Mansuri, Shabbir
Posted Oct 20, 2005

Shabbir Mansuri

Mr. Mansuri immigrated to the United States in 1969 to further his higher education in Chemical Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC). After graduating and obtaining U.S. citizenship, he embarked on an entrepreneurial career, which afforded him the freedom and opportunity to pursue his lifelong personal interest of studying the American institutional system. Following the 1989 California social studies textbook adoption, Mr. Mansuri formed the Council on Islamic Education as a vehicle to contribute to U.S. education and tangibly demonstrate that Muslims, like others, have a place at the American institutional table.

Mr. Mansuri serves as the Founding Director of CIE. His responsibilities include conducting research and analysis related to public policy, education, the media, politics, religion, and discourses about American pluralism; functioning as an organizational liaison to institutional partners, education officials, textbook publishers, and others; serving as an advisory member on a variety of academic and public educational bodies; representing CIE at major events and gatherings; conducting teacher training workshops and other presentations; hosting international visitors invited by the U.S. State Department; providing input on CIE projects and initiatives; and helping to formulate effective strategies that advance CIE’s educational mission.

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