Muhaimin, Anwar
Posted Jan 11, 2005

Anwar Muhaimin is the director of the Quba Institute, and is believed to be the first American born Haafiz of Qur’an having completed the memorization of the Holy Book at the age of 15 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also a graduate of the University of Medina’s Faculty of Language.



“Sheikh Anwar Muhaimin is the eldest of eight children born to the late Sheikh Nafea Muhaimin (may Allah have Mercy on him) and Hajjah Najwa Iman Muhaimin. Sheikh Anwar is married and has a large family, himself.

At 11 years of age Sheikh Anwar and his family migrated to the Holy City of Medina, Saudi Arabia in order to study The Holy Qur’an, the Arabic Language and Islam. During his 15-year stay there, he exceeded all the expectations of his family and community. By the tender age of 15 years, masha-Allah, he had memorized the entire Qur’an under the tutelage of Sheikh Muhammad Khalil Al-Rahman, owner of the Khalil Al-Rahman Qur’an Schools. Though documented to be the first African American Hafith and lauded as a gifted Qaari at such an early age, that achievement only served to herald his later accomplishments in the academic arena.

Starting in the first grade at 11 years of age, he went on to complete the Kingdom’s entire school system, graduating first in his high school class of over 400. After accomplishment, he was bestowed the title of Sheikh by the Islamic University of Medina’s Department of Arabic Language from which he graduated third in his class with honors also obtaining a minor in Arabic Literature. In addition to his academic studies in language and his traditional studies in Qur’an, he completed his post graduate classical receiving Ijaazat in Aqeedah, Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh from some of the most prominent Islamic Scholars of our times.

Upon returning to Philadelphia in 1989, he tirelessly worked alongside his late father (may Allah have Mercy on him) and his brother Hafith Anas Muhaimin, Imam IMB to expand the services offered to the Muslims of the Delaware Valley. In his organizational role as Imam Mufti and CEO of the International Muslim Brotherhood, Inc. and subsidiaries, he opened the Quba Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, a full-time day school from Pre-K-12th grade in 1992, the Quba Institute for Advanced Studies an Adult Weekend School in 1989 and the Sheikh Nafea Muhaimin Qur’an School, offering a traditional Qur’anic memorization program in 2003. Other planned expansions include conversion to a year round day school in 2003-2004, The Janazah Center, Inc. (2006), Alif Translation and Publishing Co., Inc.

(2005), The IMB Arbitration Center (2005) and The Al-Asas Community Development Corporation (2005). He has also expanded the community involvement of the organization by sitting on the Board of the Interfaith Center of Philadelphia, maintaining participatory status in the Majlis Ashura of the Delaware Valley and having his staff sit on the Board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Community Partnership. Most noteworthy of his accomplishments were the establishment of the Salatul-Tarawih during the Holy Month of Ramadan, which passed 25 years of uninterrupted practice in 2005 and the school’s development of an American educated Hafith. May Allah, Subhana wa Ta’ala, sustain him, guide him, and provide for his needs. Ameen.

The Quba Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies is a corollary of the International Muslim Brotherhood, Inc. The International Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1949. It is the oldest indigenous Muslim Organization/Masjid in Philadelphia. From as far back as 1967, when the first Adult Islamic Educational Programs were established, this masjid has been at the forefront of Islamic education. During that time, International Muslim Brotherhood forged partnerships with the Muslim Student Associations of local Universities to expand the level of competency of their educational outreach programs. Such educational and political luminaries as Hassan Turabi, the former President of the Sudan; Abdul-Hamid Abu Sulaiman, the Director of the Islamic University of Malaysia and Medhat Hassanein, the Minister of Finance of The Arab Republic of Egypt have added their voices and their efforts to replenish and support International Muslim Brotherhood’s educational agenda.

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