Tweets for #MyJihad
Posted Jan 30, 2003

Tweets for #MyJihad


Historic events & people that shaped American Muslim Cmty #MyJihad 2 remember history
1530’s Estevan of Azamor 1st Muslim 2 enter historical record in America #MyJihad 2 remember history
1586 Sir Francis Drake brought 200 Muslims to Colony of Roanoke #MyJihad 2 remember history
1630 Anthony “The Turk” Janszoon van Salee settled in New Utrecht (Brooklyn) #MyJihad 2 remember history
1797 Yarrow Mamout bought his freedom portrait painted by Peale hangs in Phila Museum of Art #MyJihad 2 remember history
Between 15 & 30% of the slaves forcibly brought 2 America were Muslims #MyJihad 2 remember history
1732 Ayyub ibn Sulaiman Jallon set free by James Oglethorpe 1 of few to return to Africa #MyJihad 2 remember history
1776 John Adams wrote about Prophet Muhammad a “sober inquirer after truth” #MyJihad 2 remember history
1777 Morocco 1st country to recognize independence of U.S. #MyJihad 2 remember history
1828 Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori freed by J.Q. Adams, his portrait hangs in Library of Congress #MyJihad 2 remember history
1831 Omar Ibn Said wrote the only known American slave narrative in Arabic #MyJihad 2 remember history
1850’s Bilali Muhammad wrote only extant book of Islamic Law written in America, called the Bilali document #MyJihad
1857 Hi Jolly (Hajj Ali) brings camels to America 4 Army #MyJihad 2 remember history
1863 Muhammad Ali ibn Said enlisted in US Army (civil war) #MyJihad 2 remember history
1865 Qur’an only book saved from burning of U of Al library where it is today #MyJihad 2 remember history
1882 1st Mosque & Muslim cemetery in Ross ND #MyJihad 2 remember history
1888 Mohd. Alexander Russell Webb 1st American convert 2 Islam #MyJihad 2 remember history
1893 Mohd. Alexander Russell Webb only Muslim attending 1st Parliament of Worlds Relig #MyJihad 2 remember history
1895 Mohd. Alexander Russell Webb est 1st Mosque in NYC #MyJihad 2 remember history
1893 Mohd. Alexander Russell Webb est 1st Muslim periodical in US “Moslem World” #MyJihad 2 remember history
1906 Mark Twain wrote Incident in Philippines about Moro massacre #MyJihad 2 remember history
1903-1908 6000 Muslim & Sikh Punjabi farmers come to US #MyJihad 2 remember history
1906 Bosnian Benevolent Soc. est. in Chicago oldest existing Muslim organization in US #MyJihad 2 remember history
1907 1st Tatar Polish Muslim Soc. & Mosque in NYC #MyJihad 2 remember history
1910 Indio CA imported date palms from Arabia now produces 95% of US dates #MyJihad 2 remember history
1915 Albanian Muslims est. Mosque in Biddeford Maine #MyJihad 2 remember history
1920 Red Crescent 1st American Muslim charity est. in Detroit #MyJihad 2 remember history
1934 Clara Muhammad schools founded in Chicago #MyJihad 2 remember history
1935 US Supreme Court Bldg includes frieze of Prophet Muhammad as 1 of great lawgivers #MyJihad 2 remember history
1938 1st Canadian Mosque in Edmonton Alberta #MyJihad 2 remember history
1948 1st National Muslim Cemetery in US est. in Cedar Rapids Iowa #MyJihad 2 remember history
1952 Muslims in military sued & won 2 have Islam recognized as a legitimate religion #MyJihad 2 remember history
1960 Muslim Journal Newspaper founded still published (52 years) #MyJihad 2 remember history
1962 largest mosque in US est. Islamic Center of America in Dearborn #MyJihad 2 remember history
1964 Malcolm X went on Hajj broke with the NOI & joined Sunni Islam. He was assassinated in 1965 #MyJihad 2 remember history
1964 Cassius Clay publicly announced that he was now Muhammad Ali and a Muslim #MyJihad 2 remember history
1974 Sears Tower, tallest building in U.S. designed by an American Muslim Fazlur Rahman Khan #MyJihad 2 remember history
1975 W.D. Muhammad disbanded NOI & joined Sunni Islam maj. of NOI followed him #MyJihad 2 remember history
1977 “The Message” first big budget film on life of Prophet Muhammad released #MyJihad 2 remember history
1978 Kazi Pub. est. in Chicago oldest existing Islamic publisher and book distributor #MyJihad 2 remember history
Black and Blue: Remembering Islam and Hip Hop Su’ad Abdul Khabeer #MyJihad remember history


EDL at their best “Muslamic RayGun”  #myjihad to laugh at crazy
Geller’s & #antiMuslim approach to all violence in a brilliant nutshell by @ColbertReport #MyJihad Watch:
Stephen Colbert nails medias Islamophobic approach 2 all violence #MyJihad recognize propaganda ht @ShazmaA
Humor: No Laughing Matter @rayhanania #MyJihad laugh together
Geller calls Jon Stewart “Judenrat” for not hating Muslims enough, David Harris-Gershon #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
Any logo w a crescent on it proves company caving to “Islamic supremacist” “cultural jihad” #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
Beware the Peaceful Decoy Muslims Svend White #MyJihad to laugh at Islamophobic crazy
Use handy Pamela Geller: Shrieking Harpy Rant Generator & create ur own anti-Muslim headline #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
Welcome to the first annual celebrity religion swap @WajahatAli #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Muslim Trojan Horse @WajahatAli #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
1st Muslim President? Muslim-American cartoonist throws his Fez into the Ring Khalil Bendib #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
Media Rules for reporting on Islam #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
Judge Roy Moore in Alabama: A Preview of the Glories of a Christian America! #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
Arabs Slyly Building Wall Around Israel #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule #MyJihad truth in humor
Israel kills key Hamas figure, peace now assured #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
FBI: Muslim Groups In U.S. May Be Developing Nuclear Families  #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy  
Robertson steps down from Christian Coalition 2 enjoy private life of intolerance #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
Task Force Defines “Moderate Muslims” #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
Muslim comedian & the Islamophobe: A funny thing happened on the way to the interview #MyJihad truth in humor
The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming! @Deanofcomedy #MyJihad laugh together
U.S. Vows To Defeat Whoever It Is We’re At War With #MyJihad to laugh @ crazy
Become a Muslim win a toaster new Muslim demographic plot @DeanofComedy #MyJihad laughter
The Prejudiced Mind, Mulla Nasruddin #MyJihad an open mind
Distinguishing violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion, sometimes Jon Stewart #MyJihad recognize bigotry
1st Amendment who’s protected, are Muslims? Jon Stewart #MyJihad laugh at crazy
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia? Jon Stewart #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Islamophobiapalooza Jon Stewart #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Murfreesboro mosque, Tennessee No Evil Jon Stewart & Aasif Mandvi #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Extremist Makeover - guilt by association, Park51 Jon Stewart #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Mosque-Erade - Park51 Jon Stewart & John Oliver #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Objection to NASA outreach to Muslims & objection to mosques Jon Stewart #MyJihad laugh at crazy
Is Pres. Obama a Muslim? Jon Stewart discuses the faux controversy #MyJihad


Do #MyJihad spammers realize Muslim xtremists hate traditional Muslims as much as u do and u r helping the extremists?
Responses to Propaganda repeated endlessly on #MyJIhad Campaign by Islamophobic spammers
Islamophobic trolls on #MyJihad make false claims, we reply w links 2 sources, they ignore & repeat same claims endlessly???
Do #MyJihad spammers realize Muslim xtremists hate traditional Muslims as much as u do and u r helping the extremists?
I wonder who is coordinating the spam attack on #MyJihad the daily claims are too repetitive to be chance - it’s a hate chorus #MyJihad
Repeating anti-Muslim lies endlessly on #MyJihad hashtag doesn’t make them suddenly become true
There is no “magic” number at which repeating anti-Muslim lies & propaganda makes them true #MyJihad
Why r u flooding #MyJihad with lies unless you think ALL Muslims are extremists? That’s called Islamophobia
Interesting that #MyJihad angers both Muslim extremists & Islamophobes
U make false claims, #MyJihad Muslims reply w links to sources, you ignore & repeat same false claims endlessly ???
#MyJihad to respond to Propaganda Against #MyJIhad Campaign & Muslims
Attn. #MyJihad trolls. Today is a day to honor an American hero #MLK using this hashtag to spread hate of a minority dishonors his memory
Attn. Islamophobes get your own # to fight your own extremists we need #MyJihad to fight ours
Attn. Islamophobes: attacking anti-extremist #MyJihad Muslims only provides ammunition for extremists
#MyJIhad is not a CAIR project
Powerful #women make up the core of #MyJihad Campaign. Read this mother’s opEd in @VO_World  #MyJihad
There is no “magic” number at which repeating anti-Muslim lies & propaganda makes them true #MyJihad
The majority of Islamophobes spamming #MyJihad with hate use pseudonymns so no one knows who they really are. Even they must be ashamed!
The majority of anti-Muslim trolls spamming #MyJihad hide behind aliases like the KKK hides behind sheets.  Why is that?  #MyJihad


It is haram for a Muslim to sell drugs to anyone! #MyJihad truth not propaganda

Feminism, Colonialism & Islamophobia: Treacherous Sympathy with Muslim Women Leila Ahmed #MyJihad
Islamophobes Use Muslim “Other” to Obscure U.S. Women’s Rights Record #MyJihad equality for all
Qur’an 15:19 does NOT say the earth is flat “madda” means to spread out or spread flat. #MyJihad
Aishah’s age at marriage David Liepert #MyJihad
#MyJihad is to protect ALL houses of worship
There is NO “Islamic” Jew Hatred commanded by Qur’an
Does Q98:6 & 8:55 call all non believers the “worst of creatures”? NO, you have a terrible translation #MyJihad
Qur’an 5:51 Can Muslims Have Non-Muslims as Friends? - The Concept of Wilaya in the Qur’an M Fadel #MyJihad truth
Does Q5:60 call Jews apes and pigs? NO #MyJihad
Unindicted Co-Conspirator Designation Not a Proof of Guilt @ztruth #MyJihad
Domestic violence/honor killings should be interfaith call to action #MyJihad end domestic violence
The Islamic Response to Domestic Violence ISNA #MyJihad end domestic violence
Islamophobes object to Muslim anti-domestic violence campaigns #MyJihad ask why?
Dynamics of Male-Female Relationships: A Contemporary Analysis of Quran 4:34 Amina Wadud #MyJihad Ijtihad
Quran 4:34 commentary, meaning of “daraba” #MyJihad knowledge
Interview w Laleh Bakhtiar on her translation of Quran 4:34 #MyJihad knowledge
Islamic Pedophilia? Dr David Liepert #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Did Prophet Muhammad Rape a Nine-year Old Aisha? #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Justifying child abuse in the name of Shariah is shameful #MyJihad
Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt issues Fatwa against child marriage #MyJihad
Islamic Fiqh Academy of India issues Fatwa against forced marriages #MyJihad
Did Sheikh Ali Gomaa call all Christians “infidels” - NO #MyJihad recognize propaganda


