Morris: The Mind of a European Settler, Gabriel Ash

Disengagement and Diaspora, Ramzi Kysia

Dispensationalism and Racism

Divestiture Movement

Disturbing Idea of Expelling Arabs from Israeli Territory Gains Ground

Does God Demand the Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians?, Sheila Musaji

East Jerusalem: ethnic encroachment and exclusion, Ishtiaq Ahmed

Economist Tallies Swelling Cost of Israel to U.S., David Francis

Elusive Peace: 60 Years of Pain and Suffering in Palestine, Louay Safi

End Ariel Sharon’s Inpunity for War Crimes Now, Laurie King-Irani

End of the Roadmap

Entangled Insurgencies – Hezbollah and Hamas, Jim Miles

Erase my grandfather’s name at Yad Vashem, Jean-Moïse Braitberg

Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians Began Right After the Occupation,

Ethnic Cleansing as State Policy, Nicola Nasser 7/09

Europe’s Collusion in Israel’s Slow Genocide, Omar Barghouti

“Exterminate all the Brutes”: Gaza 2009, Noam Chomsky

Extremism in Israel Is Fueled By Growing Ultra-Orthodox Movement in the U.S. , Allan C. Brownfield

First Establish the Will to Peace, Then Chart the Way to Peace, M.A. Muqtedar Khan

First of All the Wall Must Fall, Uri Avnery,

Five Reasons to Stop U.S. Military Aid to Israel

For a Shared Jerusalem, Rashid Khalidi,

Forbidden Families

Forgotten Christians

Free Gaza Boat (article collection) Israel confiscates humanitarian boat, takes 21 activists prisoner  6/09

Gandhi, Bin Laden and Hamas

Gaza and the Logic of an Abraham Federation, Dr. Norman G. Kurland, J.D.

Gaza “war” - collection of articles and resources

Geneva Accord Has Shattered Dangerous Myths, James Zogby,

Germany:  Israel, Israel Above Everything - Merkel in the Knesset, Anis Hamadeh

Girl Talk Underground, lauren Gelfond

God’s Chosen Peoples, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Greatest Danger to Israel From Within, Neve Gordon,

Hamas compromise for peace cannot save an unjust process, Anisa Abd el Fattah

Hamas: Sharon’s Terror Child, Ray Hanania

Has anyone in Israel asked why the Swedes hate us?, Gideon Levy

Hasbara handbook:  promoting Israel on Campus (propoganda)

Healing the Holy Land, Yehezkel Landau,

The History and “Morals” of Ethnic Cleansing, Victoria Buch

History did not begin with the Qassams, Amira Hass

Holocaust denied, John Pilger

House Demolitions, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas, Andrew Higgins

How Israel’s propoganda machine works, James Zogby

How Jimmy Carter is Saving Israel, Firas Ahmad

How the West Bank Was Won, Frank Fugate

Hudna or Apocalypse: A Tipping Point for Palestine?, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Hudna:  A Rationale and Platform for Peaceful Engagement, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Hudna: An Islamic Strategy in the Offing?, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Hudna:  A Long-Range Islamic Strategy for Conflict Resolution, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Hudna Sabotaged: Israeli Invasion Torpedoes Hamas Strategy to Build a New M.E. Based on Justice, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Hudna:  Preparing the Way for Hudna, Irfan Husain

Human Rights Violations in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Human Rights Violations in Israel and Palestine, Stephen Lendman

Human Rights Abuses in Israel

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel on Gaza 7/09

I know why the caged bird bites… , Imran Musaji

IDF Official Policy Not To Investigae Palestinian Deaths

If Hamas did not exist, Jennifer Loewenstein

If Hamas Should Renounce Violence, So Should Israel

If You Were Born Where They Were Born, Dr. Tony Klug

Implicated by Faith, Negar Akhavi

In Pursuit of Peace, Ziad Assali,

Incriminating Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, Stephen Lendman

Inside Al Aqsa, Martin Asser,

Intellectuals Demonstrating Double Standards, Zakariya Muhammad,

Interview with Avraham Burg: Can the Jews Survive Without an Enemy?,8599,1869325,00.html

