Obsession:  Deja Vu! Never Again?
Posted Sep 18, 2008

Obsession:  Deja Vu! Never Again?

by Jeff Siddiqui

Does this sound familiar to anyone who follows the media in the current presidential election or who lives in a swing state and has received the DVD entitled “Obsession” in their daily newspaper? 

Point to a group and blame them as the source of a nation’s ills.

Accuse the group of wanting to take over the world.

Bill them as a danger to the world if they are allowed to live in one’s country, or anywhere else in the world.

List them as evil and sub-human, with vile traditions.

Make it a duty to rid the world of them.

Make their eradication, a “righteous” deed.

Sounds remarkably like Hitler’s idea of how to generate hate and violence.

Those who knew what they were doing, were joined by those who were too patriotic to question their leader, followed by those who did not wish to be left behind, watched and silently supported by those who understood nothing but were too cowed to take a stand.

Today, we are facing the same (albeit with a little more sophistication) diatribes against Islam and Muslims, with the same level of falsifications, the same “patriotism” and the same ignorant, hysterical responses to misinformation.

It was my misfortune to read an article by Frank Gaffney in the Washington Times about the next financial catastrophe to befall the US…why Sharia-compliant financing, of course!

Gaffney says, “Shariah, of course, is the term the Islamists use to describe the ruthlessly repressive, totalitarian program they believe should govern every aspect of the lives of faithful Muslims. It is also the instrument they intend to use to rule the world.”

It is obvious to anyone who knows anything at all about Sharia, that Gaffney has no idea what he is talking about.  Why play around? why not just come out and echo Gaffney’s guru, David Yerushalmi whose article Gaffney promotes as being the be-all and end-all in exposing the evils of Sharia-compliant financing and how this would merely be the first step towards Muslim destruction of the world.

This would be the David Yerushalmi of Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE), the same man who is mapping all mosques in the US as hotbeds of evil and destruction, to be watched and presumably, when the time is right, strike all Mosques and all Muslims down.

This would be the same Yershalmi who seems to spout forth a lot of information about Sharia (Islamic rules) and Fiqh (the application of Islamic rules) yet, manages to distort them so wildly that only a fool or a fellow bigot would agree with these distortions.

This would be the same Yerushalmi who presented a document to members of Congress that they should enact as law, that any Muslim who professes adherence to Islam or Islamic rules, should be punished by 20 (yes, twenty) years in jail. Yerushalmi pretends to “clarify” his proposal in another release but only managed to twist and distort it even more.

Bottom line: Kill all Muslims or jail them and persecute them until there is no more Islam.

I cannot comprehend how so many Jews, who are so active about “protecting Israel”, seem to follow the footsteps of Der Fuhrer with such single-mindedness; do they not see the tragic, savage irony?

The only hope I find, is among the many Jews I know personally, who are people of integrity and humanity; people with whom I may disagree strongly on Israel, but we never lose our focus on the basic humanity that we share along with our mutual respect…people I would trust with my life.

As I have said before, I wish there were more Jews like some Muslims and more Muslims like some Jews.

Now McCain’s supporters have shipped out millions of DVDs of “Obsession” to potential voters in battleground states, with a view to making them vote for the Republicans in a fit of fear and anger against Muslims. They were sent out using the distribution systems (for a few dollars, of course!) of newspapers large and small, from the venerable New York Times, to the smaller city papers. Very few were able to resist the attraction of making money while simultaneously, taking a patriotic bash at Muslims.

Sarah (“Barracuda”) Palin, McCain’s choice for Vice-President is being worshipped by the Republicans and the right-wing churches think God has sent them another savior. Interesting how perspectives can differ, depending on who is being looked at and by whom.

Palin’s Husband has been a member of Alaska Independence Party, a political party that is ardently AGAINST the United States and wants to secede. Palin herself addressed the party convention wishing them success and “God Bless”.

The mind boggled when I read this.

I could only imagine the reactions of REAL, PATRIOTIC AMERICANS (by God!), if some Muzlems created a group (forget party) against the US and wanted to make a separate homeland for themselves in some part of the US.

As I said, Hitler had the right idea of how to generate hate and violence. Tragically today, it appears that the very groups who had taken up the shout of “Never Again!”, seem to have edited the shout to, “Well…maybe just this one more time…”

And then there are those amongst us, who are too confused and too cowed to take a stand..