About that Mavi Marmara crazed Arab with “dagger photo” #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About false claim of Muslim assassination attempt on EDL leader #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About false claim that Imam Feisal Rauf blamed “the Jews” for 9/11 #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About false connection of Virginia Tech massacre with Islam #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About those “vehicular jihad” plots #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Islamophobes regularly delete posts to attempt to conceal evidence of lies #MyJihad expose hate
About that flight returning to terminal after Muslim starts praying in aisle story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About f** & f** hate sites #MyJihad expose hate
About the congressman who “witnessed Muslims” dancing on 9/11 story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the story of a Muslim “hate crime” in New Jersey #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About non-existent “Arabic” jihad plot on SW airlines #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that Shocking “Prom Jihad” Islamization of America plot #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that Supposed Egyptian Necrophilia Law #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the American Muslims won’t sign “FMU pledge against punishment for apostasy” claim #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the claim that London Univ. mulls alcohol ban because of Muslims #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the claim that Loonwatch is a “terrorist spin network” #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that “Muslim rapists in Norway” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that “Muslims hate dogs” claim #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About ridiculous claims about why some Muslims don’t shake hands w opposite sex #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About story connecting Hollywood ShootingTragedy With Islam #MyJihad truth not propaganda
The myth of Muslim support for terror Kenneth Ballen #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Mosques are a positive force in America #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Muslim American Public Opinion Survey (MAPOS) #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Muslim Americans: Patriotic or Fifth Columnists? #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Spelling Bee for Muslim schools provokes Islamophobic Hate Fest #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Religious Accommodation or Creeping Sharia? Sheila Musaji #MyJihad truth not propaganda
White House Iftar Provokes the Islamophobic Lunatic Fringe Sheila Musaji #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Whole Foods Almost Acknowledged American Muslims as Human Beings #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Eid, Best Buy Ad provokes Islamophobes #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Muslims more likely than other Americans to be radicalized?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Have Am. Muslims failed to denounce terror, extremism & Al Qaeda?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Have Am. Muslims responded to issue of radicalization?  YES #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are mosques the source of radicalization?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Am. Muslims “real” Americans?  YES #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Is much of the “Islamic world” backward?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Have Muslims made a contribution to “the West”?  YES #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Am. Muslims uncooperative with law enforcement?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Muslims forbidden to have non-Muslims as friends?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Is America a “Christian nation”?  NO #MyJihad defend the Constitution
Do American Muslims respect the Constitution?  YES #MyJihad defend the Constitution
Are Muslims opposed to freedom of speech?  NO #MyJihad defend the Constitution
Is Islam a religion?  YES #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Muslims opposed to freedom of faith?  NO #MyJihad defend the Constitution
Was Rep. Keith Ellison’s use of Qur’an “undermining American culture”? NO #MyJihad defend the Constitution
Do most Muslims want to bring back the Caliphate?  YES & NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Did American Muslims/Arabs celebrate 9/11 at a Dunkin Donuts?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Did American Muslims/Arabs celebrate 9/11 at a convenience store?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Did Hamas have a “child bride” mass wedding ceremony?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Is a gov’t official converting to Islam like “joining the Nazi party in WWII”?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Are Muslim Environmentalists Part of Sinister Plot to Colonize the West?  NO #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Charges Against Catholic University Were Not Made by Muslims #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Did Obama admit being a Muslim during ABC interview? NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Did schools ban teaching holocaust 4 fear of offending Muslims?  NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Did Whole Foods remove Israeli products & replace them with Muslim approved? NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Are Muslims exempted from requirement 2 purchase health insurance? NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Did a Muslim owned store close on 9/11 anniv to honor terrorists?  NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Is Muslim TSA worker’s scarf an “Islamic Supremacist dare”? NO #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Pamela Geller Gets Murfreesboro Mosque Story Wrong #MyJihad expose lies
Pamela Geller’s False Claim that Muslims Curse Christians and Jews in Their Daily Prayers #MyJihad expose hate
Geller & Spencer promote Muslim “collective guilt” over a FB post #MyJihad expose hate & propaganda
Answers to Peter King’s Claims About the American Muslim Community #MyJihad
Debunked “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques” study #MyJihad
Claim that 80% of American Mosques are radicalized is WRONG #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Another lie - Bill Cosby himself denies making this anti-Muslim statement #MyJihad truth not propaganda
One of these bomb threats is not like the others #MyJihad expose propaganda
Does CAIR tell Muslims not to talk to the FBI? #MyJihad reality check
Pamela Geller promotes debunked “Obama Wears Muslim Ring” Conspiracy #MyJihad recognize crazy
Are most hate crimes against Muslims faked? #MyJihad truth not propaganda
The ‘Olympic terror plot’ that wasn’t #MyJihad to expose bigotry
What everyone “knows” about Islam and Muslims #MyJihad expose propaganda
Geller and Spencer Fantasize About “Muslim Rapists” in Norway #MyJihad expose propaganda
Robert Spencer and the Big Lie About “Islamic” Terrorism Threat #MyJihad expose propaganda
Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer’‘s Tenuous Grasp of the Concept of “Truth Telling” #MyJihad
Pamela Geller Ready to Start Holy War Over Mistranslated Bumper Sticker #MyJihad
Islamophobes attempt to conceal evidence of “truth telling” #MyJihad expose propaganda
Pamela Geller Discovers Taxi Drivers Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia #MyJihad
Muslim plot to kill the Pope that never happened #MyJihad expose propaganda
FAKE Nigerian Christians burnt alive photo resurfaces 3rd time #MyJihad expose hateful lies
Pamela Geller discovers “Pledge of Allegiance Jihad” #MyJihad condemn pathological hatred
Robert Spencer needs to learn to do a fact check #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Muslims/Irish/Vikings May Have Landed in America Before Columbus #MyJihad reality check
Pamela Geller discovers nonsense Muslim “bomb threat jihad” plot #MyJihad truth not propaganda
A Muslim Tunisian Prof. speaks out against EXTREMIST Imams & that causes @Atlasshrugs concern? #MyJIhad to recognize crazy!
Response to Robert Spencer on Jihad as “Holy War”
Only Robert Spencer “knows” identity of unidentified Bangladeshi criminals #MyJIhad
Iran publicly hung 2 violent criminals in U.S. we gas them #MyJihad Moratorium on Death Penalty
Pamela Geller & the “outrageous” “supremacist” Muslims and Jews #MyJihad recognizing crazy
About that promoting Islam in public schools claim #MyJihad reality check
The big lie about Muslim exceptionalism #MyJihad -
How AlterNet and Salon fell for “gang rape” fatwa peddled by Islamophobes #MyJihad -
#MyJihad is to respond to distortions like “Muslim cleric says wear a veil or be raped” 
#MyJihad is to expose false claims about “jihad plots”
Maniac Muslim, Masjid IKEA, and Bare Naked Islamophobia #MyJihad truth not lies
Pamela Geller Discovers that Russell Brand is a Jihadist? #MyJihad recognize crazy
Pamela Geller Discovers Fashion Jihad? #MyJihad recognize crazy
Islamophobes discover “sudden jihad syndrome” in Arlington Mall bombing #MyJihad
Islamophobes discover Muslim Art Museum jihad plot #MyJihad recognize crazy
Islamophobes see “JIhad” everywhere except where it actually exists. #MyJihad
AFDI leaders Geller and Spencer Fantasize About “Muslim Rapists” in Norway #MyJihad truth
Geller & Spencer again “know” more than law enforcement in Turkey #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Debunked Muslim Demographics - Dumbest Muslim Conspiracy Plot Ever #MyJihad truth not propaganda
The debunked Mapping Sharia Report more insanity from Islamophobes. #MyJihad expose bigotry
AFDI made up “facts” on Bulgarian bus bombing #MyJihad reliable sources
Europol waiting 4 call from @AFDINational leaders abt that “Jihadist” bomb threat in France
Did AFDI’s “Savage/Jihad” hate ads inspire bus threats?
Muslims can be crazy, criminal, or perverted too! like every community #MyJihad
Geller & Spencer @AFDINational once again “know” more than law enforcement #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Palestine is no myth & such thinking leads to death of REAL human beings #MyJihad justice
Responses to propaganda repeated endlessly by anti-Muslim trolls on #MyJihad hashtag
Pershing & pigs an urban legend read history of Moros #MyJihad truth not propaganda
#MyJihad is to expose the myth of 270M victims of “jihad”
17,000+ “Islamic terrorist” attacks exist only in fevered Islamophobic brains #MyJihad truth not propaganda
All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t @Loonwatchers #MyJihad end all terrorism
“Muslim cannibalism”: How a blood libel is born and spread #MyJihad counter hate propaganda with truth
FAKE Nigerian Christians burnt alive photo resurfaces 3rd time #MyJihad expose hateful lies
Hamas “Child Bride” Incident That Never Happened #MyJihad expose hate
Robert Spencer discovers Halloween Jihad  #MyJihad expose hate
Robert Spencer Discovers “Post Office Jihad” #MyJihad expose hate
Islamophobes discover “Boy Band Jihad”? #MyJihad expose hate
Pamela Geller Discovers Shocking “Prom Jihad” Islamization of America #MyJihad expose hate
Pamela Geller Discovers a “Stealth Jihad” Eid Celebration for Special Needs Kids #MyJihad expose hate
Pamela Geller Discovers Muslim Thanksgiving Turkey Plot #MyJihad expose hate
Pamela Geller Discovers MEAC: a Non-Existent Muslim Organization #MyJihad expose crazy
Robert Spencer discovers a Salafi that doesn’t like democracy #MyJihad expose crazy
Pamela Geller discovers Muslim “bomb threat jihad” plot #MyJihad expose hate
The “Sodomy for jihad” hoax debunked #MyJihad
About that Muslim groups never speak out claim #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that PA “Muslim” judge imposing sharia story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that Muslims Harass Christian & Jewish Neighbors, Police Refuse to Help Story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that “wear a veil or be raped story” #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the Muslim clerics warned against hate sermons story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the “Iranian smallpox plot” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the “Iranian yellow badge” for Jews story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the Zebiba as a Sign of “Mental Disorder” story
#MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the ridiculous “Eurabia” alarmism #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the ridiculous “Halloween Jihad” plot #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the “Obama Wears Muslim Ring” Conspiracy story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Photos Showed ‘Muslims Dragging Stevens’ - Actually Showed Libyan Rescuers #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that “Muslim Cat Crucifixion” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the “crucifixions in Egypt” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the Al Azhar fatwa to fight Egyptian demonstrators story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the Colorado “fireworks jihad” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the “judo jihad” at the Olympics story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that “post office jihad” story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About the ‘Olympic terror plot’ story #MyJihad truth not propaganda
About that desecration of non-Muslims graves allowed by sharia story #MyJihad truth not propaganda