Interview with Gilbert Achcar - Turning Away from a Strategy of Confrontation, Ali Fathollah-Nejad

Iranian ‘intifada’ is celebrated in the US, while Palestinians are still ignored 6/09

Is an Israeli Jewish sense of victimization perpetuating the conflict with Palestinians?, Akiva Eldar

Is Progress possible amidst the cycle of revenge?  The Gaza Holocaust:  The Wrong Address to Peace, Dr. Ahmed Yousef

Israel and the Children of Camp David, Mona Eltahawy

Israel and the Consequences of “Uniqueness”,  Shahid Alam

Israel Bans Family Reunification for Spouses of Arab Israeli Citizens

Israel: boycott, divest, sanction, Naomi Klein

Israel Detains British Muslim Aid Worker at Checkpoint,,1778669,00.html

Israel, Drunk With Power and Out of Shame, Irit Katriel

Israel: The only nation that can do no wrong

Israeli Belligerence - the U.N. Post and USS Liberty Bombing

Israel’s Double Standard

Israel Has Nearly 300 Atomic Warheads __Israel, the U.S. and the U.N., Stephen Zunes, [url=]

Israel Has Infiltrated Hamas Leadership

Israel Lobby

Israel Lobby - article collection

Israel May Have Infiltrated Hamas

Israel, Opium of the People, Mona Eltahawy

Israel’s Palestinian Prisoners: the Forgotten Facts

Israel Says All Militant Leaders Marked for Death;jsessionid=4IG3OKSZVUCLYCRBAEKSFEY?type=worldNews&storyID=4634865ǧion=news

VIDEO: Israeli Spying in the U.S., Part I

Israel Threatens Lebanon Over Water Dispute

Israel Violates Law on U.S. Weapons in Middle East

Israeli Attacks on the Press

Israeli Crisis, William Cook

Israeli Democracy, For Jews Only?

Israeli Expert Says No Peace Possible With Muslim World Ever,7340,L-3304024,00.html

Israeli Organized Crime, Juliana Fredman

Israel’s Apologists and the MLK Hoax

Israel Blasts Irish Comment on Zionism 12/21

Israeli settlements: an end to nods and winks?, James Zogby 7/09

Israel’s Act Of Piracy, Paul Craig Roberts

Israel’s American Chattel,  Paul Craig Roberts

Israel’s Dangerous Fundamentalists, Ian Lustick

Israel’s Democracy Dilemma, 

Israel’s Democracy On Trial, 

Israel’s Foes as ‘Beasts and Insects’

Israel’s Discriminatory Practices Rooted in Jewish Law (halakha), Israel Shahak

Israel’s Foray Into Syria

Israel’s Subjugation of the Palestinians Must End Now, Louay Safi

Israel’s 60th Anniversary:  Why are some people partying like it’s 1948?, Linda Mamoun

Israeli Democracy: Fact or Fiction? William Cook

Israel Discovers That Democracy Is Not an Israeli Value

Israeli Spies in New Zealand - How the Trap Was Sprung

Israel Targets New Zealand?, Justin Raimondo

Israeli’s Training Kurds in Northern Iraq 12/2

Israel Will Expel Tens of Thousands of Palestinians, Ira Glunts

Israeli Influence on U.S. Policy, Ali Abunimah

Israeli settlement construction jumps 60% in 2008

Israeli Spy Ring Scandal

Israeli killings pass unnoticed

Israel’s Discriminatory Practices Rooted in Jewish Law, Israel Shahak

Israeli PM Admits that Israel Has Nuclear Weapons

Israeli Spy Ring Scandal__Its Our Middle East Violence Too [url=]

Its Time to Put Our Bodies On the Line to Stop the Killing in the Middle East, Rabbi Michael Lerner

Jerusalem in Arab and Muslim History

Jerusalem March, Gila Svirsky

Jewish Extremism and Terrorism - article collection

Jewish & Muslim Religious Extremists Threaten Peace, Allan Brownfeld

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, David Hirst

Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Israel Shahak

Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue: Methods, Techniques and the Importance of Dialogue, Dr. Tony Klug and Sa’ida Nusseibeh

The Jewish People, Zionism, and the Question of Justice, Mark Braverman$2C+Zionism$2C+and+the+Question+of+Justice+2.11.doc

