MPAC Hosts National Call with FBI, DOJ & Muslim Leaders on Upcoming Anti-Muslim Protests
Posted Oct 6, 2015

MPAC Hosts National Call with FBI, DOJ & Muslim Leaders on Upcoming Anti-Muslim Protests


Yesterday, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) coordinated a nationwide conference call between the FBI, Department of Justice and American Muslim leaders to discuss the threat level of anti-Muslim protests scheduled later this week at Islamic centers across the country.

The demonstrations, referred to online as the “Global Rally for Humanity,” are organized by a loose network of anti-Muslim extremists who are calling on fellow “patriots” to “take back the Republic” from “Muslim colonization.” The protests – some of which may be armed—will take place on Oct. 9 and 10 in front of at least 20 mosques, community centers and government offices, according to media reports.

During the conference call, officials from the FBI and Department of Justice:

- Advised community members to reach out to their local law enforcement offices beforehand to keep lines of communication open and to coordinate any additional support needed with security on the days of the planned protests.
- Suggested for congregants to be “good witnesses” and document the events by putting into place proper security and monitoring systems.
- Assured community leaders that if law enforcement received any information about specific threats, that they would be informed as quickly as the information came in.
- Advised the Muslim community to use its best judgment when determining whether to engage protestors.
- While we respect the right for even anti-Muslim extremists to protest, the safety and security of our nation is paramount. Given the history of violent and extremist rhetoric from those organizing the rallies, it is critical that Muslim communities across the country connect with law enforcement officials to discuss the best way to protect themselves against possible incidents of violence.

In situations like these, information is power and we need our communities to be aware and prepared. Please take precaution and read our community safety tip sheet.

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