When You’re a Statistic - How Do You Respond? Sheikh Hamza Yusuf #MyJihad
Please Do Not Call Me!: Being an American Muslim when tragedy strikes Aref Assaf #MyJihad no collective guilt
The “won’t condemn Hamas” or “Hezbolla” accusation against American Arabs & Muslims #MyJihad no collective guilt
Blaming the Muslims, Robert Koehler #MyJihad no collective guilt
What Would Martin Niemoller Say About Muslim Collective Guilt? #MyJihad
Ignorance repeats itself: treatment of Muslims & liberty-security dilemma #MyJihad no collective guilt
Methodology of Islamophobia & collective guilt #MyJihad no collective guilt
The Marginalization of Muslim Americans & collective guilt #MyJihad no collective guilt
Can Muslims ever be ‘one of us’? Rethinking difference, solidarity and guilt Asma Barlas #MyJihad no collective guilt
Blaming all Muslims for 9/11 is un-American #MyJihad no collective guilt
The Bad Taste of Collective Guilt #MyJihad no collective guilt
Muslims Bear No Collective Guilt for 9/11 & List of Muslim Victims of the Terrorist Attack #MyJihad
American Muslim Collective Guilt for 9/11? #MyJihad no collective guilt
Selective Hearing, Collective Guilt & the Big Lie #MyJihad no collective guilt
Religious Tolerance and Collective Guilt Sheila Musaji  #MyJihad no collective guilt
American Muslims, First Amendment Rights, Reciprocity, and Collective Guilt  #MyJihad no collective guilt
Islamophobia Sweeping US Is Repeat of Anti-Japanese Hysteria After Pearl Harbor #MyJihad no collective guilt
Japanese-Americans Condemn Anti-Muslim House Hearings as “Sinister” #MyJihad no collective guilt
Are Muslims “The Enemy Within?” Sheila Musaji #MyJihad no collective guilt
Beyond the Scapegoating of Islam: Returning to the American Dream Jason Derr #MyJihad no collective guilt
When Will We Stop the Scapegoating Muslims? Deepa Iyer #MyJihad no collective guilt
Between Nation and Umma: Muslim Loyalty in a Globalizing World Yahya Birt #MyJihad no collective guilt
Ten Examples Of Fox News Scapegoating Muslims #MyJihad no collective guilt
Why are Muslims being scapegoated? #MyJihad no collective guilt
Yes, Blaming one Group of Muslims for the Actions of Others is Scapegoating #MyJihad no collective guilt
Some Fault All Muslims For The Murder Of U.S. Ambassador To Libya #MyJihad no collective guilt
U.S. Muslims Ask: When Will The Blame Game End? #MyJihad no collective guilt
Collective guilt, over-reaction, missing the real problem #MyJihad no collective guilt
Muslims Are Just The Latest American Scapegoat Rachel Slajda #MyJihad no collective guilt
Message to Muslims: I’m Sorry Nicholas D. Kristof #MyJihad no collective guilt
Western Presumptions, Muslim Apologies: Breaking the Cycle of Violence #MyJihad no collective guilt
Muslims should stop apologizing for 9/11 Aman Ali #MyJihad no collective guilt


Poll:  Am. Muslims more tolerant of other faiths than any other religious group #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Poll:  Am. Muslims have little faith in national Muslim organizations #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Poll 44% of Americans favor restrictions on civil liberties of Amer. Muslims #MyJihad defend Constitution
Poll: More Americans approve terror against civilians than any Muslim country except Nigeria #MyJihad facts
Poll:  59% Christians describe themselves as Christian 1st, American 2nd (47% Muslims)
Report: Muslim-American terrorism claims zero lives in 2012, 2011 #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Poll: GOP really dislikes Muslims Alex Seitz-Wald #MyJihad religious freedom
PEW Poll Muslim Americans: No Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism  #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Gallup Poll: American Muslims Aren’t Anti-Israel And Reject Violence  #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Countering Violent Extremism: Working with Muslim Communities  #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Report: 2/3 of attempted terror attacks by Muslims in US were prevented with help from other Muslims  #MyJihad facts
Muslims in America – A Statistical Portrait #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Study: Western perceptions of Islam & Muslims #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Brookings Instit.:  American attitudes towards Islam & Muslims #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Response to the PEW Study on Muslim Americans Dr. Ingrid Mattson #MyJihad
2012 Global Terrorism Index notes U.S. LEAST likely place 2 b targeted for terrorism on planet #MyJihad facts
2012 Global Terrorism Index 2002-2012 #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Report: U.S. Muslim Terrorism Was Practically Nil in 2012 Spencer Ackerman #MyJihad reality check
Academic Study Belies Israeli Claim That Palestinian School Texts Teach Hate #MyJihad truth not propaganda
CAP report “Fear Inc. the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America” #MyJihad real data
Reports, Polls, and Studies on Islam, Muslims: Attitudes & Radicalization #MyJihad facts
ACLU report Nothing to Fear: Debunking the Mythical “Sharia Threat” to Our Judicial System #MyJihad facts
Brennan Ctr study Rethinking Radicalization #MyJihad facts
CAP report UNDERSTANDING SHARIAH LAW: Skewed Interpretation Needs Debunking #MyJihad facts
CHRGJ at NYU report “Targeted and Entrapped: Manufacturing the “Homegrown Threat” in the U.S. #MyJihad facts


Hey Islamophobes and Radical Muslims: Get A Room! Ani Zonneveld #MyJihad expose all extremists
Kindred Hatemongers: Why Islamophobes & Muslim Extremists Need Each Other #MyJihad
What Do Islamophobes Have in Common with the Taliban John Feffer #MyJihad marginalize all extremists
Muslim extremists & Islamophobes both need to learn difference between a jihadi & a criminal #MyJihad


Walk your dog at a mosque day backfired on Islamophobes #MyJihad expose hate
Moriscos, Marranos, Columbus, and Islamophobes #MyJihad expose bigotry
Islamophobes not happy about Muslim Comic Superhero #MyJihad expose bigotry
Pamela Geller: “Loving” Muslims With “Full Metal Jackets” #MyJihad expose genocidal hate
The religion of child molesters is not the issue #MyJihad end abuse of children
How Not to Sound Like an Idiot When Talking About Islam #MyJihad expose bigotry
Why a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Lies #MyJihad understand how propaganda works
Articles by American Muslims & Arabs discussing current wave of bigotry #MyJihad
Islamophobia no longer questioned - even by our elected representatives #MyJihad condemn bigotry
A Look Back at Media Coverage of Islam and Islamic Law in 2012 #MyJihad recognize bias
Rep. Keith Ellison on GOP’s Softer Rhetoric: ‘Lipstick on a Pig’ #MyJihad expose bigotry
The Islamophobic fringe, John Feffer #MyJihad marginalize all extremists
#MyJihad Brings Out Anti-Muslim Rage Amongst Hypocritical Islamophobic Warmongers #MyJihad expose bigotry
A Short Lesson in Islamophobic Spin (or why there is nothing good a Muslim can do) #MyJihad expose bigotry
Wow, 180,000 American killed by other Americans since 9/11 vs only 33 by muslim terrorists #MyJihad reality check
A good thing about free speech is that it allows bigots to expose themselves #MyJihad free speech 
Why do Americans believe in “Muslim Rage”? #MyJihad 2 understand context
Why Hagel So Frightens Neocons and Guardians of the Military-Industrial Complex @NicholsUprising #Myjihad
The Politics of Islamophobia Andrew Levine #MyJihad dialogue not clash of civilizations
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Islamophobia & Anti-Semitism: Everything Old Is New Again #MyJihad to fight ALL hate
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#MyJihad campaign created to counter AFDI hate ads @MyJihadOrg
What civilized people think of AFDIl hate group’s savage Islamophobic ads #MyJihad reality check @MyJihadOrg
AFDI/SIOA Bus Ads Inspired by Ayn Rand’s Racist Views of Arabs and Muslims? #MyJihad reality check @MyJihadOrg
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AFDI hate group’s savage ads to hate or not to hate? #MyJihad respect, not hate @MyJihadOrg
AFDI Love thy neighbor, unless that neighbor is a Muslim #MyJihad love not hate @MyJihadOrg
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#MyJihad All extremists are “savages” and “civilized men” need to counter the hate @MyJihadOrg
“Civilized men” counter hate, they don’t spread it #MyJihad
Americans support tolerance and reject @AFDINational hate ads #MyJihad


Top 12 “counter-jihad” anti-Muslim players #MyJihad expose hate
The sham “terrorism expert” industry Glenn Greenwald #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Spencer, Geller, Yerushalmi, Gaffney: Attempt to Conceal Evidence of “Truth-Telling” #MyJihad
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AFDI leaders Spencer & Geller have a tenuous grasp of truth-telling
AFDI leaders Spencer & Geller are not reliable sources about Muslims #MyJihad
AFDI leaders think truth-telling = lies & distortions & false generalizations  #MyJihad
David Yerushalmi IS an Islamophobe recognized by Rabbis & ADL #MyJihad know sources
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Pamela Geller defends her EDL ally Kevin Carroll’s hateful Islamophobic statements #MyJihad
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50 Pakistani Muslim scholars issue fatwa against Taliban #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Muslim scholars “Taliban represent an evil ideology” #MyJihad truth not propaganda
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Mohammed Merah & The French Massacre: A Descent Into the Abyss Imam Zaid Shakir #MyJihad
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Indian Muslim Leaders Condemn Taliban’s ‘Jizya’ On Sikhs in Pakistan #MyJihad protect minorities
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Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace - “A Common Word” #MyJihad
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Muslim scholar Shaykh Shams Ad Duha condemned Muslim “street patrol” thugs in London #MyJihad
US Muslim leaders worked to protect rights of religious minorities in Muslim majority countries #MyJihad
ISNA statement Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism: Muslim Position and Responsibilities #MyJihad
FCNA fatwa against religious extremism & terrorism #MyJihad
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Where Did Al-Qaeda Come From?: Why No One Wins If Islam Loses The Blame Game Dr. David Liepert #MyJihad
Fatwas by 1000s of Islamic scholars denouncing terrorism & extremism #MyJihad
@MPAC_national Video campaign “No to Hate, No to Violence” in many languages #MyJihad
@MPAC Welcomes UN Resolution Against Religious Intolerance, Releases Critique of Global Blasphemy Law #MyJihad
24 interfaith leaders went to ME to moderate the views of extremist religious leaders #MyJihad
U.S. Muslim organizations issued statements condemning Pakistani blasphemy arrests #MyJihad
American Muslim leaders made videos in many languages to oppose violence #MyJihad
9 Am. Muslim scholars released video speaking against violence in the name of Islam #MyJihad
American Muslim leaders released statement urging governments to reject blasphemy laws #MyJihad
#MyJihad is a jihad to promote human rights & dignity (karamah) like Azizah al-Hibri @KaramahDC
American Muslims & Christians Petitioned Egypt Not To Include Shariah In Constitution #MyJihad
American Muslim Imams Statement On Holocaust Denial & anti-Semitism #MyJihad
Muslims and Anti-Semitism Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad mutual respect
WISE Calls for End to Harmful and Un-Islamic Practice of Female Genital Mutilation #MyJihad
Sheikh Ali Gomah Grand Mufti of Egypt fatwa banning female genital mutilation #MyJihad
Here’s what American Muslims thought of the criminal OBL #MyJihad reality check
Sheikh Abdal-Hakim Murad Bin Laden’s Violence Is a Heresy Against Islam #MyJihad
A.C. Asmal Foe isn’t Islam, it’s Binladenism #MyJihad
Aziz Poonawalla Bin Laden’s Fatwa: A Call to Harabah #MyJihad
List of signatories to Apostasy and Freedom of Faith in Islam statement (I’m #24)
Apostasy and Religious Freedom Louay Safi #MyJihad 2 defend religious freedom
American Muslims Must Protest “Blasphemy” Laws Sheila Musaji #MyJihad tolerance


Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error… Quran 2:256 #MyJihad
Never give up hope of God’s soothing Mercy: No one despairs of God’s Mercy except those who have no faith.” Q12:87 #MyJihad
Remember Me, I will remember you, And be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me. Quran 2:152 #MyJihad
And if you would count the graces of God, never could you be able to count them. Quran 14:34 #MyJihad
In the Remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction. Quran 13:28 #MyJihad
God is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light.  Quran 2:257 #MyJihad
Indeed God, to the people, is Kind and Merciful.  Quran 22:65 #MyJihad
Call on your Lord with humility and in private, for God loves not those who transgress beyond bounds Qur’an 7:55
Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant. Quran 7:199
It may be that God will grant love between you and those whom you now hold as enemies. For God has power (over all things) and is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Quran 60:7
To God belongs the East and the West, Wherever you look is the face of God. Quran 2:115
You will not attain righteousness till you spend in charity of the things you love. Quran 3:92
Be steadfast maintainers of justice, witnesses for God, though it be against yourselves, or your parents and kinsfolk. #Quran 4:135 #MyJihad
Quran 2:195: “Do not, with your own hands, cast yourselves into ruin. And be virtuous. Truly God loves the virtuous.” #MyJihad
And among the people of Moses is a community that guides by the truth and does #justice thereby. Quran 7:159 #MyJihad
O you who believe! Let not one people deride another; it may be that they are better than them Quran 49:11 #MyJihad
Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.  Quran 109:6 #MyJihad
The servants of God walk on the earth gently, and when the ignorant address them harshly, they say: peace Quran 25:63 #MyJihad
Truth is from Your Lord. Let him who will, believe, and let him who will, reject it Qur’an 18:29 #MyJihad
... all who believe in God and the last day and work righteousness, shall have their reward ... Quran 2:62 #MyJihad
God will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differ. Quran 2:111-113 #MyJihad
To each we have given a direction ... compete in doing good deeds ... God will certainly gather you all for Divine Judgment… Q2:148 #MyJihad
... whoever surrenders to God while doing good, their reward is with God & they will not fear or grieve Q2:111-113 #MyJihad
... We made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other not despise each other. Quran 49;13 #MyJihad
... if any show patience and forgive, that would be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs. (Quran 42:43)  #MyJihad
“...and you should forgive And overlook: Do you not like God to forgive you? And God is The Merciful Forgiving.” Q24:22 #MyJihad
... No soul bears the burden of another soul… Quran 35:18 #MyJihad
... It is for God to recompense (for good or ill) each People according to what they have earned. (Quran 45:14) #MyJihad  
O you who believe! When you go forth in the way of God, be discerning, and say not unto (cont) Quran 4:94 #MyJihad
So if they withdraw from you, and do not fight you, and offer peace, God allows you no way against them.Quran 4:90 #MyJihad
And make not God a hindrance, through your oaths, to being pious and reverent and to making peace between people. Quran 2:224 #MyJihad
And if they incline towards peace, incline towards it, and trust in God. Truly He is the Hearing, the Knowing. Quran 8:61 #MyJihad
Let not the believers take the disbelievers as protectors apart from the believers Quran 3:28 #MyJihad
“Truly those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the (cont) Quran 2:62 #MyJihad
“God does not forbid you, with regard to those who did not fight you on account of religion (cont) Quran 60:8 #MyJihad
And when you speak, be just, even if it be [against] a near kinsman.  Quran 6:152 #MyJihad
Repel with that which is better (or most virtuous), then behold, the one between whom and (cont) Quran 41:34 #MyJihad


The Bible says to stone people to death for breaking the Sabbath.  Numbers 15:32-36 #MyJihad
Kill every male child & kill every woman who has known man. But all the girls who are virgins spare for yourselves. Num. 31:17-18 #MyJihad
We destroyed all that was in the city both man & woman, young & old, & animals with the edge of the sword.  Joshua 6:21,23 #MyJihad
If they worship other gods ... you must stone them with stones and such one must die.” Deut. 17:3-5 #MyJihad
I will send My fear before thee, and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come. Exous 23:27 #MyJihad
And the LORD our God delivered him & we smote him, and his sons, & all his people. Deut. 2:34 #MyJihad
We utterly destroyed the men, & the women, & the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain. Deut. 2:33-36 #MyJihad
... in the cities of these peoples that God is giving you as you shall not leave alive anything that breathes” Deut. 20:10-17 #MyJihad
“Hymenaeus and Alexander I have delivered to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme.” 1 Timothy 1:20 #MyJihad
So Jehu put to death all who were left of the house of Ahab ... until he had left not one single survivor.” 2 Kings10:10 #MyJihad
... defeat them, then utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them.” Deut. 7:1-2 #MyJihad
But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.” Luke 19:26-27 #MyJihad
... whoever does not believe has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God’s unique Son. John 3:18
“Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? Matt. 7:3 #MyJihad
consider the meaning of “whitened sepulchres” in Matt. 23:27 & “do unto others” in Matt. 7:12 WWJD #MyJihad against hypocrisy
Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34 #MyJihad
If a thief is caught breaking in ... He shall surely pay. If he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft Exodus 22:103 #MyJihad
A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.  I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet 1 Tim. 2:11-12 #MyJihad
Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law.  1 Corinthians 14:34 #MyJihad
And if they would learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home: for it is shameful for a woman to speak in the church. 1 Corinthians 14:35 #MyJihad
But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head—it is the same as having her head shaved. 1 Corinthians 11:5 #MyJihad
I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. Genesis 19:8 #MyJihad
For a person between the ages of five and twenty, set the value of a male at twenty shekels and of a female at ten shekels Leviticus 27:5 #MyJihad
How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? Jeremiah 8:8 #MyJihad
Does Bible say some texts have been falsified?  Jeremiah 8:8 #MyJihad
Whoever does any work on the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death.  Exodus 31:15 #MyJihad
For every one that curses his father or his mother shall be surely put to death.  Leviticus 20:9 #MyJihad
‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death by stoning.  Leviticus 20:27 #MyJihad
The Bible says the punishment for homosexuality is death Leviticus 20:13 #MyJihad
The Bible says the punishment for a girl found not to be a virgin when she marries is death Deuteronomy 22:20-21 #MyJihad
The Bible says the punishment for adultery is death Leviticus 20:10-13 & Corinthians 5:5 #MyJihad
The Bible says the punishment for marrying a foreigner is death.  Numbers 25:6-9 #MyJihad
The Bible says the punishment for blasphemy is death 1 Timothy 1:20 #MyJihad
The Bible encourages beheading of enemies? 1 Chron. 10:9; 2 Kings 6:31, 2 Samuel 4:7 and 20:21; 2 Kings 10:6
The Bible allow the murder of civilians in wartime? 1 Samuel 15:3 and 15:18, Ezekiel 9:4-7, Hosea 13:16, Numbers 31, Isaiah 13:9 and 15-18 #MyJihad
The Bible promotes honor killings?  Genesis 34:1-31 #MyJihad


“The most powerful person is the one who is victorious over his anger with his forbearance.” ImamAli #MyJihad
“Protect yourself from anger, for its beginning is insanity and its end is remorse.” Imam Ali #MyJihad
“Because we can never again live apart, we must learn to live with each other in peace.” -MLK #MyJihad
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ― Martin Luther King #MyJihad
“Looking for God, I went to a temple, mosque, church-I didn’t find him anywhere. Then I looked into my heart & found him there!” #Rumi #MyJihad
How very close your soul with mine #MyJihad love not hate
“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” —Mohandas K. Gandhi #MyJihad
Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s a really easy way: stop participating in it. Noam Chomsky #MyJihad
Be grateful for whoever comes in ur life, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond Rumi #MyJihad
“Be so tolerant that your heart becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love for others. Offer a hand to those in trouble, and be concerned about everyone.”—M. Fethullah Gulen #MyJihad
Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.  JFK #MyJihad
Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.  MLK #MyJihad freedom for all
Humanity today possesses sufficient economic, cultural and spiritual resources to introduce a better global order.  Hans Kung #MyJihad
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.  MLK #MyJihad
No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. James Madison #MyJihad
Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams all have diff names, but all contain water. Just as religions all contain truths.  Muhammad Ali #MyJihad
How much common sense does it take to know that you cannot end terrorism by indiscriminately dropping bombs? Howard Zinn
Terrorism ultimately it destroys those who practise it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies. Terry Waite
The big threat to America is the way we react to terrorism by throwing away what everybody values about our country—a commitment to human rights. Bobby Kennedy
America is a great nation because we are a good nation. When we stop being a good nation, we stop being great.  Bobby Kennedy
Islam: “Seek for mankind that of which you are desirous for yourself, that you may be a believer.”  Sunnah #MyJihad
Brahmanism: This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.: Mahabharata 5:1517
Buddhism: Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.: Udana Varga 5:18
Christianity: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.: Matthew 7:12
Confucianism: Surely it is the maxim of loving-kindness: Do not unto others that you would not have them do unto you.: Analects 15:23 #MyJihad
Islam: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother what which he desires for himself. Sunnah #MyJihad
Judaism:  What is hateful to you, do not to your fellowmen. That is the entire Law; all else is commentary.: Talmud, Shabbat 31:a
Taoism: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.: T’ai Shag Kan Ying P’ien #MyJihad
Zoroastrianism: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good: for itself. : Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5 #MyJihad
RT @JosephLumbard “... I know that a minority must demand its right to define itself, if it loses that, bad things happen” #MyJihad
RT @JosephLumbard “there are people advocating gas chambers for Muslims We need to fight like mad to be sure there is not another Bosnia #MyJihad
RT @JosephLumbard “We fight on many fronts. #MyJihad is to prevent smear campaigns in US not to ignore other problems”