Jewish Settler Terror Groups, Steve Sosebee,

Jews in Palestine, 1938, Mahatma Gandhi

Jews for Justice, Rabbi Michael Lerner,

Jews, Muslims and Peace, Yehezkel Landau,

Jimmy Carter challenges Gaza blockade 6/09

Journalists in Danger in Israel

Judaism, An Alternative to Zionism, Rabbi Dovid Weiss

Key to Peace: Dismantling the Matrix of Control, Jeff Halper

Leaving Gaza, Settling in the West Bank

Letters From Jerusalem 

Avigdor Lieberman: U.S. will accept any Israeli policy decision

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu spoke sharply against the possibility of dividing Jerusalem under any circumstances and vowed to preserve the capital undivided.

Little Tolerance Evident in Israeli Tolerance Museum,1,4874880.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Link to Architects for Justice in PalestineCould Cost Architect New York Job

List of Massacres of Palestinians 

Living on Borrowed Time in a Stolen Land, Gilad Atzmon

Living With the Holocaust, Sara Roy

Lost Freedoms of Israel, Meron Rapaport

Mapping the Roadmap, Phyllis Bennis

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Palestinian Dream, Ahmad Faruqui

Marty Peretz and the American political consensus on Israel, Glenn Greenwald

Media Covers Israeli Deaths, Covers Up Palestinian Deaths

Media Coverage of Israeli Palestinian Conflict

The More Knowledge, the More Pain, Rabbi Arthur Waskow,

Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions - article collection 

Myth of the Generous Offer, Seth Ackerman

Naturei Karta to Hold Anti-Israel Protest Outside White House

Ezra Nawi case: ‘All that will be left here is hatred’—modern Israeli prophet 6/09

Neo Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration, Stephen Green

Netanyahu: Existing settlements will grow

New Directions for American Foreign Policy: Can Communitarian Pluralism Bring Peace through Justice?, Dr. Robert D. Crane

New Israeli Cabinet Minister Calls for Total Segregation

Nirim Incident

No Easy Solution, Ebrahim Moosa,

Non Debate over Suicide Bombing

Non-Violence in Palestine, Ramzy Baroud

Non-violent resistance: An eye for an eye?, Parvez Ahmed

Not by Might, and not by Power, Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Number of Deaths and Injuries During Intifada - Palestinians and Israelis,%20injuries,%20arrests.htm

Obama on Israel-Palestine, Noam Chomsky

‘Occupation 101’ Film Offers Historic Perspective on Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Of Patriots and Assassins (Charles Freeman case),  Pat Buchanan

Off With Their Heads!, Gila Svirsky

Olmert Says Israel’s Goal Is to Ensure a Jewish Majority,7340,L-3248515,00.html

Orthodox youths burn New Testaments distributed by Christian missionaries in Or Yehuda, Israel

One State for All is the Solution for Palestine,

Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem, Francis Boyle


One and a Half State Solution, Gabriel Ash

The One-State Solution, Edward Said

Only Democracy in the Middle East?, Neve Gordon,

Orwell and Kafka in Israel/Palestine, Lawrence Davidson

Other Jewish Voices, Hedy Epstein,


Palestine and Israel: Country Profile

Palestine Declaration of Independence: Full Text

Palestine in History

Palestine Information With Provenance

Palestine, Jus Cogens, and Maqasid al Shari’ah, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Palestine not Remembered, Saffiya Shillo

Palestine Population Prior to 1948

Palestine: Panorama of the Prophets, Shafiq Morton,

Palestinian Deaths Aren’t Headline Material at NY Times

Palestinian Deaths Mount in Israeli Crackdown

Palestinian Refugees

Palestinian Resistance Must Not Target Civilians, Ramzy Baroud,

Palestinians, Make Peace now!, Khalid Shah

Palestine: Democracy Apparently Redefined 2/1__The Path to an Enduring Peace is through Economics of Hope & Justice for the Common Good, Kamran Mofid, Ph.D. [url=]

Paradoxes of Israel, John Chuckman

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

Peace Through Justice in the Holy Land Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Spiritual Jihad, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Peace through Faith-Based Justice in the Holy Land, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Politics of Apocalypse