Is Congressional Christian Brotherhood Group Behind GOP Islamophobia? #MyJihad religious freedom
It’s time for Islamophobic evangelicals to choose Brian McLaren #MyJihad mutual respect
Pastor Apologizes for Praying Alongside Muslims, Jews at Newtown Vigil #MyJihad expose bigotry
Warrior Monks: The Untold Story of Buddhist Violence #MyJihad expose ALL extremist
Why Jews Can’t Criticize Sharia Law Marshall Breger #MyJihad mutual respect
Hindu-Muslim unity: a historical speech by a leading Deobandi maulvi #MyJihad respect
Israeli suggests: Never again (after just one more time) #MyJihad never again for anyone
Deal with ur own Christian & Jewish extremists & terrorists #MyJihad
Some Muslims believe that only they will be saved, so do some Christians #MyJihad reality check
Deal with ur own Christian & Jewish extremists & terrorists #MyJihad
Qur’an & Hadith against extremism & bigotry #MyJihad to reflect on the meaning
Rabbi Bruce Warshal A Jewish problem: Anti-Muslim hate-mongers #MyJihad mutual respect
Attn: bigoted Hindus: condemn/marginalize your own extremists & violent criminals #MyJihad
Attn. Islamophobes get your own hashtag to fight your own extremists we need #MyJihad to fight ours. You are only distracting us from that
Attn: bigoted Jews: condemn/marginalize your own extremists & violent criminals #MyJihad
Attn. bigoted Christians: condemn/marginalize your own extremists & violent criminals #MyJihad
Attn. bigoted Jews condemn/marginalize ur own extremists & terrorists #MyJihad
Anti-Semitism is the best predictor of Islamophobia #MyJihad to fight ALL hate
what U R sharing is an extremist exclusionary view of Christianity which is no different from Muslim extremist views, read the Bible #MyJihad
Did u condemn the 85 Orthodox Jews arrested for child sexual abuse of 117 victims in NY? #MyJihad
Do Bible Verses on Rifle Scopes Represent Christianity? #MyJihad #MyJihad discernment
Is Islam more violent than other religions?: Is the Qur’an inherently violent? #MyJihad mutual respect
Jewish “Ahavah shel achvah” Brotherly Love is Difficult for Some to Attain #MyJihad expose all extremists
Torat Hamelech/King’s Torah extremist text condemned #MyJihad expose all extremists
Christian Brotherly Love Difficult For Some To Attain #MyJihad expose all extremists
A Christian jihad? Khaled Diab #MyJihad
Christian Jihad? Deborah Caldwell #MyJihad
Christian Militancy Corrodes American ideal #MyJihad
Christian Rage and Muslim Moderation Christopher Dickey #MyJihad
Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to U.S. M.E. Understanding #MyJihad


Why are Palestinians paying for Germany’s sins? Susan Abulhawa #MyJihad justice for Palestine & Israel
Time to profile white men?  David Sirota #MyJihad no double standards
In the US, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats Geo. Monbiot #MyJihad no double standards
Cause and effect in the “Terror War” Glenn Greenwald #MyJihad context matters
Tamil Liberation Tigers carried out more suicide bombings than any other group #MyJihad facts
FBI list of terror attacks on US soil only 6% involve Muslims #MyJihad facts not propaganda
4 soldiers arrested in plot to overthrow US govt & assassinate President  #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Colorado shooting Highlights Double Standards on Defining Terrorism #MyJihad
Terrorism: the most meaningless and manipulated word Glenn Greenwald #MyJihad
The MEK and terrorism double standards Sheila Musaji #MyJihad condemn all terrorism
MEK: America’s own terror group?, Glenn Greenwald #MyJihad condemn all terrorism
Annual Report: Zero Killed by Islamic Terrorism in US Just Like Every Year Since 9/11 #MyJihad facts
Tucson Tragedy: Terror & Terrorists Can Be Found In All Places #MyJihad facts
Fort Hood Tragedy, Islam, and America #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Does Rep. King’s IRA/Terrorist Connection Matter? #MyJihad no double standards
GOP talking points: slavery, extermination, deportation, execution #MyJihad defend US Constitution
Why Are We Ignoring Right-Wing Threats to Our Security? Sheila Musaji #MyJihad no double standards
The ‘Patriot’ Movement Explodes Mark Potok SPLC #MyJihad oppose all extremists
Islamophobes defend racism, condemn Muslims for noticing #MyJihad condemn all racism
Santorum wants to impose ‘Judeo-Christian Sharia’ @Deanofcomedy #MyJihad defend Constitution
Can only Muslims be terrorists? Kamran Memon #MyJihad condemn double standards
New evidence could clear 14-yr-old executed by SC in’44 #MyJihad end capital punishment
Stanford/NYU Study says drone strikes kill, maim & traumatize too many civilians #MyJihad end drone strikes
As Sex Abuse Scandal Breaks Open, L.A. Catholics Hear Words of Renunciation, Recrimination from Clergy #MyJihad
Historic Mosque in Jerusalem Attacked by Jewish extremists #MyJihad protect ALL houses of worship
Is criticism of Israeli policy anti-Semitism? Scarfe cartoon uproar #MyJihad end double standards
Times reveals British High Court’s shock sharia decision #MyJihad to laugh at crazy
Islamophobes concerned only w Muslim terrorists not the non-Muslim majority of terrorists #MyJihad expose bigotry
Nick Kristof Is Delhi different from Steubenville #MyJihad to end ALL rape
#MyJihad is to condemn all religious extremists (Muslim & non-Muslim)
Islamophobes concerned 4 only some houses of worship? How about these? #MyJihad
The Use and Abuse of Scriptures #MyJihad reality check
Mining scripture for incendiary verses is a futile & pointless exercise #MyJihad reality check
Every crazy statement by some Imam has been matched by a Rabbi or Priest #MyJihad so what?
Every crazy act by some Muslim can be matched by a crazy act by a Christian or Jew #MyJihad so what?
Attn. Islamophobes, reality check what was motive of all these Christian & Jewish terrorists? #MyJihad to expose hypocrisy
There is no category of crime, or human failing that cannot be found in all communities #MyJihad
There is no extreme statement by an Imam somewhere that can’t be matched by one by a Rabbi or a Reverend #MyJihad
There is no act of violence carried out by Muslims that can’t be matched by those carried out by Christians and Jews  #MyJihad
There is no community that is free of criminals and hateful people #MyJihad
There is no more violence in the Qur’an than in the Torah or the New Testament #MyJihad
There is no ex of Muslim extremists attacking places of worship that isn’t matched by other religious extremists #MyJihad
Qur’an, The Bible, And The Urge To Violence Mustafa Akyol #MyJihad
Is the Quran more violent than other scriptures? #MyJihad
Rape is all too common even in U.S. #MyJihad stop all violence against women everywhere
Evangelical minister uses Bible to justify rape & abuse of family members #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Catholic Bishop Bernard Fellay Says Jews Are ‘Enemies Of The Church’ #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Evangelical Leader, Says Only Christian Victims Of Colorado Shooting Going To Heaven #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Pastor Steven Anderson: “If you’re a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy” #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Kansas Pastor Says Government Should Kill Gays #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Pat Robertson Says the Christian Thing to do is, “Destroy Your Friend’s Buddha Statue” #MyJihad what if he was Muslim? 
Christian terrorists cite Bible to justify violence #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Christian man Richard Hess Says God Told Him to Kill His Neighbors #MyJihad what if he was Muslim? 
Pastor Dennis Terry says “We’re a Christian nation, if you don’t like it, get out”  #MyJihad what if he was Muslim? 
Rev. Haggard’s church Fighting Demons, Raising the Dead, Taking Over the World #MyJihad what if he was Muslim? 
Hutaree Christian Militia, Not an Isolated Phenomena #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Militias & Christian-identity groups most likely to perpetrate mass-casualty violence, West Point study #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
So much non-Muslim terrorism every day - MOST terrorists are NOT Muslims & you remain silent. Why? #MyJihad
*Since MOST terrorists are NOT Muslims but you only notice Muslim terrorists #MyJihad
Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Prayer Breakfast Welcomes Pastor Who Prays for Obama’s Death #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
NY Jewish counselor gets 103 years in prison for abusing girl who questioned faith #MyJihad what if he was Muslim? 
In Netherlands Santa comes with black slaves not elves #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Meet the Lord’s Resistance Army, Fighters for Jesus  #MyJihad what if they were Muslim? 
Head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages: Non-Jews exist only to serve Jews #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
African Pastors torture and murder “witch children” #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Word Of Faith Church Confined, Abused North Carolina Man For Being Gay #MyJihad what if they were Muslim?
Christian Man stole fathers body & planned 2 resurrect him thru prayer #MyJihad what if he was Muslim?
Arson attack on Israeli football club that signed Muslim players #MyJihad condemn all bigotry
West Point report: “Challengers from the Sidelines Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right” #MyJihad facts not propaganda
West Point Report Warns of Violent Far-Right Groups #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Muslim Stowaways on the European Titanic: “Eurabian” Alarmism 2.0 Haroon Moghul #MyJihad expose bigotry
Duke Univ. report: Homegrown Muslim-American Terrorism Down 3rd Straight Year #MyJihad facts not propaganda
“Kill Team” War Crimes in Afghanistan #MyJihad
Rabbi Inshin murdered his baby because his wife refused 2 sleep w him #MyJihad expose double standard
Every crime can be matched, but why? Selective concern only w Muslim criminals shows bigotry #MyJihad
Every hateful verse can be matched, buy Why? #MyJihad expose selective concern & bigotry


Muslim, Arab, & Interfaith Organizations Condemn Attacks on U.S. Embassies #MyJihad condemn all extremists
American Muslim Organizations’ Issue Statements on Pakistani Blasphemy Arrest #MyJihad condemn extremism
American Muslims uphold the Freedom of Faith and the Freedom to Change one’s Faith #MyJihad
American Muslims Issue Statement Against Taliban Destruction of Buddhist Statues #MyJihad
Ali Thanvi’s Book “A Gift for the Muslim Couple”? Sheila Musaji #MyJihad expose lunatic fringe
Anjem Choudary & his groups part of the Muslim lunatic fringe & has been denounced by #MyJihad Muslims many times
#MyJihad: Attn. Muslim extremists: Amman Message there are 8 schools of Islamic Law
#MyJihad Attn. Muslim extremists: Sunni Shia Violence Must Stop Read Amman Message
Criminals should be arrested. #MyJihad Muslims condemn such acts which are NOT jihad but hirabah
U.S. Muslims continue 2 counter message of extremists promoting Sunni-Shia sectarianism and bigotry #MyJihad
Muslim Christmas Grinches Sheila Musaji #MyJihad expose lunatic fringe
Going After the Dead: destruction of graves Sidi Nazim Baksh #MyJihad expose lunatic fringe
The Lunatic Fringe Still Pushing Sunni-Shia Sectarianism #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Imam’s Unholy Prayer: “Jews” Are Not Our Enemy Ahmed Rehab  #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Hilali-Khan Qur’an Translation Sheila Musaji Expose Muslim extremists
Canadian street preacher’s comment on sexual assault #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
African “Sheikh’s” bizarre Muslim Manifesto #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Abdullah El Faisal, Revolution Muslim, and Islamic Thinkers Society #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Hizb-ut-Tahrir, part of the Muslim lunatic fringe #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Saudi Destruction of Muslim Historical Sites #MyJihad condemn extremism
Muslims need to speak out against bigoted Muslims Sami H. Elmansoury #MyJihad to condemn extremism
No sex-slaves please, we’re Muslim Shelina Zahra Janmohamed #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Muslim Brotherhood Document of the Muslim or Islamophobic Lunatic Fringe? #MyJihad condemn lunatic fringe
Brutal murder of Fogel family in Itamar, a savage act of barbarism Sheila Musaji #MyJihad condemn terrorists
American Muslims Condemn Senseless Killing of U.N. Workers in Afghanistan #MyJihad condemn terrorism


What is the truth about American Muslims?: Q&A #MyJihad facts not propaganda
United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny Imam Zaid Shakir #MyJihad
Hurdling the American Muslim Challenge Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad #MyJihad
The Dangerous, False Trade-Off Between Liberty and Security #MyJihad defend Constitution
Letter to al-Qaida in Iraq: Kill Us, Too, We Are Also Americans Dr. Aslam Abdullah #MyJihad not in our name
An American Muslim Declaration Wajahat Ali #MyJihad faithful Muslim & loyal citizen
An American Muslim Prayer To Remember 9/11 Omar Ricci #MyJihad
Islam Is Not the Enemy, Muslims Are Not the Problem: A Challenge to American Christians #MyJihad mutual respect
Historic events & people that shaped American Muslim Community #MyJihad remember history
#MyJihad is a jihad to defend freedom of faith
#MyJihad is a jihad to defend the Constitution of the U.S.
Notion of Shura, and Democracy Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
Nader Hashmi kicks back against the #Islam and #democracy incompatibility argument of Bernard Lewis et al #MyJihad
#MyJihad to defend the Constitution of the U.S.
Frieze of Prophet Muhammad in the U.S. Supreme Court Building since 1935 #MyJihad reality
#MyJihad to be like Emir Abd el-Kader for whom Elkader IA was named


Traditional Muslims will decide the “real” meaning of jihad not extremists #MyJihad
#MyJihad Muslim voices condemning such acts which are NOT jihad but hirabah
#MyJihad Muslim voices condemning terrorism which is NOT jihad but hirabah
How #MyJihad Muslims understand jihad we refuse to allow Muslim extremists or Islamophobes to define us
Muslim extremists & Islamophobes both need to learn difference between a jihadi & a criminal #MyJihad
#MyJihad is an effort to take back the word jihad from Muslim & anti-Muslim extremists
Words have meaning Terrorism is NOT JIhad no matter what terrorists or Islamophobes claim #MyJihad
#MyJihad to be like Emir Abd el-Kader for whom Elkader IA was named
#MyJihad is a jihad to defend freedom of faith
How #MyJihad Muslims understand jihad
How #MyJihad Muslims understand jihad  we refuse to allow Muslim extremists or Islamophobes to define us


The Poverty of Fanaticism Abdal-Hakim Murad #MyJihad counter extremists
Bombing Without Moonlight: The Origins of Suicidal Terrorism Abdal-Hakim Murad #MyJihad
An Appeal to the Conscience of Muslims Dr. Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
Contemporary Muslims are in need of spirituality Dr. Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
On the death penalty Dr. Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
Rethinking Islamic Reform: Finding Tough Answers the Hard Way Abbas Barzegar #MyJihad
Good Muslim, Bad Muslim (Defining “Moderate” Muslims) Dr. Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
Clash of the Uncivilized: Insights on the Cartoon Controversy Imam Zaid Shakir  #MyJihad
Peace and Justice in Islam Imam Zaid Shakir #MyJihad
A Time for Introspection: “The worst enemies of Islam are from within” Sheikh Hamza Yusuf #MyJihad
The Islam women were promised Sheikh Musa Furber #MyJihad Islam not culture
Six Degrees of Terrorism: the Internet, Islam and Islamophobia Dr. Ingrid Mattson #MyJihad
Timbuktu destruction: Islam has no link with these thugs Tariq A. Al Maeena #MyJihad condemn extremists
Sunni Shia Violence Must Stop Sheila Musaji #MyJihad mutual respect
Hegemony and Civilizational Interaction Chandra Muzaffar #MyJihad
A Muslims Anguish in the Midst of the Attack on America A. Rashied Omar #MyJihad
Living together takes effort: every individual can help fight terror Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad
American Muslims Struggle for the Soul of Islam Hasan Zillur Rahim #MyJihad
Beyond the Condemnation of Terrorism Dr. Louay Safi #MyJihad
Islam, World Peace, and the Terrorism Discourse Dr. Louay Safi #MyJihad
American Muslims’ Mission: Synthesizing the Ethos of Islam and Modernity Louay Safi #MyJihad
‘When the innocent are murdered, we all go into the dark with them’ Ziauddin Sardar #MyJihad
Getting beyond Defensiveness and Confronting Our Own Demons S. Abdallah Schleifer #MyJihad
Global war against terrorism – the Islamic dimension Syed Shahabuddin #MyJihad
Islamic/Muslim Terrorism & Extremism: Are they all Contradictions in Terms? Jeremy Henzell-Thomas #MyJihad
Muslims Must Develop an Intolerance for Intolerance Muqtedar Khan #MyJihad
Against the Nihilism of Terror: Jihad as Testimony to Transcendence S. Parvez Manzoor #MyJihad
A Spiritual Jihad Against Violence and Terrorism Sheila Musaji #MyJihad
Faith-Based Violence and Religious Zealotry Salim Muwakkil #MyJihad
Religious terrorism is an oxymoron Sheila Musaji #MyJihad
My Perpetual Condemnation Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa #MyJihad
Violence Extinguishes the Light of Islam Dr. Hesham Hassaballa #MyJihad
Muslim Terrorists - Ultimate Betrayal Dr. Hesham Hassaballa #MyJihad
Confronting the Monolith: The Struggle Against Islamophobia & Osamaism Jehanzeb Hasan #MyJihad
Calling on the Ulema to educate extremists, Dr. Maher Hathout #MyJihad
The Suicide Culture and Islam Dr. Maher Hathout #MyJihad
Dialogue of Civilizations & The Globalization of Spirit Sheikh Kabir Helminski #MyJihad
Dr. Antony T. Sullivan Terrorism, Jihad, and the Struggle for New Understandings #MyJihad
Dr. Sherman Jackson Jihad and the Modern World #MyJIhad listen to scholars not extremists
JIHAD -Islam’s Struggle For Truth Dr. Vincent Cornell #MyJihad understand terms
In Whose Name Do Suicide Bombers Kill? Dr. Aslam Abdullah #MyJihad not in our name
Interpretation and Exceptionalism: Quran & Jihad Dr. Asma Barlas #MyJihad understand terms
Terrorism: A Return To Jahiliyya Dr. Hina Azam #MyJihad counter extremists
A Call to Bridge the Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam Feisal Abdul Rauf #MyJihad mutual respect
Recapturing Islam From the Terrorists Sheikh Abdal-Hakim Murad #MyJihad
The Counterintuitive Jihad, Abukar Arman #MyJihad
Terrorism, Salafi Jihadism and the West, Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad reclaim the term from extremists
Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood Islam, the Religion of Peace (on extremists vs traditionalists) #MyJihad
Maulana Waris Mazhari The Jihad For Our Times #MyJihad
Imam Asghar Ali Engineer From jihad to ijtihad #MyJihad open the gates of ijtihad
Abukar Arman Jihad Against The Abuse Of Jihad #MyJihad
Maulana Waris Mazhari Deviations in the Concept and Practice of Jihad #MyJihad
Maulvi Yahya Nomani Clarifications About the Concept of Jihad in Islam #MyJihad
S. A. Schleifer Creating Common Platforms to Tackle Extremist Discourse #MyJIhad listen to scholars not extremists
Dr. Robert D. Crane Peace in the Holy Land: Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Spiritual Jihad #MyJihad
S. Parvez Manzoor Jihad, Empire and the Ethics of War and Peace #MyJihad
Maulana Waris Mazhari The Jihad For Our Times #MyJihad
Imam Asghar Ali Engineer From jihad to ijtihad #MyJihad
Maulana Waris Mazhari Deviations in the Concept and Practice of Jihad #MyJihad
Maulvi Yahya Nomani Clarifications About the Concept of Jihad in Islam #MyJihad
Sheikh Abdal-Hakim Murad America as a Jihad State: M.E. perceptions of modern American theopolitics #MyJihad
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Concept of Jihad in Islam #MyJihad
S. Parvez Manzoor Jihad, Empire and the Ethics of War and Peace #MyJihad
Dr. Robert D. Crane A Grand Strategy to Wage Jihad Against Terrorist Muslims #MyJihad
Maulana Waris Mazhari Islamic Politics, Muslim Militancy and ‘Jihadist’ Movements #MyJihad
A Critique of the Doctrine of Offensive Jihad, Maulana Waris Mazhari #MyJihad
Dr. Sherman Jackson Jihad and the Modern World #MyJihad learn from mainstream scholars
S. Parvez Manzoor Jihad and Ethics: A Survey of the Current Literature #MyJihad
Dr. Farish A. Noor Evolution of ‘Jihad’ in Islamist Political Discourse #MyJihad
Peace Through Justice in the Holy Land: Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s Spiritual Jihad, Dr. Robert D. Crane #MyJihad
Khaled Abou El Fadl Renewing Islam amid these dark ages #MyJihad open the gates of ijtihad
Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty/Hudud Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad end capital punishment
Muslims condemning extremist: a song for the deaf Khaled Diab #MyJihad
A Muslim Voice Against Terrorism Imam Plemon T. El-Amin #MyJihad
Islam and the Theology of Power - traditional response to extremism Khaled Abou El Fadl #MyJihad
Taking a Stand against Terror in Egypt with Crucifix & Quran Karim El-Gawhary #MyJihad
Does the Qur’an Sanction Violence? M. Elmasry #MyJIhad
Fundamentalism & terrorism, Asghar Ali Engineer #MyJihad
A Dialogue of the Cultures Instead of the Clash of Civilisations Naika Foroutan #MyJihad
Terrorism not a doorway to heaven Imam Jamil Hajoo #MyJihad


‘Iranian Schindler’ who saved Jews from the Nazis  #MyJihad never again for anyone
Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan French WWII hero killed by Nazis in Dachau #MyJihad
Film “Free Men” (“Les Hommes Libres”), about Muslims saving Jews in Nazi occupied Paris #MyJihad
#MyJihad to remember all the Crescents among the Crosses in military cemeteries from WWII
to expose lies like “Islamic” Fascists/Nazis
#MyJihad to be like Mohammed V who saved Morocco’s Jews from deportation in WWII
#MyJihad to remember Muslim heroes like Noor Inayat Khan who fought the Nazis in WWII
#MyJihad to remember the forgotten Muslim heroes who fought in WWI & WWII
* #MyJihad to remind Islamophobes of all the Crescents among the Crosses in military cemeteries
#MyJihad to remember Arab and Jew once fought together in the Palestine Regiment
#MyJihad to remember the Muslims honored as “Righteous Among Nations” by Yad Vashem
#MyJihad to remember Albania the only country in Europe w more Jews @ end of WWII than before
Comparison of ACTUAL Robt Spencer & Nazi propagandist quotes #MyJIhad to expose hate


Muslim Violence, Christian Non-Violence: People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Words #MyJihad reality
Values of Peacebuilding and Nonviolence in Islam: Ideals and Reality Mohammed Abu-Nimer #MyJIhad non-violence
We Are All A Part Of It - Responding To Hate Imam Abdullah Antepli #MyJihad
How to Fight Hate Without Becoming Hateful Shahla Khan Salter #MyJihad
Building an inclusive America, Eboo Patel #MyJihad
Jawdat Said and Islam as a Violence-Free Religion Bashar Humeid #MyJihad
Islam, Violence and Non Violence Imam A. Rashied Omar #MyJihad
Islam and the Question of Violence Seyyed Hossein Nasr #MyJihad
An Interfaith Declaration for Peace in the Holy Land #MyJihad
An Islamic Approach to Peace and Non-violence: A Turkish Experience #MyJihad
Muslim Peace for Humanity Rally and Declaration for Global Peace #MyJihad
Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions to Conflict #MyJihad
Islamic Pacifism Defined Arsalan Iftikhar #MyJihad
9 Prominent American Muslim Scholars Speaking Against Violence in the Name of Islam #MyJihad
An Introduction to Islamic Nonviolence Rabia Terri Harris #MyJihad
Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Islam and non-violence Ishtiaq Ahmed #MyJihad
#MyJihad is to expose the myth of 270M victims of “jihad”
Review of political violence across world civilizations #MyJihad history provides context
Hirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades #MyJihad understand terms
We Must Find a Way to Counter Religious Violence Before it Sweeps Us All Away #MyJihad
Qur’an, The Bible, And The Urge To Violence Mustafa Ayklol #MyJihad
#MyJihad is to share @hsmoghul article exposing the myth of the murderous Muslim
The myth of the murderous Muslim Haroon Moghul #MyJihad