Prayer for Peace in Abraham’s Holy City

The Quartet’s Hypocrisy and Failure in Occupied Palestine, Stephen Lendman

Rabbi Haim Druckman says war is a “commandment”

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner ‘’There is an absolute Torah prohibition against the transfer of any portion of our holy land to foreign rule,’’

Rabbi David Batzri “The nation of Israel is pure. The Arabs are a nation of donkeys. They are an affliction, a demon, a pestilence.  Why, one may ask, did God not create them to walk on all fours, since they are donkeys? The reason is that they must build and clean, but must always understand that they are donkeys. There is no room for them in our schools.”

Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza, says All civilians living in Gaza are collectively guilty
- He said: “According to Jewish war ethics, an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals. In Gaza, the entire populace is responsible because they do nothing to stop the firing of Kassam rockets.” and he says that the life of one yeshiva boy is worth more than 1,000 Arabs,2506,L-3527410,00.html He also proposed “hanging the children of the terrorist who carried out the attack in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva from a tree.” and “A state that really respects the lives of its citizens would have hanged the 10 sons of the terrorist on a tree 50 amot [25 meters] tall, so that others would see it and be afraid,”

Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on the Moriah site (which posts Rabbis responses to questions), “… he called the members of the Jewish terror underground “completely righteous.” He also said, “I don’t think they are lowly murderers. Heaven forbid! They have already paid their price to society. They sacrificed many years for the people of Israel. Among us, in Judaism, there is justifiable murder. Killing a murderer is justified.”

Rabbi Yousuf Falay calls for the extermination of all Palestinian males over 13 years old.  “We have to make sure that no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation. If they (Palestinians) escape then it is good; but if anyone of them remains, then he should be exterminated”.

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburg, author of a book ( Baruch the man ) glorifying Hebron mass murderer Baruch Goldstein said that revenge and terrorism are purifying.  Jews are encouraged to take revenge against those who harm them to recover their inner power after centuries of humiliation.  Revenge, he argues, “is stressing my positive essence, the truth in my being. . . . It is like a law of nature. He who takes revenge joins the ‘ecological currents of reality.’ . . . Revenge is the return of the individual and the nation to believe in themselves, in their power and in the fact that they have a place under the sun and are no longer stepped on by everybody.” - He also said “If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non-Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first,” Ginsburgh states. “If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value.”

Rabbi Shlomo Goren plans to blow up Dome of the Rock

Shmuel Hacohen, a teacher in a Jerusalem college, said: “Baruch Goldstein was the greatest Jew alive, not in one way but in every way…There are no innocent Arabs here…He was no crazy…Killing isn’t nice, but sometimes it is necessary.”

Rabbi Avraham Hecht said that surrendering any of the Land of Israel violated halakah (Jewish law), and anyone who did so could be killed as a rodef, “one who pursues a Jew trying to kill him.” “All I said was that according to Jewish law, any one person—you can apply it to whoever you want—any one person who willfully, consciously, intentionally hands over human bodies or human property or the human wealth of the Jewish people to an alien people is guilty of the sin for which the penalty is death. And according to Maimonides—you can quote me—it says very clearly, if a man kills him, he has done a good deed.”

Rabbi Meir Kahane founder of Kach and Kahane Chai terrorist organizations still won a seat on the Israeli Knesset His suporters praised the Gaza massacre and called the killings at Bein Hanoun in Gaza in which 18 Palestinians were killed “holy”.,7340,L-3326400,00.html

Rabbi Dov Lior, Top Yesha rabbi issues a halakhic ruling saying that Jewish law forbids renting houses to Arabs or employing them

Rabbi Yona Metzger wants to move the Gazans to Sinai.

Rabbi HaRav Yitzchak Nissim, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel said in 1968, “The Land of Israel was, with its borders, defined for us by Divine Providence. Thou shalt be, says the Almighty, and there it is. No power on earth can alter that which was created by Him. In this connection it is not a question of law or logic, neither is it a matter of human treatment or that sort of thing.”