What is a fatwa? Who can give one? Sheikh Musa Furber #MyJihad understand terms
What is a fatwa? Sheikh M. Hisham Kabbani #MyJihad understand terms
What’s Wrong With Sharia Law? Dr. David Liepert #MyJihad understand terms
Gates of Ijtihad: Between Intellectual Stagnation & Ignorant Application #MyJihad understand terms
Sharia doesn’t pose a threat to America Oliver Thomas #MyJihad understand issues
Dr. Asma Afsaruddin Of Caliphs and the Caliphate: Setting the Record Straight #MyJihad to counter extremist interpretations
Dr. Javeed Akhter The Return of the Caliphate? #MyJihad to counter extremists
Imam Zaid Shakir Reflections on the Ummah/Nation-State Divide #MyJihad
Islamic Sharia and Jewish Halakha Arbitration Courts  #MyJihad understand issues
Does Halakha/Jewish Law Justify Killing Civilians? #MyJihad reality check
Anti-Sharia Movements’ Unintended Consquences For Jews, Native Americans, and Others #MyJihad reality check
Tariq Ramadan on meaning of Dar al Islam, Dar al Harb #MyJihad understand terms
Jeffrey Lang On the Theory of Abrogation (Naskh) in the Qur’an #MyJihad
Khaleel Mohammed Al-Ghazali’s View on Abrogation (Naskh) in the Qur’an
#MyJihad to counter misrepresentation of the meaning of taqqiya
The ‘war is deceit’ false “proof” of Taqiyya Libel Against Muslims #MyJihad recognize nonsense
Don’t Fear All Islamists, Fear Salafis Robin Wright #MyJihad understand terms
In Search of the Kuffar Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa #MyJihad understand terms
A madrassa is simply a school #MyJihad understand terms


American Muslim efforts to end Sunni-Shia sectarian violence Int’l effort
Muslim fatwas, statements, condemnations, etc. against extremism are right here #MyJihad
A Muslim family has held key to Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem for 1,300 years
Remember all the Crescents among the Crosses in military cemeteries #MyJihad reality check
Oldest Muslim cemetery in US in ND note tombstone of Ahmed Jaha who served in Korean War  #MyJihad
Crescents among the crosses at Arlington Cemetery #MyJihad reality check
Crescents among the crosses at military cemeteries in U.S. #MyJihad reality check
Muslims are a part of our American heritage #MyJihad reality check
Muslim pop. of Rwanda growing after Christian on Christian genocide because minority Muslims saved many #MyJihad
#MyJihad is a spiritual jihad against extremism, violence, &terrorism
#MyJihad is to promote Islamic non-violent solutions to conflict
Convergence of Non-Violent teachings Islam & MLK Ahmed Afzaal #MyJihad
Good News Stories About/By/For North American Muslims in 2012 #MyJihad -
Christians celebrated Easter at Mosque in Sacramento CA this year #MyJihad
Chabad synagogue in E Bronx NY holds services in a mosque #MyJihad
#MyJihad is a spiritual jihad against extremism, violence, & terrorism
Protestors counter Terry Jones hate by singing Beatles “All you need is love”
Quran project 2013 in DC way to go! A great #MyJihad effort
Hebrew Calligraphy by Muslim artist studying in Christian School HT @islamoyankee #MyJihad
#MyJihad is to be like Abdul Sattar Edhi who lives Islam by caring for poor
Boston mosque developing programs to keep Somali youth off streets & counter radicalization #MyJihad
Native Deen @NativeTweets music video “Our Earth” #MyJihad save our environment
Sound Hadith on Nonviolence, Peace, and Justice #MyJihad to reflect
Quran 2:62, 2:111-113, 2:148, 2:256, 3:84, 5:44-48, 5:69, 5:82, 6:151-153 #MyJIhad mutual respect between religions #MyJihad
#MyJihad is to promote Islamic non-violent solutions to conflict
American Muslims have condemned apostasy laws & defended freedom of faith #MyJihad religious freedom
FCNA fatwa on being faithful Muslims and loyal Americans
Engy Abdelkader Ordinary American Muslims Doing Extraordinary Things #MyJihad
Muslim DQ owner in PA gives back to his community #MyJihad to serve
Sheikh Ali Gomaa Grand Mufti of Egypt Violence is never an acceptable answer to provocation #MyJihad
Sheikh Ali Gomaa Grand Mufti of Egypt Answering Questions from American Muslims #MyJihad
Apostasy & Freedom of Faith in Islam #MyJihad to take back Islam from Muslim extremists & Islamophobes
Dr. Ingrid Mattson American Muslims Have a ‘Special Obligation’ #MyJihad
Amal Free Clinic provides care in Providence, RI #MyJIhad to serve
Muslim doctors in St. Louis have opened their third free clinic #MyJihad to serve
Noor Free Clinic serves poor in Ohio #MyJihad to serve
Ahmed Kathrada: South African Hero of Peace #MyJihad no apartheid
Muslim Albania was only country in Europe with more Jews at end of WWII than before #MyJihad
Fadil Bayyari in Fayetteville GA helped local Jewish community build a synagogue #MyJihad respect
Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Muslim Gandhi of Afghanistan #MyJihad remember history
Abdul Sattar Edhi a great Muslim humanitarian #MyJihad to remember the poor
Mosque in E Bronx NY invited synagogue to hold services in mosque #MyJihad mutual respect
UMMA Community Clinic in L.A. has served over 20,000 patients #MyJihad to serve
American Muslims open free clinic in Charleston SC


American Muslims contribute to society #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Salman Khan Online Academy free online videos bring education to everyone #MyJihad to educate
The Louvre now has an Islamic Art Dept. #MyJihad remember beauty
Badshah Khan: The forgotten Muslim hero Chan’ad Bahraini  #MyJihad remember heroes
Why A Book About An Obscure Islamic Hero? A Story of True #MyJihad John W. Kiser


Solving Sudan’s Nuba Crisis Ahmed & Martin #MyJihad minority rights
Travesty of Justice - Sudanese Caricature of the Islamic Law Mirza Beg #MyJihad condemn extremists
Mali, France and Timbuktu’s Treasures #MyJihad understand history
North Africa: France Takes a Step Back in Its History #MyJihad understand history
Mali, France and the extremists Tariq Ramadan #MyJihad understand context
Mali’s religious scholars save manuscripts from extremist criminals #MyJihad
How the CIA Is Hurting the Fight Against Polio #MyJihad 2 understand context
Joint Buddhist-Muslim Statement on Inter–Communal Violence in Burma #MyJihad
#MyJihad to remind France of all the N. African Muslim graves marked “Mort Pour La France”
Injustice Ignored: Muslims of Algeria  #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Muslims of Algeria  #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored:  Chandra Muzaffar - The Colonial Epoch #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Chandra Muzaffar - The Contemporary Epoch #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Rohingya of Burma #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Uyghur Muslims of China #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Muslims of Balkans  #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Jerusalem, the holy city #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Muslims of Chechnya #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Muslims of S. Thailand #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Israel and the Consequences of “Uniqueness” #MyJihad a just peace for Israel & Palestine
Injustice Ignored: Moros of the Philippines #MyJihad history provides context 4 current events
Injustice Ignored: Italian invasion of Libya #MyJihad history provides context
Dr. M Omar Farooq Tyranny and the Tyrants - The unlearned lessons of history #MyJihad history provides context
UN investigation to probe ‘unlawful killings’ by drones in Palestine, Pakistan and Yemen @alexbkane #MyJihad end wars
Injustice Ignored: Selig Harrison Blame Italy for Libya #MyJihad history provides context
Injustice Ignored: Africa & Imperialism Libya/Tunisia/Algeria/Morocco/W Africa/Kenya #MyJihad
Injustice Ignored: Timeline of Palestine History  #MyJihad history provides context
In Libya, the tragic consequences of extremism #MyJihad oppose extremism
#MyJIhad remembering history - Algerian hostage crisis spillover of Libyan war
Is Boko Haram the Problem in Nigeria? @Loonwatchers #MyJihad truth not propaganda
FAKE Nigerian Christians burnt alive photo resurfaces 3rd time #MyJihad expose hateful lies
Nigerian Boko Haram Distorts Role of Religion and Education #MyJihad context
#MyJihad Restoring harmony between religious communities in Thailand
Sectarian violence in Nigeria is Spinning Out of Control #MyJihad a just peace for ALL Nigerians
Read history of Moros of Philippines  #MyJihad truth not propaganda
Ansar Dine and How Climate Change Contributed to the Algeria-Mali Crisis Juan Cole #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Syrian Kurds Battle Extremist Fundamentalists Juan Cole
American Muslims Petitioned Egypt Not To Include Shariah In Constitution #MyJihad 2 share facts
Honest headline: Hirabah in Algeria, criminals murder hostages #MyJihad 2 reclaim jihad from extremists
Fifty years after Algeria’s independence, France is still in denial #MyJihad history provides context
The Algerian hostage takers were criminals Terrorism is NOT jihad 
In Egypt, Copts, Muslims and a tale of two churches
Muslim Libyan citizens drove the extremists out of Benghazi #MyJihad
#MyJihad Muslims as horrified by extremists’ destruction of sites as everyone else
In Mali #MyJihad Muslims help drive criminal terrorists out


freedom of speech does not include freedom from condemnation of that speech
a good thing about free speech is that it allows bigots to expose themselves #MyJihad free speech
in defense of free speech #MyJihad
#MyJihad is a jihad to defend freedom of speech


The terrorist attack on the Sikh Temple Must be a wake up call Sheila Musaji #MyJihad
ADL expresses horror at arson destruction of the Islamic Center of Joplin #MyJihad
Murfreesboro TN Islamophobia Trumps U.S. Constitution #MyJihad
Orange County 2011 or Germany 1933? anti-Muslim protest #MyJihad
Islamophobes object to Muslim tornado donations #MyJihad
Opposition to Muslims and mosques grows in U.S. racist caldron Ray Hanania #MyJihad
The GOP has declared war on American Muslims #MyJihad defend US Constitution #MyJihad
Sikh Temple shooting: Wade Michael Page: Islamophobia unleashed Wajahat Ali #MyJihad
Norway shooting: Islamophobia does have consequences  #MyJihad
Informative word cloud from Breivik’s Manifesto #MyJihad
CHART: Frequency of Citations in Breivik’s Manifesto Eli Clifton #MyJihad
Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S. Scott Shane #MyJihad
Terror Attack in Norway Linked to Right Wing Islamophobes Sheila Musaji #MyJihad
ADL: Norwegian Terrorist Motivated By Growing Extremist Ideology In Europe & US  #MyJihad
Muslims in Queens Attacked by Bigots & Media Sonny Singh #MyJihad
Elderly Muslim man attacked in Queens #MyJihad
Muslim beaten & stabbed at Queens mosque #MyJihad
17 attacks on houses of worship in 2-month period in U.S. #MyJihad
Anti-Muslim Attack on Sikh Cab Driver in WA #MyJihad
Two elderly Sikh men shot in California #MyJihad
Mosques in U.S. That Have Experienced Violent, Prejudiced, or Racist Incidents #MyJihad
Controversies Over Mosques and Islamic Centers in U.S. #MyJihad
Attacks on U.S. mosques on the rise #MyJihad
The Balbir Singh Sodhis of America Hussein Rashid #MyJihad condemn hate
Death by brown skin Wajahat Ali #MyJihad condemn hate
Bullying a problem for minorities in American schools #MyJihad end bullying
Cordoba House/Park51 controversy #MyJihad expose bigotry
Bomb threat at Seattle Mosque #MyJihad protect all houses of worship
Why Is a mosque not like a church or synagogue? #MyJihad respect for all houses of worship
FBI: Anti-Muslim hate crimes still up Mark Potok #MyJihad mutual respect not hate
Anti-Muslim Violence, Hate Crimes, and Islamophobia #MyJihad mutual respect


Omid Safi @ostadjaan on The faith of dogs #MyJihad compassion
Al Azhar scholars’ lecture on showing to all creatures #MyJihad
#MyJIhad is a jihad to protect the environment like @makeurdeengreen


Israel’s apologists and the #MLK Zionist hoax #MyJihad a just peace for Israel & Palestine & all people
A reminder to Israel from #MLK #MyJihad to seek peace with justice for Israel & Palestine
#MLK I have a dream speech #MyJihad to work for the dream to be a reality
MLK & Malcolm X: A common solution? #MLK #MyJihad civil rights
Marvin Gaye sings Abraham, Martin, John & Bobby #MLK #MyJihad to learn from history
@UncleRUSH @MarcSchneier Honor #MLK by embracing American Muslim community #MyJihad learn from history
Texas Muslims participate in Nat’l Day of Service to honor #MLK #MyJihad community service
Ahmad Faruqui #MLK and the Palestinian Dream #MyJihad learn from heroes
#MLK Pilgrimage to nonviolence speech #MyJihad to work for non-violent solutions to conflict
RT @DanielTutt Martin Luther King: The greatest threat to freedom is the “white moderate” #fb #MLK #MyJIhad
@EbooPatel A Muslim looks at #MLK #MyJihad to learn from history
Malcolm & Martin closer than some thought #MLK #MyJihad to learn from history
@jricole Top 10 ways Obama has expanded our rights in Rev King’s footsteps #MLK #MyJihad
A.C. Asmal A tribute to #MLK #MyJihad to work towards MLK’s dream
@RabbiArthur Justice is Still Denied—So We are Still Not Satisfied #MLK #MyJihad act on Quran 4:35
#MLK I have a dream speech #MyJihad to work for the dream to be a reality
Connecticut Muslims participate in Nat’l Day of Service to honor #MLK #MyJihad community service
RT @ggreenwald MLK’s vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever  #MLK #MyJihad
@EbooPatel MLK Was an Interfaith Visionary, Too #MLK #MyJihad
#MyJihad to learn from MLK how to elevate the discourse


So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews? David J Wasserstein #MyJihad mutual respect
Axis of Good: Muslims Building Alliances with Other Communities of Faith Dr. Ingrid Mattson #MyJihad
A Common Word Initiative’s hope for interreligious work after Pope Benedict’s XVI resignation #MyJihad mutual respect
Pope Benedict and Islam: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back #MyJihad mutual respect
Significance of Abraham in Our World Today Needs to Be Asserted Imam Zaid Shakir #MyJihad dialogue
The tragedy of monotheism Rabia Terri Harris #MyJihad dialogue
The Fanatic Schisms in the Family of Abraham Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal #MyJihad dialogue
Interfaith Dialogue: Not Just for the Abrahamic Faiths Iftekhar Hai #MyJihad dialogue
Respect in Islam for Followers of the Abrahamic Faiths Dr. Robert D. Crane #MyJihad dialogue
Tracing Abraham: Patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam may be key to peace #MyJihad dialogue
Our common Abrahamic heritage Javeed Akhter #MyJihad dialogue
Towards a More Inclusive Witness for Jews, Christians, and Muslims #MyJihad dialogue
One God, Many Names Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah #MyJihad dialogue
The Legacy of Abraham Sheila Musaji #MyJihad dialogue
A Call to Bridge the Abrahamic Faiths Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf #MyJihad dialogue
Abrahamic Heritage & Interreligious Dialogue: Ambiguities and Promises Tarek Mitri #MyJihad dialogue
Reconciliation: The choice of peacemakers Safi Kaskas
#MyJihad dialogue
Polarisation of the Islamic and Western Worlds: Us against Them Robt. Misik #MyJihad dialogue
Dialogue Between Muslims and the West Maulana Waris Mazhari #MyJihad dialogue
Avoiding a Clash of Civilizations Sheila Musaji #MyJihad dialogue
From Clashing Civilizations to a Common Vision Dr. Robt. D. Crane #MyJihad dialogue
Clash of Civilizations or Opportunity for Dialogue? David Smock USIP #MyJihad dialogue
Paradigm Spring and the Clash of Civilizational Paradigms Dr. Robt. D. Crane #MyJihad dialogue
Clash of civilizations talk, Dr. John Renard
#MyJihad dialogue
Dialogue Is a Necessity, Jeremy Rifkin #MyJihad dialogue
A modest peace plan that is working Imam Antepli & Rabbi Goldman #MyJihad dialogue
Parliament of the World’s Religions: Why Interfaith Dialogue? #MyJihad dialogue
Why Interfaith Dialogue is More Needed Than Ever Sheila Musaji #MyJihad dialogue
Jews, Christians, & Muslims: From A Conflicting Past To A Future of Tolerance Musfiqur Rahman #MyJihad
Divisions in our world are not the result of religion Interview w Karen Armstrong #MyJihad build bridges
Moving from Interfaith Dialogue to Multifaith Action Amjad Saleem via @State_Formation #MyJihad
Moving Beyond the Christian-Muslim Impasse #MyJihad Mutual Respect
White Evangelicals, Islam and American Values Paul Metzger #MyJihad mutual respect
Jews & Muslims, Confronting Islamophobia, Finding Common Cause @tikkunolame  #MyJihad mutual respect
“Christian? Missionaries?” Bring Message of Hate 2 Arab Festival #MyJihad respect

@UncleRUSH @MarcSchneier on remembering MLK’s Dream by Supporting American Muslims #MyJihad to thank bridge-builders
Why The Golden Rule Matters: Belief ≠ Grace, Faith Or Religion David Liepert #MyJihad #Interfaith
*Attention True Believers! God’s Spirit Talks To EVERYONE! Dr. David Liepert #MyJihad mutual respect
*Religion’s most urgent problem Rabbi Shai Held #MyJihad mutual respect
*Some Islamophobes suggest Never again (after just one more time) #MyJihad never again 4 anyone
What is the truth about American Muslims?: Q&A @intrfthalliance @1stAmendmentCtr #MyJihad mutual respect
Where’s the “Holy” in the Holy Land? Karen L Hernandez #MyJihad just peace for Israel & Palestine
Islamophobes create controversy at London seminar on anti-semitism #MyJihad mutual respect
Islamophobia kills Sikhs too: The Balbir Singh Sodhis of America Hussein Rashid #MyJihad mutual respect
When Interfaith Goes Sideways Imraan Siddiqi #MyJihad mutual respect
Religious Tolerance and Collective Guilt #MyJihad
Muslim/Sikh Turban Campaign: to unite against racists, fascists & Islamophobes #MyJihad stop hate
So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews? David J Wasserstein #MyJihad learn from history
Beyond “Tolerance”, “Diversity”, and “Pluralism” to “Interfaith Communion” Robt D Crane #MyJihad
Pat Robertson, the Taliban, and destruction of “idols” #MyJihad end intolerance
The Sikh Temple Shooting: Who “Should” Have Been Targeted? #MyJihad stop hate


Since 1968 More Americans killed by guns than in all U.S. Wars #MyJihad gun control
Debating Islamophobes Is a Waste of Time #MyJihad dialogue not debate
American Muslims Struggle for the Soul of Islam Hasan Zillur Rahim #MyJihad
Could Islamic banking be the answer to the credit crunch? #MyJihad facts not propaganda
Graham Fuller A World Without Islam #MyJihad mutual understanding
There are good and bad in all those organizations.  Muslims really are not the borg #MyJihad expose bigots.
sadly hate sites of all kinds are protected by 1st amendment #MyJihad to condemn all hate
Attn. Islamophobes Muslims DO speak out you refuse to listen #MyJihad is to magnify those Muslim voices
#MyJihad is to magnify the Muslim voices against ALL extremism
#MyJihad is to work to end ALL domestic violence & “honor” killings
We need more Muslim comic book superheroes #MyJihad
#MyJihad to see “The 99” Muslim superheroes comics distributed in US HT @loonwatchers @DrNaif
* #MyJihad Why Michele Bachmann is wrong about just about everything
MOST terrorists are not Muslims ignoring that fact makes no one safer #MyJihad end ALL terrorism
#MyJihad Muslim voices condemning terrorism which is NOT jihad but hirabah
@Loonwatchers discusses Egypt’s Pres. Morsi’s anti-Semitic “apes & swine” statement #MyJIhad
Martin Luther said hateful anti-Semitic things, that doesn’t mean they were true #MyJihad reality check
We call those who voice legitimate concerns ALLIES, we call haters HATERS We can tell the difference #MyJihad
@Atlasshrugs bombmaking story & Turner Diaries still available in the U.S. Your point? #MyJihad reality check extremists r everywhere
& Turner Diaries still available in the U.S. Your point? #MyJihad reality check extremists r everywhere
RT @ibnpercy ‘Blow up’ Golden Dome comments catch fire ahead of Israel election #MyJihad against all extremists
Hate sites of all kinds are protected by 1st amendment take it up w their servers #MyJihad
The “Christian” group that brought message of hate to Arab Festival & @jihadwatchRS #MyJihad know your sources
Consider this elderly Muslim man beaten in NY #MyJIhad selective concern is a hallmark of Islamophobia
Muslim terrorists deserve 2 b in jail as do all these Christian & Jewish terrorists #MyJihad to expose hypocrisy
Israeli-American talks about blowing up Dome of the Rock Alex Kane #MyJihad condemn all extremists


#MyJihad trolls are latest Islamophobic Attempt to Marginalize American Muslims #MyJihad to refuse to be intimidated
RT @Yasmina_Reality Why Do Internet Trolls Exist? #MyJihad expose bigotry of anti-Muslim #MyJihad spammers
Silencing the trolls: Twitter considers ‘hate speech’ censorship #MyJihad trolls endanger everyone’s free speech
“Don’t Feed the Trolls” Is Bad Science #MyJihad understand mentality of bullies