Rabbi Jaacov Perrin said during his eulogy of Baruch Goldstein “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail” ((New York Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6)

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and His “Culture War” in Israel, Omar Kamil,

Rabbi’s Criticize Home Demolitions,

Rabbi’s call war a “commandment”

Rachel Corrie and Palestine, Edward Said,

Racism Barrier: Answering William Safire, Junaid Alam

Radical Jewish Groups Tied to Terrorist Organizations Raise Funds in U.S.__Reaction to President Obama’s Cairo Speech - article collection [url=]

Real Friends Would Tell Israeli’s and Palestinians the Truth, Marc Sirois

Real Reason to Block Aid to Israel, Imad ad Deen Ahmed

Refusing to Fight in Israel, Joanne Mariner


Religious Voices for Peace in the Middle East, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf,

Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie, Elizabeth Corrie

Reshaping History, Noam Chomsky

Retaliating in Advance, Hussein Ibish

Rhetoric of the Cursed and Cunning Must Stop, Masood Cajee

The ruse of Israel’s new government, Uri Avnery

Second Intifada: a Palestinian Perspective

Selective Sympathy for Iran

Self Defense Is Not Exclusive to Israel: Open Letter to Pres. Bush

Settlements in Gaza and the West Bank

Sharon Bush Axis of occupation, Rabbi Michael Lerner

Sharon Is Not the Problem, It’s the Zionist Ideology, Ghada Karmi

Sharon and the Quarter Cup Full, Gila Svirsky,

Sharon Warns Arafat He Could Be Next

Shooting and Crying - Nothing New Since 1948 … Or is it?, Anis Hamadeh

So what have the Palestinians got to complain about?, Mark Steel

Solving Palestine While Israel Destroys It, Kathleen & Bill Christison

South African President Slams Israeli Wall

South African academic study finds that Israel is practising apartheid and colonialism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Spiral of Violence in Palestine, Mark Chmiel

Struggle for peace: Obama has to take control of mediating Mideast conflict, Yousef Munayyer,0,2474499.story

Systematically Applying the Language of Racism to Dehumanize the Palestinians, Hanan Ashrawi,

Terrorism and the Origins of Israel, Jean Shaoul,

Desmond Tutu Likens Israeli Actions to Apartheid

The Final Push to Defeat the Palestinians, Jeff Halper

The Wall, Israel Shamir,

The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon 1/8 __Time for Better Decisions to be Made on Palestine-Israel, Ziad J. Asali [url=]

Troubling Questions Facing Hamas

Desmond Tutu warns Middle East key to world’s problems

Desmond Tutu confident in Mideast peace

Two Forms of Israeli Jewish Chauvinism, Israel Shahak

Unblinkered support of Israel deforms Judaism

U.N. Resolution 242

U.N. Resolution 348

U.N. Resolution 1435

Union of Reform Judaism Supports Settlement Freeze 6/09

“United we Stand, Divided we Fall”:  A Winning Solution for Peace through Justice, by Dr. Robert D. Crane

U.S. Aid to Israel 
-Figures, Facts & Impact Summary

U.S. Complicity in Israel’s Misdeeds, Charley Reese

U.S. Demanding Israeli Documents: Pollard Case__[url=]U.S. sailor held on suspicion of spying for Israel

U.S. Should Stop Investing in Apartheid Israeli System,

U.S. Threatens Norway for Support of Israeli Boycott 1/14[url=[/url]

U.S. To Back Israeli Land Demands

U.S.S. Cole Attacked__U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit By Israeli Spy Network [url=

U.S. vetoes Yet Another Resolution Condemning Israel 

Veterans Recall the Palestine Regiment, Robert Fisk

VIDEO:  60 Minutes - Is Peace Out of Reach

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY:  Israel/Palestine 101

Wall Fact Sheet

Wall Revisited, Karem Nakamura

Wall Violates International Law

Wanton Destruction Constitutes a War Crime

The War Between Israel and the Neo-Cons:  Can Muslims Save the Jews?, Dr. Robert D. Crane

War crimes in Gaza: Israel defies UN again

War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History, Gilad Atzmon

We Can Never Lose, Samah Jabr

Welcome to ‘Palestine’, Robert Fisk

When Journalists Refuse to Tell the Truth About Israel, Robert Fisk

When the odds